TS-Life Review

Welcome To my TS-Life Review

At first glance, it is hard to know if TS-Life is worth joining.

There are thousands of money making opportunities out there, making it very difficult to find legitimate ways to make money online. I have done the research for you with this blog post. I think you will be amazed by what I have discovered about about TS-Life…I know I was. By the way, I do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with TS-Life.

TS-Life Review – Summary

Product Name: TS-Life

Key Figure:  Caius Hale

Product Type: Health and Wellness MLM.

Price: $200 approx for first order plus monthly auto-ship.

Summary: If you like health and wellness then TS-Life is a legitimate opportunity. You will however, need to be good at recruiting if you wish to be successful. Moreover, keep in mind that 98% of people will fail at this type of opportunity.

Rating: C+

Verdict: If you are looking at a brand new health and wellness MLM, then TS-Life is as good as any. Not for me however.

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What Is TS-Life?

TS-Life is a health and wellness MLM. As is with all of these programs, they have weight loss products as well as health supplements.

D-Lite is a meal replacement shake sweetened with Stevia.


Supanova is a liquid supplement containing green tea, gurana, ginseng and several more extracts.

What I Like About TS-Life

Health and Wellness has a HUGE Market.

The vast majority of people are searching for “magic potions” which will make them healthy, desirable and happy. These people are constantly attracted to these types of products. The market is very strong and shows no signs of diminishing.

If you know how to market and recruit, you will tap into a massive market which will allow you to make a great income. Of course 98% of people marketing these types of products will fail, but that is not due to a lack of customers out there in the market.

There will be some very big earners in TS-Life, just wait and see!

You WILL Lose Weight Using The TS-Life Shakes

So yes, the product works in that sense. Meal replacement means you have stopped eating, after all. Whichever way you look at it, replacing one or more meals will make you lose weight. I guess the other benefit is that shakes can help with planning your meals. This can help you stay on track.  When I don’t have a meal plan, I tend to put on weight.

As for the supplements, they have the added bonus of making your pee bright yellow. That’s about the only upside to those.

Caius Hale is a CEO I can get behind.

Most MLM Ceo’s are akin to slick cult leaders with perfect smiles and over the top enthusiasm. From what I have seen, Caius Hale is down to earth and honest. I heard him speak once, he seems like a good guy. That counts for something, in my opinion.

What I dislike about TS-Life

Weight Loss Supplements are BS.

I can tell you how to be healthy and happy but it won’t be as appealing as for me to tell you as what is on offer with the TS-Life suite of products.

Most people will disagree with me when I say that Weight Loss supplements are worthless, that’s ok with me. I can not sell these products with a straight face. Put down the Sprite and go for a walk. You will lose just as much weight and feel great! Feel free to leave an angry comment below!

Heavy Recruiting Is The Only Way To Make Money With TS-Life

If you really believe that a mint-choc meal replacement shake is going to change someones life, then go for it. For me it’s an ethical dilemma that happens when products don’t really have any value.

The only way to make it to the top is to put on your used car salesman hat and start selling lemons. This does not appeal to me, sorry.

The Real Deal With TS-Life

Ts-Life is NOT a scam. It is a legitimate health and wellness MLM. You can make real money if you are the type of person that believes in this type of product.

If you want to lose weight and get healthy, you can try TS-Life and see how it works out.

However, I don’t recommend TS-Life as a business opportunity to make money, simply because I don’t believe in the products. You also have a very small chance of being successful. 98% will fail.


No thanks!

How I Make A Living

I have developed a strategy using a legitimate affiliate program that allows me to hangout at home with the kids all day.

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