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Unitex Capital – Passive Crypto With Healthy Traffic

Welcome to my review of Unitex Capital.

Unitex is a passive crypto investment opportunity (ponzi) based in Russia.

The way it works is that you invest in crypto packages which pay you back a high ROI. The big gamble is how much profit you can withdraw before it collapses. They also have a MLM compensation plan. If it lasts long enough and you know how to recruit, you can make alot of money with something like this. Very high risk though!

Unitex Capital Review Summary

Key Figures :  Anonymous

Product Type : Crypto Ponzi MLM

Summary :  Your investment in packages will generate around  profits of 1.6% per weekday. The minimum package is $50, however you can invest up to $100K. Unitex Capital also have a very lucrative comp plan to entice recruiters.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating: Good traffic, probably will last for 6 months

Verdict:  Passive crypto ponzi from Russia. If you do try it, make sure you diversify and don’t put everything into one program.

Quick Summary

What Is Unitex Capital

I am going to get real about Unitex capital.

Yes they will pay you and yes you can make make money promoting this. What you need to understand is that they are not based in New Zealand as they claim, but are actually based in Russia. Also, there is no trading taking place. The whole thing is a big money game known as a ponzi scam. If you are smart you can make money and withdraw early. That is what I would do.


PackageMinTerm DaysCapital ReturnROI Daily


Compensation Plan

Min 1001k5K10K15K20K30K
Tm Vlm 50K200k800K2.5M8m15M300M
Lvl 14%5%6%7%8%9%9%10%
Lvl 22%3%4%4%5%6%6%7%
Lvl 31%1%2%2%2%3%4%5%
Lvl 41%1%2%2%2%2%3%4%
Lvl 5 1%1%1%1%1%2%3%
Lvl 6  1%1%1%1%2%2%
Lvl 7   1%1%1%1%1%
Lvl 8    1%1%1%1%
Lvl 9     1%1%1%
Lvl 10      1%1%

What I Like About Unitex Capital

Programs like this are usually pretty easy to predict. As long as the flow of new investors keeps growing then current investors should continue to get paid out. The way to predict if Unitex Capital are continuing to grow is through the web traffic stats.

If you take a look at the alexa traffic for the Unitex Capital, you can see constant growth. Each week there is more traffic than the week before. Whenever you can seem more people checking out the Unitex Capital website, you can safely assume that some of them are joining. Therefore, I expect that Unitex has more money coming in than is going out to make the ROI payments. This will change, which is why I say you should periodically check the traffic via alexa.

As you can see, is that Unitex Capital looks to be in its very early stages of growth. Traffic is on an upwards trend. As long as you see that, you should be pretty safe.

What I Dislike About Unitex Capital

I used to really bash schemes like this, now I am a bit more pragmatic. If you want to get involved, then do so at your own risk. As long as you have your eyes open about what it really is. Here is what you need to know.

  • It’s not based in New Zealand
  • It has no real ROI
  • It will collapse (probably in 6 months)
  • Can you make money with this? Yes
  • Should you? That is up to you!

The Real Deal

At least this is nice and early. Still high risk. If you do get involved, be honest with your downline and tell them when to exit.


Be careful!

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