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Use Udimi Solo Ads, the SMART way


I don’t care what anyone says Udimi is an awesome way to get traffic!

Traffic is the lifeline of your online business….it allows you to get immediate sales as well as to build an email list for sales which will come later.

Why people struggle with Udimi.

1) Poor Landing Page

First off you need to have an excellent landing page. If you don’t you will just be throwing money down the drain. My Facebook group is a good place to learn how to build a high converting landing page. You are welcome to join it.

2) They don’t know how to pick a good Udimi vendor

First thing you want to do is check for positive feedback. You want to see plenty of positive feedback. Sometimes you will see feedback from well known marketers, this is a very good sign. Also check the feedback of the people leaving ratings! You want to make sure they are real marketers and not fake ratings!

You also want to use the search parameter to limit your search results to show vendors that average 30% or more times a sale on every solo job that they run. This type of rating is left by the buyer after the solo ad run has completed. It means that the buyer actually got sales from the solo ad. This is very strong feedback! Always look for this.

Finally, you need to realize that the cheaper vendors are not necessarily the worst. Sometimes the expensive Udimi vendors are good and sometimes they are not, so just rely on feedback rating and sales percentage instead!

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