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TS-Life Review – Do NOT Join Before You Read This!

Welcome To my TS-Life Review

At first glance, it is hard to know if TS-Life is worth joining.

There are thousands of money making opportunities out there, making it very difficult to find legitimate ways to make money online. I have done the research for you with this blog post. I think you will be amazed by what I have discovered about about TS-Life…I know I was. By the way, I do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with TS-Life.

TS-Life Review – Summary

Product Name: TS-Life

Key Figure:Β  Caius Hale

Product Type: Health and Wellness MLM.

Price: $200 approx for first order plus monthly auto-ship.

Summary:Β If you like health and wellness then TS-Life is a legitimate opportunity. You will however, need to be good at recruiting if you wish to be successful. Moreover, keep in mind that 98% of people will fail at this type of opportunity.

Rating: C+

Verdict: If you are looking at a brand new health and wellness MLM, then TS-Life is as good as any. Not for me however.

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What Is TS-Life?

TS-Life is a health and wellness MLM. As is with all of these programs, they have weight loss products as well as health supplements.
D-Lite is a meal replacement shake sweetened with Stevia.

Supanova is a liquid supplement containing green tea, gurana, ginseng and several more extracts.

What I Like About TS-Life

Health and Wellness has a HUGE Market.

The vast majority of people are searching for “magic potions” which will make them healthy, desirable and happy. These people are constantly attracted to these types of products. The market is very strong and shows no signs of diminishing.

If you know how to market and recruit, you will tap into a massive market which will allow you to make a great income. Of course 98% of people marketing these types of products will fail, but that is not due to a lack of customers out there in the market.

There will be some very big earners in TS-Life, just wait and see!

You WILL Lose Weight Using The TS-Life Shakes

So yes, the product works in that sense. Meal replacement means you have stopped eating, after all. Whichever way you look at it, replacing one or more meals will make you lose weight. I guess the other benefit is that shakes can help with planning your meals. This can help you stay on track.Β  When I don’t have a meal plan, I tend to put on weight.

As for the supplements, they have the added bonus of making your pee bright yellow. That’s about the only upside to those.

Caius Hale is a CEO I can get behind.

Most MLM Ceo’s are akin to slick cult leaders with perfect smiles and over the top enthusiasm. From what I have seen, Caius Hale is down to earth and honest. I heard him speak once, he seems like a good guy. That counts for something, in my opinion.

What I dislike about TS-Life

Weight Loss Supplements are BS.

I can tell you how to be healthy and happy but it won’t be as appealing as for me to tell you as what is on offer with the TS-Life suite of products.

Most people will disagree with me when I say that Weight Loss supplements are worthless, that’s ok with me. I can not sell these products with a straight face. Put down the Sprite and go for a walk. You will lose just as much weight and feel great! Feel free to leave an angry comment below!

Heavy Recruiting Is The Only Way To Make Money With TS-Life

If you really believe that a mint-choc meal replacement shake is going to change someones life, then go for it. For me it’s an ethical dilemma that happens when products don’t really have any value.

The only way to make it to the top is to put on your used car salesman hat and start selling lemons. This does not appeal to me, sorry.

The Real Deal With TS-Life

Ts-Life is NOT a scam. It is a legitimate health and wellness MLM. You can make real money if you are the type of person that believes in this type of product.

If you want to lose weight and get healthy, you can try TS-Life and see how it works out.

However, I don’t recommend TS-Life as a business opportunity to make money, simply because I don’t believe in the products. You also have a very small chance of being successful. 98% will fail.


It might be what you are looking for…..not really for me though!

How I Make A Living

I have developed a strategy using a legitimate affiliate program that allows me to hangout at home with the kids all day.


