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Virtual Assistants & Managing WordPress Plug-ins With Electra Ford

I used to listen to Hay House radio a lot and one day I heard actually it was Michael Neal’s show that I used to watch he had a show called super coach.

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At the time he was looking for a web VA and I never had never heard of that. Once he said it I started researching what is a VA. A VA is a virtual assistant and I found two organizations at the time. I ended up joining IVAA the International Virtual Assistants Association and there I met all these wonderful people that had been in business some had been in business 20 years.


I joined the organization and at the time the IVAA had a strict list of what you needed to do you before you can become a member. You had to have a website to show that you were serious about your business.

I joined the mentor program it and through that, I got a mentor. She helped me with cultivating my content because I wanted to work with people like Michael Neal, coaches,authors and speakers.


Most people online needed their email marketing and their content on their website and updated and sales pages updated so I learned that.


I do have two websites. I still have my virtual assistant business but one of the things you learn is doing business online and just being in business in general is that you find multiple ways of serving.


Actually serving as a VA is just one income stream and then to have a true business you have different well you have different income streams. I’ve learned to have my virtual assistant as one income stream I’ve also started consulting. I’ve met a lot of people with online businesses that needs some help but they don’t necessarily need ongoing help they just either need something set up for them and you can show them how to maintain it or they

just need a consultation on what they are doing and what needs to be tweaked or changed according to best practices.


I’ve started website maintenance and where that’s a lot of online marketers they have businesses they have a product or service but keeping up with their website maintenance is not something that they that they’re familiar with that they know how to do so that’s also a service that I’ve started providing.


So a lot of people will have WordPress websites but they don’t they have it they don’t have time to keep up with what they need to do to keep it up with the security of keeping the plugins updated when plugins are abandoned switching them out so just the idea of keeping someone else keeping up with that has helped my clients feel more secure with the with their websites and and doing online sales because most of them do online they they collect revenues from their websites so having their websites updated is very important for security.


They tell me what their actual goals are yes they may need social media but not so much Facebook for this particular for their particular goal right now they may need or someone to help them with their LinkedIn or they may need someone to help them with their Twitter or Pinterest so it really depends on what their marketing goals are and where their audience is.


When talking to people a lot of times during the discussion will end up changing what they originally thought in order to help them reach their goal.

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