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Watford Corp Review – Big Budget Ponzi Scam

Welcome to my Watford Corp review. 

First off, let me just say that we are dealing with some very slick operators. I suspected this to be a ponzi but I had to dig deeper than usual to discover exactly what is going on.

I think that Watford corp is going to be create many millionaires. The reason for this is that it looks to be a legitimate business. Let me be clear, it’s not legitimate and everything about it is fake. The difference is that I found it much harder to expose than usual. It is very convincing. People are going to become true believers and go absolutely crazy for this program. It will all get a bit awkward and embarrassing for promoters when it collapses, although this thing could actually last for years. 

How Did I NEARLY Get Fooled By Watford Corp?

  1. Company has used very sneaky methods to create a google footprint for the CEO “Richard Watford”
  2. Extremely professional promo video of Richard Watford in front of wind turbines.
  3. Main source of ROI appears to be a real company which is over 11 years old.
Once I started digging around, I discovered that Watford Corp is a house of cards built on lies.

Watford Corp Review Summary

Key Figures :  “Richard Watford” (Fake Name)

Product Type : Crypto Ponzi MLM

Summary :  Watford claims to control several profitable companies. People purchase shares in those companies and are paid ROI for holding shares. Weekly ROI is 14%.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  F

Verdict:  This ponzi is very slick and well produced. It will be very popular. It will also collapse. Early investors could make plenty.

Quick Summary

What Is Watford Corp

This company claims to control several subsidiary companies. Investors can purchase shares in these subsidiary companies and receive around 14% weekly ROI on their investment. There is only one problem:

The Watford Group Of Companies Are ALL FAKE

This is an extremely high level ponzi. The level of detail that these people have gone to, to look legitimate, is extraordinary.

Lets google the founder, Richard Watford.

On the surface, this looks to be an organic result. However when you click the link, you will see that at the bottom of the page you can see it was a paid press release from AB News Wire.

Watford Corp Have Stolen The Identity Of A Previous Company

One the main companies that Watford Corp boasts about is one called New Millienium Wind Energy (NMWE).  New Millenium Wind Energy has a good google footprint. There are google search results that go back as far as 2011. The CEO is Drew Thacker.

This company looks REAL because it WAS real…however it no longer exists. Having been dissolved in 2014

Watford Corp Are Attempting To Deceive Investors And Pretend That They Control New Millenium Wind Energy.

So the companies are all complete BS. There is no profit and no ROI. The ROI is complete BS recycled funds from new investors. This is a ponzi scam and will collapse 100%.

Compensation Plan

In the below sheet you will see two types of commission. The one time commission is a percentage of shares purchased by your affiliates. Every time they purchase new shares, this commission is paid 10 levels deep. The second type is ROI matching. You will also earn a percentage of your downlines ROI which repeats for the term of their investment. This is also paid 10 levels deep.

Level (1-10) Of Your ShareholdersOne Time CommissionROI Matching
Number of shares requred to unlock level and bonusLevelBonus
Goldminebmdnmwenergyedv recyclingmarijuana diet  
750750750750525K or ($3K)
1K1K1K1K637.5K or ($4K)
1.25K1.25K1.25K1.25K750K (or $4k)
2.5K2.5K2.5K2.5K8100K (or $10K)
5K5K5K5K9250K (or $25K)

Affiliates will unlock bonus commissions by achieveing levels. The levels are based on personal and group volume.  Please note for levels 1-5 you only need to accrue volume in one company. After level 5, you need to achieve the volume across all of the Watford companies.

Please note that all your personal volume counts towards your rank levels, however only a percentage of your downline volume counts. See below:

How much volume counts toward Rank Levels And Bonuses
Personal Volume100%
Level 150%
Level 245%
Level 340%
Level 435%
Level 530%
Level 625%
Level 720%
Level 815%
Level 910%
Level 105%

What I Like About Watford Corp

This scam is extremely convincing. They have hired an actor to play the part of CEO Richard Watford, however he has a perfect English accent and presents very well. The promo video infron of the wind turbines was the most convincing thing I had ever seen in a ponzi promo. Nearly fooled me. 

Due to the high production quality of this scam, it should last a pretty long time. If you like ponzis, this might be a good one to promote. My advice however is to stay away.

Compensation plan is mind blowing. I get tempted by comp plans like this. You get paid  immediately on 10 levels as a percentage of capital invested, plus 10 levels of ROI matching. It’s insane!

What I Dislike About Watford Corp

I will get a lot of hate for this review for one reason, it is so convincing. Affiliates will be convinced that I am wrong….until it exit scams of course.

I spent several hours researching this before I finally realized it was a scam. Most people do not spend 2 hours doing due diligence. Most do not spend 2 minutes. I think this is going to fool a lot of people. Even worse is that they will go all in and not withdraw before the collapse.

This one is going to be a homewrecker 🙁

The Real Deal

Affiliates could make a fortune with this. However I do not advise doing so. This could last a long time before collapse because it is very sneaky and convincing. The collapse will make shockwaves when it happens


This gets an F grade.

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