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Wish Money Review – Ponzi Scam Run By TV Evangelist

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Welcome to my Wish Money Review. I am probably going to get death threats from this one….hold my coffee, I am going in!

Wish Money is a crypto ponzi with (1.49% daily returns) being run by a brazillian TV evangelist called Jelson Becker. He divides his time between releasing his congregation of demons and more recently releasing them from their life savings. Normally I wouldn’t bother with a brazillian scam, however Wish Money is likely to cross over into the English speaking world. That’s because Jelson the preacher is a regular fixture on TV and has over 50K subscribers on youtube. I am sure he has plenty of english speaking fans and sadly, I think that Wish Money will get off to a flying start.

With Wish Money, you purchase “packages” from $50 up to $5200. The company claims to use that money to generate very high returns which are then paid back to you as “profits”. There are no details which explain exactly how this profit is generated. Wish money claim to have an app like facebook messenger which allows you to call other app users for free. They also claim to have an online casino and also do crypto trading.

the reality is that:

Wish Money Are Generating ZERO Profits


All they are doing is reshuffling investor funds. Some people will be able to withdraw, but they are only taking the funds of later investors. Once new investors dry up, the Wish Money ponzi will collapse and all funds will be lost.

They Have A Whitepaper Which Is VERY Familiar.

Ponzi scams often try to copy legit crypto projects by issuing a “Whitepaper”. Gullible investors see this as proof of the programs legitamacy. They will say things on social media like, ” The best whitepaper I have read in 3 years”. Most of the times crypto scams just copy other project whitepapers because it’s pretty hard writing a whitepaper when nothing about the project is real. Naturally, the Wish Money whitepaper is 100% stolen and plagairized, but you will be shocked to see which whitepaper they have stolen. Read on to find out!

Check Out Pastor Jelson doing Gods work!

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Imagine have a a massive congregation that believes your every word. They will all pile into his ponzi with religous fervor. When it collapses he can blame the devil! GENIOUS!

You may think that people are not so gullible to trust a shady preacher, but sadly I believe this scam will net millions. If you ever get tempted to promote a ponzi, keep in mind that it is actually very easy to make money online the legitimate way if you have a good program! Anyway, on with the review.

Wish Money Review – Summary

Key Figures: Jelson Becker.

Product Type: Crypto Ponzi MLM.

Summary: To earn you must invest between $50 anad $5200. You get paid pay profits at a rate of around 1.5% perr week day. Wait a minite that is 391% annual return…INCREDIBLE

Affiliates commissions for referring investors into the Wish Money scam.

See The Comp Plan Here.

Just like all the other crypto passive income programs, Wish Money has the 3 worst characteristics of a Crypto MLM program

  1. Ponzi Scam
  2. Unlicensed Securities Offering
  3. Crypto or Forex MLM

Pastor Jelson Becker is leading his flock to slaughter. What a guy!

Rating: F

Verdict: This will collapse and leave a trail of destruction. People will lose houses, families will split up and people will probably kill themselves. If you have a history of promoting these programs, please stop.

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What Is Wish Money?

WishMoney is a ponzi that reshuffles investor funds to give the impression of incredibly high profits.

Naturally, Wish Money have a “cover story” to explain how they effortlessly generate a 391% annual return. They claim to have an messenging app like facebook messenger. Even if the whole church start using Wish Call instead of Facebook messenger, I fail to see how it makes a dime. They also claim to have an online casino which is unusual for a preacher, to say the least. Finally they make vague claims about being involved in crypto trading. As nobody will ask for details, I am sure that this story will will satisfy investors enough to start investing. They usually start with a small investment and then completely lose their minds when they do a successful withdrawl. Once they are convinced it’s legit, there is literally no way to stop an investor from mortgaging the house and draining every bank account to put it all into Wish Money. It works EVERY time.

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Start – $50, Rank Points Awarded 10

Second – $100, Rank Points Awarded 20

Time – $250, Rank Points Awarded 50

Start – $525, Rank Points Awarded 105

Cloud – $1050, Rank Points Awarded 210

Wish – $2100, Rank Points Awarded 420

Wish Money – $5200, Rank Points Awarded 1040


Compensation Plan

Direct Signups

Receive 10% of funds invested

Binary Commissions

Receive 50% of CV on weakest leg.

Uni Level Bonus

50% of funds are set aside for a unilevel bonus which is paid 10 levels deep.

Level 1– 30%

Level 2– 10%

Level 3 – 10%

Level 4 – 10%

Level 5 – 9%

Level 6 – 8%

Level 7 – 7%

Level 8 – 6%

Level 9 – 5%

Level 10 – 5%

Ranks And Bonuses

Affiliates bank points for every package purchase made in their downline.

Affiliates advance up the ranks as the points accumulate. The ranks and associated bonuses are as follows:

Executive – 10,000 points required for a bonus of $350 in BTC

Master Executive – 50,000 points for a bonus of am Iphone XS

Diplomat – 200K points for a bonus trip to Dubai for 2

Ambassador – 500K points required for a bonus Mustang GT 500

Chancellor – 1.5 Mil points required for a bonus Porsche Cayenne

What I Like About Wish Money


You Make Crypto Passively

I would not be able to sleep at night, however the fact remains that an affiliate stands to make a big pile of crypto. You would also have to withdraw it in time. I expect wish money to start experiencing “withdrawal delays” at around the 6 month month.

Very Easy To Promote

My blog gets a decent amount of traffic and nearly every day people ask me for a good “passive income opportunity”. You know the ones where you do nothing but invest some funds and sit back reaping massive ROI. The fact that these programs are all fake does not seem to matter. I could make a very big income promoting this on my blog. I just couldn’t live with myself.

What I am saying is that these programs are what the masses want. This is the reason they keep popping up.

What I dislike about Wish Money

Wish Money Plagairized Their Whitepaper

You will never guess which whitepaper they copied and when I say copied, I mean copied every single word line and paragraph. They must think their investors are very dumb because they stole the BITCOIN Whitepaper. Thats right, they couldn’t be bothered looking for some obscure crypto whitepaper. They stole the most famous whitepaper of all. Maybe it’s intentional… I mean if you read the Wish Money Whitepaper and not realize it’s actually the bitcoin whitepaper, you probably are exactly the type of clueless investor that Wish Money are looking for.

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Ponzi’s Cause Tragedy

I am kind of obsessed with ponzi’s. When I started on the internet I had no idea what I was doing and nearly got sucked into to a couple of them. It is easy for us to say, “I know it’s a scam, I just want some fast cash”. What you need to remember is that long after the ponzi becomes a distant memory the damage lasts a life time. Here are just a few of the tragedies that I have heard about due to ponzi scams:

– One Australian/Filipino family becoming homeless (after Usi-Tech collapse)

– One Woman missing presumed murdered ( wife of Australian Bitconnect Promoter)

– Two Men in India kidnapped (Bitconnect promoters)

It’s An Unlicensed Securities Offering

Not many people seem to realize that passive income opportunities are regualted in developed countries. This means that you need a securities licence to run it or promote it. Wish Money is illegal on two fronts, one it’s a ponzi and 2 it’s an unlicensed security offering. Ponzi scams always have a tipping point which causes new investment to dry up. Often a cease and desist in relation to operating without a license is the tipping point. Thankfully regulators can reduce the damage by stopping the ponzis before they get too big. I give it 6 months

The Real Deal With Wish Money

Some terrible and sad things are going to stem from this program. If you have any shred of decency, do not get involved as an investor or promoter.


Very nasty scam I give it a F.


Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

How I Make A Living

I have developed a strategy using a legitimate affiliate program that allows me to hangout at home with the kids all day.

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