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Top 3 Ways To Get Free Leads From Facebook

Most People agree that Facebook is very useful for lead generation. Sure you can pay Facebook for targeted advertising, but did you know that you can get plenty of leads from Facebook without spending a cent.


In this video I will discuss 3 methods of free lead generation that require nothing more than a Facebook account. These methods are ranked worst to best so you want to watch right until the end for the most effective strategy and my absolute favorite strategy.


  1. Personal Facebook Profile Strategy
  • Post “inspirational”
  • Post “desirable”


PROTIP : Follow Up ANY and ALL Interaction.

Any likes or comments say something like…

Thanks for liking my post. I have had some great friendships start this way.

Let’s be friends…send them a friend request


If they accept friend request say something like,

“It’s Nice To have a new friend, Can I ask….what do you do”


From here you can mention what you are doing….(don’t push, pitch or sell)

Ask to if you may add them to a Facebook group.


The Facebook Group is essential if you are doing FB marketing. I have a course on how to build a booming Facebook group here


Ok, That’s One Method, I am not saying it’s my favourite. Some people swear by it, but it is not my best strategy.


Let’s get to the next free lead strategy.

2) Posting In Marketing related Facebook Groups

For this strategy you need to carefully follow what I am saying so you don’t get banned by Facebook.


First thing you need is a catchy image of yourself with some evidence of your affiliate earnings. See the image below.


Next you want to add yourself to lots of “work from home” “online marketing” “MLM” or even Crypto groups.


You want groups that have over 50K members and are completely unmoderated free for alls.


After a few days you will be accepted to lots of these groups. You want to have at least 20 or so.


Post your image and say :Type “Info” in the comments for more info


Do not post your link anywhere.

Once people have expressed interest you have to manually sent them all direct messages. You include a link to your landing page.


Hopefully you are smart enough to have an email auto responder set up. I have a video in my free course dedicated to that at


Ok, now this is the pro level method.


3) Build a Booming Facebook Group


You will need to have a plan for content because you will need to produce content to get people to join the group and also so that you are adding value inside the group.


A lot of people just create the group and add people without their permission. This is a big no no. I will show you how to spread the bread crumbs so that you attract people to the group so you don’t have to add them without their permission.


The other thing that happens with no content strategy is that you just have a dead group. Your Facebook group needs to be a thriving source of leads. That’s what the content is for.


Content Strategy

  1. Make Youtube Video
  2. Blog about the Youtube video
  3. Post the raw video into the group
  4. Repeat


This is powerful. It’s exactly what I do here in this group.

Only a 2 months old generates 10 leads per day approx 3 sales per week….and we are only getting started.


  1. Youtube video – you need a screen capture tool. Head over to to get that. Once you have all the tools you make a list of topics. Hit record and start talking. In the video Mention your group. Instruct the viewer that there is a link in the description
  2. Quickly blog about the video while its fresh in your mind.Mention both the video and your Facebook group. Link to the both of them in your blog.
  3. Post the video into the group to promote interaction and questions. This is where you will get sales and sign ups


Repeat. You should do 1 per week. I averaging around 3 per week.


Which Method Is Best In your Opinion? Let me know in the comments


Learn how to do all of this at my free course the link is in the description


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