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Transforming Solopreneurs With Dave Stelma


Dave Stelma: I teach solopreneurs so people that are starting out their business using Facebook or online and they’re they’re just getting out there to do it themselves so that’s the first overall thing and that’s how I started just started coaching in a hole because I had a retail business way back when and as the internet evolved, I had started to introduce myself to them and I started developing this course as I was teaching them I started developing this course that I can take people through and so on a group aspect.


I have a course that’s coming out October 1st or launching again October 1st so that’s the first day it starts deadline is going to be September 28th to get signed up and it’s called 60 days to your coaching success and so this is specifically for coaches although I work with solopreneurs out of the outside of the coaching arena but this one is specifically for coaches and I do this about four times a year and so it’s 60 days and what we do is I take you from timid to tighten in 60 days so we get you out there we get you your name well known we get you doing interviews we get you using be live and Facebook live along the way and that’s what my aspect is to it but I align myself with three other experts that you’re going to work one-on-one or the people that are going to be in the course will work one-on-one with first step is going to be to get rid of all the things that are holding you back.


I had that I had friends and saying you know when I started my brick-and-mortar story I had friends saying what are you doing go get a job you know state you know be safe with that and as we all know now there’s nothing safe with working at a JOB, they are in control of whether you’re working today are working tomorrow right and how much money you’re gonna make being a solopreneur you have all that at your fingertips yourself so step one is getting rid of those things that are holding you back and Michael Kline is the expert in that he can within an hour to an hour and a half do what’s what some take two years to unravel or more you know but he’s awesome at that if you’re not creative Michael Klein contact me I can put you in contact with him.


Secondly is to find your niche or as we say niche and be in alignment with your niche be one with your niche as I say namaste be one with your niche because that is really the the big huge step for all solopreneurs is when they’ve discovered their niche and with coaches I don’t know why it is but sometimes their egos just get in the way saying well I could help everyone I can help anyone with this and and it’s like you can but that’s not where you’re gonna make your money once you make your millions of dollars then you can go and help everyone then you can be Oprah yeah and you can be out there and helping everyone along the way but until you make that initial big push and people know your name you have to really be defined.


The third and huge aspect to this so along the way so we get those two things and then somewhere during that 60 days somewhere around 30 days or so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna give you the keys to your own membership website then you have your knit your niche or as we say in America a niche you have your knees and then you’re going then we’re gonna give you the keys to your own membership site you’re gonna work one-on-one with Pam Carpenter and Pam Carpenter has a done-for-you website so you pick one of six templates you own the domain.


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