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When The Law Of Attraction Fails – Matt Hogan



Julian Leahy: Today I’m joined by Matt Hogan. Matt used to work in in the corporate sector in a large company where he was overseeing a lot of other staff members and and and quite a stressful gig.


For some of you that are in the group that are in corporate positions it’s a position you know that can have you know good income it’s very stressful. Matt has sort of made a decision several years ago to to move out of that so tell us a little bit about your background and what you went through when you decided to go out on your own.


Matt Hogan:  I spent the better part of the last decade building a national sales support and business development/learner program around the country for a top five global brand and with that you know I had to hire and develop key managerial positions to help make sure that the organization was successful and so when I had figured out along the way it became very clear that the most passionate part of my job the part that I found the most value in was that time spent on developing the leaders of tomorrow today and as you said very well it can be quite a stressful job, there’s a lot of uncertainty when you’re trying to develop his career when you’re trying to become a better manager or you’re trying to lead a team satisfied client as an entertaining those who the dynamics of an organization but I knew for me it was the most passion part of my job and what led me to ultimately making the decision to go out on my own and how I really got started was really just the awareness that there was that level of that depth of passion and helping people develop themselves in their career.


We get stuff spinning in circles all the time about I need to send one more email I need to have one more meeting I need to do this and to do that I don’t stop and slow down and really think about what they’re doing anymore kind of a symptom of the corporate environment and a lot of people listening this can probably attest to that so really start with that awareness and then number two was a daily commitment to work towards my goal of being out on my own as well as getting more clarity about what it is I need to do to be successful in this area and identifying the needs of the other people and other companies in the bank in the lack and that’s a really big they get the making that daily commitment yeah because it’s I can tell you I want something but if I don’t make a daily decision to actually actively go for it which leads into the next two things is daily action.


I can tell you I want to have a promotion or I can tell you I want to start a business whatever it is but it just sits in your head and you can do you know you may subscribe to Law of Attraction there I think it’s a great degree there’s validity there but if you’re not taking action to actually make what you want to come through it’s not gonna happen so that daily commitment was a huge part of it and then fourth thing was you know oftentimes when we’re jumping out into something I knew no there’s always someone to some degree that has done something back like that before and there’s experts surround yourself with experts and that’s what I’ve done is I surround myself with if I’m trying to learn how to be better at marketing on time you learn to be better at working with people from a service delivery standpoint those kind of things I find people that are already doing it and doing it well and I build myself up that way and those have been the key ingredients of getting started.


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