  1. Anonymous

    Everything you say above is true……about any ANY MLM company…….do you know about CP? in Legacy Health/Wealth Creator’s
    Ts life?The great community of folks around the globe working together?The training support is better than my therapist, these folks care about me as a person & what I am experiencing with health & relationships before I became involved with business goals Also are you aware Halal or orthodox products are practically non existent in world especially USA? I could say more and of course distributors , distributors -distributors is where the money is . Dah , it is with all sales..the more you have dedicated sales folk the more business in anything even business of medicine.
    I have been in health , Dance & wellness before it was a trend. The products we are selling are of quality & different than many I see on the market. I find few effective , quality weight loss shakes around & each Ts-Life product has a distinct advantage to offer, This is as you know NOT a white label. Ts-life has own laboratory…The company as of 2019 , in less than 6 months has spread throughput UK, Ireland Ghana, Canada, Latin America,Mexico & more. Here in USA just 3 days and we are breaking records for customers health needs ,I can say more, I wonder why you choose to focus the con of MLMs, as though it be a secret.Ts life has done away with unfair practices and NO pressure & no negativity which I wonder why you limit your opinion about Ts life and make this New company the recipient of your review as “not for you”
    so what is for me in your presentation above..? I await to find out.
    Ts life allows many customers with no pressure to recruit or buy products , purchase their own site for 39.00 & order wholesale from there on in. I am interested to find out what your info will reveal. Hard work is that work..time and dedication. Don’t you believe is not the product alone that sparks success it is the individuals selling it who give more than a price and ask for some one’s money, Me for one and I know all my fellow reps have our years of work as coaches, ministers, health minded Moms, etc. We offer our care & sincerity. I have tried products and felt an immediate de tox effect in 1 week Did you try?

  2. Julian Leahy

    thanks for commenting, no I have not participated in any health and wellness programs. Good luck with it!

  3. Anonymous

    hi there i would just like to say that we at tslife don’t use auto ship its weekly or monthly supplies and the customers order when they would like more. We do not support auto ship as it enters our customers into a contract for a set period and we do not support that. Our compensation plan is built so everyone has the opportunity to earn wether you want to team build or just want to sell aswell as do this business part time. We have loads earning on different scales for what they want out of the business. Thank you very much for your review as everyone is entitled to their oppinions and not every business is for everyone. i just wanted to let you know about the auto ship is incorrect. thanks for your time x

  4. Anonymous

    Ok a few things that I read in the comments that are incorrect. They’re 100% NOT Halal friendly. There is no cert to verify that they are. You will also find that one of their shakes is NOT gluten free. It doesn’t say it is on the pack but is sold to customers like it is.
    They have had big leader’s leave very recently. Why? Because they finally saw the woods from the trees.
    Bullying is rampant in the company and the CEO is well aware of it
    In fact one of their big USA leaders left as a result of mistreatment and lies by tslife. Their top earner and seller in the UK left to sell cups of coffee!
    Their products are over priced. They ARE MANUFACTURED IN FRANCE. They DO NOT own the manufacturer! They have the same health products as acti labs. Why? Because it’s the same manufacturers!
    The CEO is not as down to earth as you would like to think. He was thrown out of his last company for corruption. So for those reasons alone I wouldn’t go near them

  5. The one who didnt believe his bullshit

    I can get behind everything you have said except the fact caius hale is a good leader.. hes a bully, uses people, plots them against each other, if he falls out with someone he will go to the person they hate and tell them shit of what others said. Hes no leader hes a narcissistic pig and I’m delighted half his followers that left vida to go to his company have failed because so many amazing g people left networking die to his bullying and nastiness.. even his amazing leaders have now left him and gone to revitalise u… vida was the best thing that happened to him and he fucked it up cos he thought he was god!! Fucke idiot!!

  6. ssentongo muhammadi rukudu(rgenes)

    hello brothers and sisters am ssentongo muhammadi rukudu[rgenes] .am here to inform you guys that as uganda [africa] we going to welcome tslife company .have read all the comments bith psitive and negative but i feel like telling you for us we to welcome tslife company because it has just started six months but its already making history and breaking records in ghana so tslife company you mostly welcome to uganda,
    tslife….we strong by nature.

  7. Nabila

    I absolutely love this company joined 3 weeks ago I totally disagree with your comments I’ve worked with other networking companies it was waste of time. I’ve tried TSLiving weight loss products and their mind blowing results . I am now a customer for life x

  8. Zen

    Caius wasn’t thrown from Vida, he was thrown under the bus in the most unproffesional way by Armand etc. Always had advice for me, and gave me an ear to rant to. Also offered to bail me out when Vida screwed me over. I watched him and Jade, and many leaders grow TS Life from a concept to a thriving company. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and I can have a healthy debate if I don’t agree with his views and he respects that. The business is sound, the products are better than anything else I’ve tried. I’m not an affiliate currently as dealing with health issues, but the moment I’m well enough I will be signing up to TS Life and rejoining my family of networkers. If you’re interested you can find many affiliates on facebook who would be happy to give you the information on products and the comp plan

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