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Xworld Group Review – Scam Alert Xworld Group & ForYoucoin

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Welcome To my Xworld Group review.

Scam Alert: Sometimes it is hard to know at first glance, whether a program is worth joining. That is not the case with Xworld group. It looks to be in the worst category of crypto MLM. This is the type of program that causes a lot of damage to hapless investors when it inevitably falls over.

Not all Crypto MLMs are scams, but most of them are. New ones appear every month making it very difficult to find legitimate ways to make money online. I felt strongly enough about Xworld group to do the research for you with this blog post. I think you will be have a clear idea about Xworld Group after reading it. By the way, I do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with Xworld Group.

Xworld Group Review – Summary

Product Name: Xworld Group. Foryoucoin, Thex Trade

Key Figure:  Pedro Alves De Holanda

Product Type: Crypto MLM, PONZI

Price: From $2000

Summary: Xworld pay out guaranteed returns in their own worthless coin called “Foryoucoin”. You give them valuable crypto like bitcoin and ethereum in exchange for the Foryoucoin. What could go wrong, right? Master Distributor claims that ICO investors can expect 2000% gains. Yes I have proof of him saying this.

Master Distributor has a track record of crypto ponzis.

This is going to collapse within 2 years. It’s a scam.

Rating: F

Verdict: A big NO from me.
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What Is Xworld Group?

Xworld is a crypto based MLM ponzi. Their key offerings are investment “packages” which pay out in there own crypto called “Foryoucoin”. This part of it is exactly like the notorious Bitconnect program,  which pulled the biggest exit scam in crypto history. At least Bitconnect had enough sense to pretend that payouts are generated from a fictitious arbitrage trading bot. Xworld Master Distributor, Pedro Holanda has not thought that far ahead.

Xworld profits come out of thin air. Hmm, what happens you increase supply of a crypto that has no inherent value? It plummets in value. Whilst investors get bags of worthless Foryoucoin, Pedro gets bags of precious bitcoin. Sound fair?

The fact that Pedro Holanda has not bothered to come up with a speel about the value and utility of foryoucoin is laughable. The only reason that I am not laughing is that I am thinking about all the innocent crypto newbies that are going to lose everything with Xworld group.

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What I Like About Xworld Group

No silver linings just dark grey storm clouds

As you guys know, I try to look for positives, even in the worst of programs. In the case of Xworld Group and Foryoucoin, there are no positives. This one is going to end in tears.

Instead of the positives, lets look at a picture of Xworld Master Distributor, Pedro Holanda posing in a Ferrari.
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Crypto Is Headed For Mainstream Adoption.

Whoa, I just thought of a positive! Crypto is on the way up and set for mainstream adoption. As Xworld is a crypto MLM it will benefit from all the newbies flocking to crypto.

Although Xworld is attached to crypto, it’s attached more like a parasitic worm, with crypto being the host. It will get fat and cause a terrible illness in the host, only to die and drop off. Oops, we are still in the “Positives” section . My Bad!

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What I dislike about Xworld Group

It is based on a worthless shitcoin.

Foryoucoin is not Bitcoin, it’s a new “altcoin”. If you decide that are going to create a new altcoin then, you need to create one with inherent value. Foryoucoin is like every other shitcoin hitting the exchanges. It is worthless.

The only people using it are as follows:

1) People buying Foryoucoin to join Xworld group.

2) Xworld group members being paid out in Foryoucoin.

As long as people can be convinced that Xworld Group is a good idea, the price of Foryoucoin will rise. However as with all ponzis, the pumping can never be sustained. People start getting wise. Eventually signups will drop off. Then, all that is left is the people being paid out in Foryoucoin, but with no new investors buying it. The price collapses and the ponzi payers run for the hills with thumb-drives full of bitcoin. 

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Compliance, what does that mean?

Legitimate distributors don’t live in scam world, they live in the real world. They know that, as members of the real world, they must abide by the law. As such, they know that it is illegal to entice people with outlandish profit claims. Don’t think for a minute that Pedro Holanda will let pesky international laws slow him down! He knows that in 2 years he will be kicking it in Brazil with everybody’s bitcoin. Let’s hear from our dynamic friend himself. Presenting Pedro Holanda.
[/et_pb_text][et_pb_code _builder_version=”3.12.2″ custom_padding=”|||15px”]<iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>[/et_pb_code][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.12.2″]Pedro Hollanda Has Ponzi Experience

Pedro previously has been right at the top of Titan Trade Club and The Trade Coin Club, both of which are scams. They are very close to the inevitable collapse which happens to all ponzi’s. Watch this space over coming months if you don’t believe me!
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The Real Deal With Xworld Group

This is in the worse possible category. It is a ponzi scam. Payouts are made in a worthless coin, Foryoucoin in exchange for valuable bitcoin. I have seen it many times and the ending is always the same. This will implode before the 2 year mark.

My Advice:


2) Share This Post To Warn Your friends.




Rating F . It’s a scam guys!

The Prelaunch Inspector

How I Make A Living

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