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Welcome to my review. Most ponzi scammers are pretty lazy…I mean they usually just use a template website with stock photos and then launch. These “run of the mill” scams only fool the most gullible investors, whilst many people know to stay away. Other ponzi scams are extremely well planned to convince many more investors. The high end ponzis all seem to come out of Russia and all from the same person.

There is one notorious Russian ponzi shitlord in particular, who is simply a cut above the rest. When he creates a new scam (which he does every 3 months) he goes to quite extraordinary lengths. I mean, his scams have hollywood level productions values, with professional actors and breathtaking video promos. He is like the Stephen Speilburg of ponzis.

I don’t want to say his name, because last time I did, I received death threats. This guy has worked out that if you “go the extra mile”, with production values, you can scam a much larger amount and from more people.

Before I go any further, I will give a shout out to DB, who requested this review.

Seems like they have the equipment and are legit!
It seems like DB is suspicious but puzzled by the proof of mining equipment posted by Uniex. That is understandable, given that Uniex are going to great lengths to appear legit. They definitely have access to a crypto mining facility. They even have a live feed of the mining facility they you can conveniently view on their website. They even have a guy in overalls and a hat emblazened with the Uniex logo! Finally, the “pièce de résistance” a pop up ponzi sign to prove that Uniex own the mining farm!

Uniex is very well organised. They actually have a friend or associate with a real crypto mine and have set up live cameras to show the mining rig, This tactic will make sure that they attract plenty of funds. We have seen a ponzi scam do this in the past with USI Tech. When they produced footage inside a real mining facility, complete with pop up sign, it generate a huge surge of new investor funds. As it turns out Ralf Gold snuck into a genuine commercial miner for a 30 second video shoot. He barely had time to unroll his Usi-Tech sign before being chased off the premises!

Uniex Shows All Of That But Where Is The Mining Address?….

Uniex are desperate to appear legitimate, but why don’t they prove it by revealing a mining address?

If you are worried about looking like a scam all you need to do is show this mining address. Instead, they show EVERYTHING but the one thing that would prove that they are mining, and that is a public mining address. It is like a guilty mother claiming her child was not conceived via an extramarital affair, whilst steadfastly refusing a DNA Test.

Where Is The Mining Address?

That is all you need to ask. Why the secrecy if you are trying so hard to appear legitimate? They cannot show this because it will expose them. Even Usi Tech eventually showed a mining address after immense pressure. I expect Uniex will eventually do a small amount of mining to keep up the charade. This will mean they we may even see a mining address at some stage. Hopefully you don’t fall for it, when it happens.

Ok Its A Ponzi…How Long Will It Last?

This is hard to predict because Russian ponzis seem to make unexpected moves once they have enough BTC. Often they decide to dissapear before they even show signs of collapse.

Currently Uniex are experiencing explosive growth. 90 days ago they were ranked at around 870K on Alexa, Currently they are ranked below only 64K of sites. This means that they are currently flying high and attracting a a lot of new money.

I expect that Uniex will resist the urge to exit scam for up to 2 years. I may be wrong but I think they have done a good job at fooling most people. When you can convince people that you are legit by setting up a live stream in a real living rig, you should be quite a stable ponzi. So it could last anywhere from 1 to 2 years. Eventually they will exit scam, so be very careful. Review – Summary

Key Figures: Serg Belayev (Fake Name)

Product Type: Crypto Cloudmining MLM Ponzi.

Summary: To earn you invest in hashrate. Uniex will pay you a high rate of return , starting from 0.66% daily!

Theoretically it’s possible that Uniex to be legit, however when you look at all of the evidence, it has 99% certainty of being a ponzi, It looks like it should be pretty stable though.

See The Comp Plan Here.

Uniex are growing fast and have put a lot of measures in place to appear legitimate. That should mean Uniex has stable payout for over a year. Be careful, because ponzis are EXTREMELY risky. It will collapse eventually.

Rating: D

Verdict: Definately a ponzi but it should stick around for at least a year.

What Is have access to a real mining set up in Siberia, Russia. They have built a ponzi scheme around this real mining rig. They even have a live camera stream to show the mining processors, complete with clocks and Uniex signs. Mysteriously, they cannot produce a public mining address which would allow us to track the mining profits. Considering that they have gone to extraordinary lengths to show that they have access to a real crypto mine, it seems rather fishy that they cannot show a public mining address. Unless…..the ROI is not being paid from crypto mining at all! It is a ponzi, but a very sophisticated one that will fool many people. I am not buying it.

Why Is There No Public Mining Address?!

Investment Packages

Uniex do not have regular “packages”. Instead you can purchase “hashrate”. The more money you invest, the more “hashrate” you will get. The lowest amount will pay you 0.66% per day.

Compensation Plan

Direct Referral Commissions are paid on 3 levels

7% – from first-level referrals
2% – from second-level referrals
1% – from third-level referrals

What I Like About Uniex

All That “Proof” Will Help With Stability

Most investors will not ask to see a public mining address even though this is the only thing that they should be asking for. Instead they will see the images and video of a real mining facility with Uniex branded signs. Most people will feel satisfied that this is enough evidence that Uniex is a legit cloudmining opportunity. When you show more “evidence” than most ponzis you will maintain happy investors for a longer period of time. “Happy” investors are less likely to do something “crazy” like withdraw their capital. It could easily last up to 2 years. Keep in mind that Russian ponzis don’t tend to overstay their welcome. I have seen many disappear all of a sudden with no warning. Traffic is growing steadily, so I doubt they will be going anywhere for quite a while though.

Passive Crypto That Should Be Safe For A While

Due to the fact that Uniex have gone to such great lengths to appear legit, it might be a good opportunity if you are looking for a passive ponzi that is a bit more stable. It is extremely risky though, so be warned!

What I dislike about Uniex

This Is A Professional Ponzi Done By Notorious Criminals

This is the type of scheme that will attract a lot of gullible people. Some investors will know how to play the ponzi game and will withdraw significant profits. Many others will go in and lose their houses over this. The majority will have no idea that there is a big deception at play.

The Real Deal With Uniex

Be smart and you can make some good profits with this. It should last between 1 to 2 years, so you should have time to plan your exit. At no stage should you belive that Uniex is doing real mining. Even if they eventually show some mining on the blockchain, it will just be a small amount for show. Even UsiTech showed some mining at one point and look how that ended. Have fun, but be careful.


Not for me, but I give it a D . Usually ponzis get an F, but Uniex has costimes and a livestream to a mining rig!  #theprelaunchinspector

Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

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      Hi Dustin, which legit mining operation hides their mining address? Why hide it, unless they are not doing mining. You also need to be aware that some scams will actually do “some” mining that they can prove is on the block chain. When this happens most investors feel very safe….You need to be aware that 99% of cloud mining is just a 2 bit ponzi scam….Naturally, you won’t believe me, but thats ok.

  1. ali is scam ……i deposit $700…block …Deposits over $ 300 will be blocked after two weeks ….. Do not deposit

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