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Veribella Review – Small Range Of Products But High Quality

Welcome  to my Veribella Review. Veribella is a beauty and skin care MLM opportunity. They are headed up by venture capitalist, Dave Fiala. Fiala has plenty of corporate experience, both as a CEO and investor. Looks to be a very strong CEO with a proven track record of success.

Most legit MLMs have commissions for retail sales however, Veribella really go above and beyond in terms of encouraging a retail side to the business. This is a very good sign that the company has quality products and also takes FTC compliance seriously. They also reward promoters with a strong compensation plan which allows residual income.

Once you read the review, you will be able to decide if Veribella is one of the many legitimate ways to make money onlineI do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with Veribella.

Veribella Review – Summary

Key Figures: Dave Fiala

Product Type: Cosmetics & Skin Care.

Summary: To earn you must be active by accumulating 100 points of personal or retail sales volume each month. Active
Ambassadors are eligible to participate in the Compensation Plan.

Affiliates earn from 10% to 20% commissions on retail sales. Plus Veribella have juicy residual commissions for team builders.

See The Comp Plan Here.

Solid Founders, Great Comp Plan and High Quality Products

Some people will say they should have more products. I disagree! They are staying within the niche and focusing on quality rather than quantity

Rating: A

Verdict: This launch exudes quality. If you want to be involved in high quality products and a legally compliant quality, then go for it. The extra income will be the cherry on top!
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What Is Veribella?

Veribella is a high end beauty and skin care MLM. They have a small range of high quality products including: skin toner, cleansers, masks and eye treatments.

Just because I am going to stick to my top way to make money online doesn’t mean I will be critical of Veribella. Quite the opposite actually because this one looks very good.

Let’s get into the details with the Veribella program and products.
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Renew Super Pack

Magic Minute Mask

  • Multidimensional refining mask
  • Advanced formula may help skin maintain youthful appearance

R&R Super Serum

  • Nutrient rich, moisture replenishing treatment
  • Brightening and hydrating for a healthy, subtle glow



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Instant Fix Firming Gel

  • Reduce puffy eyes
  • Lessen signs of ageing



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RDKL Complete Care Kit

  • RDKL™ Cleanser
  • RDKL™ Toner
  • RDKL™ Serum
  • RDKL™ Moisturizer
  • RDKL™ Facial Oil



Compensation Plan

Retail Commissions

PV 0-1999 in that month, 10% Commissions

PV 2000+ in that month, 20%

Order Credit For Having 3 or More Customers

The company will average out the 3 largest customer autoship orders for the month and credit the affiliate with the PV equivalent. This PV can be used for the affiliates own autoship order for the month.

Ranks & Residual Commissions

All monthly autoship sales of 100PV or more are counted in the 3×3 Matrix. In addition to the monthly residual, affiliates also earn a rank achievement bonus.

Rank Required Matrix Positions Monthly Commission
Senior Affiliate 12 $150
Marketing Director 24 $250
Reg. Marketing Director 45 $500
Sr. Marketing Director 90 $900
Exec. Marketing Director 210 $1,800
Div. Vice President 390 $3,250
Sr Field VP 900 $6,500
Exec Field VP 2100 $12,500
Sr Field Chairman 4800 $25,000
Exec Field Chairman 10K $72,500
Pres Adv Council 20K $72,500

Residual Matching Bonus

Earn 20% matching bonus on the residual income earned by direct referrals.

Presidential Advisory Council Pool

The company sets aside 60% of total revenue for this bonus pool to be paid quarterly. If the amount paid in commissions already exceeds 60%, then it will whatever amount is left.

The way it works is that qualified Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) affiliates earn shares in this pool. Share allocation is worked out by the following formula:

(# of Months Qualified as PAC for the Quarter)


(number of personally sponsored Regional Marketing Directors or higher)


(new Regional Marketing Directors in the quarter (if any) in the weakest leg)

What I Like About Veribella

Legit Founders

Dave Fiala and team are real people with real experience. You may think that is normal for MLMs but plenty of companies use fake people. This is a real business guys and will be around for the long term.

Small Range But Quality Products

I like it when a company knows their niche. Its far better to have a couple of high quality products that are in a related niche than trying to sell all manner of products in a haphazard. Skin care is a massive industry and you can have plenty of success with a small range, as long as the quality is there. Which I believe it is.

Solid Compliance Profile

Veribella are encouraging retail sales to customers. Preferred customers will recieve a 10% discount, however they will need to be on the autoship program. The other way the company encourages retail sales is through the compensation plan. Affiliates will earn more if they can keep customers on the autoship. This means that the FTC will be happy. It is also usually a sign that the products are of high enough quality to compete in the retail market.

What I dislike about Veribella

Will Affiliates Pressure Customers To Stay On Autoship?

Veribella is attempting to build a healthy ratio of retail customers by building into the comp plan plenty of commisions for keeping retail customers. For example if an affiliate can generate 2000PV from customer sales, they will earn double the amount in retail commissions 20%. Their residual income also depends on keeping customers on the autoship.

That will certainly keep customers on board, but the concern I have is that affiliates my be tempted to pressure customers to keep ordering 100PV per month so they cam maximize their earnings. Will customers use 100PV worth of product each month. I am not so sure.

This problem can hopefully be addressed by the Veribella training for affiliates.

The Real Deal With Veribella

I struggled to find anything to complain about with Veribella. This is an excellent launch and a very solid opportunity.


Excellent!, I give it a A.


Julian Leahy

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