Welcome  to my TrendWhizz review. TrendWhizz bill themselves as a “New Generation Of Advertisement Program.” In reality they are an advertising recuitment ponzi, similar to past schemes like Traffic Monsoon and My Advertising Pays, both of which were illegal and have been shut down.  TrendWhizz also have a networking marketing compensation plan, that rewards affiliates with residual income for recruiting new members.

TrendWhizz is also in prelaunch and as we know, prelaunches can be little bit risky. In this review, I will do the research for you. Once you read the review, you will be able to decide if TrendWhizz is a legitimate ways to make money online.    I do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with TrendWhizz.

TrendWhizz – Summary

Product Name: Advertising Packs

Key Figures:  Chandra Dodia

Product Type: Advertising Recruitment MLM


Starter Pack is $25

Business Pack is $50

Cash Link Click Packs From $2 to $45

Traffic Exchange Credits $5 to $80

More Products Are Here

Compensation Plan: See Here For Comp Plan


Summary:  Based on the assumption that paying people to view advertising, will benefit the advertising. The real purpose of TrendWhizz is to incentive recruiters. They want more affiliates to buy in to pump funds through the system. People being forced to view advertising almost never buy anything.

Just like My Advertising Pays and Traffic Monsoon, Trendwhizz is an illegal ponzi.

Rating: F

Verdict: This will collapse quickly and is an illegal ponzi scam.

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What Is TrendWhizz?

This program is virtually identical to Traffic Monsoon which ended up being prosecuted and shut down by the SEC. But people still demand “get rich quick schemes” so these ponzis keep popping up and multiplying. Let’s take a look at how they work.

All Clicks Are NOT Equal.

Trendwhizz give the appearance that they are selling “clicks” and “traffic” but unfortunately the clicks and traffic are not genuine or organic. The traffic is useless. They really are trying to get affiliates to pump money into the scheme, the advertising packs offer the veneer of legitamacy.

Still don’t believe me? Consider the following example.

Which click is more likely to become a paying customer:

1) Click One –  Person searched for “green widgets” and found a link on my blog post “Green Widget Reviews”

2) Click Two – Came from a Trendwhizz affiliate being paid to click through 100 different links

Click 2 is not a genuine click, they could not care less about the green widget offer, whilst click 1 is genuinely searching for green widgets. The traffic is useless.

If the Traffic Has No Value, Why Are People Signing Up?

Because ponzi’s pay the majority of investor funds to affiliates, initially anyway. The whole thing exists purely just to attract more affiliate investor money. In the beginning affiliates are making a fortune, however, watch out for the big ponzi twist.

Once the coffers are full, the CEO will decide that its a great time to experience “technical issues with withdrawals”. All of a sudden nobody can take their money out. Of course the deposits never experience any technical issues. Strange that!

This will happen around the 6-10 month mark. That’s when out friend Chandra Dodia will ride off into the sunset with cash and crypto.

Anyhow let’s take a look at the *cough “products”.

Starter Pack $25 Each

Web Credits – 200

Banner Credits – 1500

Constant Banner Credits – 2000

Profit Share up to: – 120%

Max Purchase: – 100

Business Pack $50 Each

Web Credits – 500

Banner Credits – 3000

Constant Banner Credits – 5000

Profit Share up to: – 120%

Max Purchase: – unlimited

Cash Link (various prices)

$2 – 50 clicks 5 sec each
$9 – 250 clicks 5 sec each
$5 – 60 clicks 10 sec each
$22 – 275 clicks 10 sec each
$10 – 50 clicks 15 sec each
$45 – 225 clicks 15 sec each
Traffic Exchange

$5 – 200 Views
$10 – 550 Views

$20 – 1200 Views

$80 – 5000 Views

Impressions Specific Banner Ads

125x125 – $5 – 5000 impr
120x240 – $8 – 5000 impr
468x60 – $10 – 5000 impr
728x90 – $15 – 5000 impr
Day Specific Banner Ads

125x125 – $10 – On spec day
120x240 – $15 – On spec day
468x60 – $20 – On spec day
728x90 – $30 – On spec day
Static (Day Specific) Login Ads

$60 On specific day

Rotating Login Ads

$15 per day (on rotating basis)

Click Specific Ads

468x60 – $7 – 25 clicks
468x60 – $10 – 40 clicks
Static (Day Specific) Logout Ads

$100 On specific day

Rotating Logout Ads

$20 per day (on rotating basis)


 Text Ads

10000 impr – $25, 5000 impr – $15, 2000 impr – $8, 800 impr – $3

Compensation Plan

  • Direct affiliate commission 8 %
  • Team builder bonus (2nd level) 3 %
  • Team builder bonus (3rd level) 2 %
  • Team builder bonus (5rd level) 1 %
  • Team builder bonus (5rd level) 1 %
Team Builder bonuses are based on Elegant Subscription.

What I Like About Trendwhiz

Free Members Can Earn

Apparently even free members can earn a small amount just by clicking on the ads. I guess that’s a good thing?

Commission Matching

When you have free affiliates under you clicking on links to earn commissions, 100% commission matching goes to the direct sponsor.

What I dislike about Trendwhizz

It’s Illegal.

It’s illegal on several fronts. It is a ponzi scam and it’s also an unlicensed security offering. It will probably collapse before the authorities notice it though.

It’s A Scam

Not only is it illegal, but it is a ponzi scam which will eventually defraud investors. Give it 6 months to a year before the owner runs off with the funds.  Check this blog in 1 year if you don’t believe me.

It Is a Short Term Program

If you are going to spend time promoting this you will find all that effort to be in vain. If you spent the same effort on a legitimate program, you will not have to start again in 6 months.

The Real Deal With Trendwhizz

It is a carbon copy of the old advertising recruitment ponzi. It is not a long term program and it is illegal. Do you really want to have your name associated with this?


Scam. Rating F


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