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The Royal Network Review – HOT MLM Prelaunch?

Welcome to my review of The Royal Network.

The Royal Network is a brand new network marketing prelaunch based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The products are quite broad and include everything from CBD to online education. Specifically they are offering the following 3 types of products:

  • Health & Beauty 
  • Education & Empowerment 
  • Travel & Lifestyle

Everybody joins as a customer first. They can then choose to become an affiliate. This is very good from a compliance standpoint. The FTC always wants to see a healthy customer base.

I am going to do an in depth review of the entire program. Afterwards you can decide for yourself if you think it is worth joining. Personally, I have not joined The Royal Network.

The Royal Network Review Summary

Key Figures :  David Bryant

Product Type : Lifestyle MLM

Summary : Based in Myrtle Beach, SC this new MLM opportunity offers CBD, skin care AND a pretty cool Stock Trading Academy. Affiliates earn residual income (25% of retail sales). They also have a good compensation plan for team builders.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  A

Verdict:  I really like this. Good range of products. I love the Trading Academy and CBD stuff (water soluble). It is good to be early and this looks like a great option for any MLM’ers looking for something solid.

Quick Summary

What Is The Royal Network

The best way to describe The Royal Network is that they are a “Lifestyle” business. They are really crossing niches and I suppose that they have a product that nearly everyone would be interested in. Let’s take a look at the product range.


$100 Up Front & $40 Monthly  

 8 Videos Training, Mastery Guides & Weekly Personal Development Webinar.

  • Receive a Personal Development Program
  • Positive mindset training
  • Video Courses
  • Goal setting training
  • Road map, charts & tools
  • Business Branding Creativity & Entertainment Mentoring
  • Critical Thinking for Business & Personal Empowerment


  • Weekly calls & Webinars 
  • Business Tips & Strategies
  • Building Business Credit
  • How to get Business Funding
  • Promotional Tactics

Basic Trading Labs.

$100 then $30 per month

  • Weekly Live Trading Lab with a coach going over a step by step trading methodology that works.
  • Basic chart reading (macd, volume, rsi, historical charts & more).
  • How to pick a good stock to trade with.
  • How to use a broker and trading platform.
  • How to adapt your strategy to prevailing market conditions.
  • Weekly trade pick that you can implement in a real or demo account.


Pro Course (Includes Basic Trading Labs)

$300 Up Front & $60 Monthly 

  •  Advanced technical analysis with Buy and Sell signals included.
  • Also includes everything in Basic Trading Labs.


Nanocell hemp nutrients subscription box.


  • Concentrated CBD plus nutrients
  • Water Soluble
  • Highest Bioavailability

Pain Spray Made From Natural Ingredients

$100 per bottle

Alleviate pain with a blend of essential oils including coconut oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil and a pharmacy grade eucalyptus. 

Royal instant ageless eye & face skincare cream subscription box


  • One 15ml Age-Defying Exfoliating Gel with Green Tea
  • One 15ml Anti-Aging Collagen Serum with Snow Algae
  • Includes white box on first order.


Compensation Plan

3 ways for customers to earn 5%-25% Royal Lifestyle Rewards Royal Lifestyle Rewards are paid when you refer others who purchase. CV = Commissionable Volume.

This includes:

  1. First-Time Orders 
  2. First-Time Item Orders 
  3. Non-First-Time Orders

There are 8 ways for affiliates to earn:
1. Royal Retail Profits: Earn 25% 2. Royal Star Bonus: Earn 25%-60% of CV
3. Royal Star Roll-Up Bonus: Earn Up To 35% of CV
4. Royal 2 Team Pay Plan: Earn Up To 20% of Pay Leg CV
5. Royal Unlimited Pay Plan: 1st Gen. Up To 50%. 2nd Gen. 10%-25%
6. 8 Generations Of Royal Team Matching Bonuses Up To 110%
7. 8 Generations Of Royal Unlimited Matching Bonuses Up To 33%
8. Royal Lifestyle Bonuses $300.00 – $2,500.00 One Time & Monthly.

Required Steps

  • Join as a customer and be active by having 100 PV (Personal Volume) for the month
  • Royal Preferred Customer has a $25.00 annual fee.
  • Active Royal Preferred Customers can earn Royal Lifestyle Rewards for referring members who purchase.
  • Royal Lifestyle Rewards can be used to make future purchases of Royal Products & Services.
  • You need to be active (100 PV) and have referred 2 active customers.
  • Become a Royal Brand Affiliate by paying the $25 fee.

What I Like About The Royal Network

I see a lot of potential here with the products. Personally I find the trading training to be most interesting to me, but I really like the option to also sell CBD and skin products.

The strategy I would use to market this is to develop 3 different sales funnels – one for the CBD product, one for the Skin care range and one for the Trading school product.

The other good thing is that this program is in prelaunch. People are always looking for something new. This can really give your marketing a boost. Once you start getting signups, I would recommend you stick with this for at least 2 years. This program is an opportunity for long term residual income.

What I Dislike About The Royal Network

There was a time when I only liked programs that offer one niche of products. Like if you are going to sell CBD, I used to believe that you should only offer CBD and nothing else. In the past I would be critical of a program like The Royal Network for covering, what seems like unrelated niches. I mean what does skin care have to do with stock trading?

These days I see this as a strength because it gives great flexibility with your marketing.

If you develop 3 different approaches with 3 different marketing funnels, you could really have a lot of success with The Royal Network. It means you don’t need to be a member of 3 different companies. You can build your downline all in the one place. Makes more sense to me.

The Real Deal

I really like this. My favourite is the Trading Academy, but I would also build and market the CBD and skin care range. Being in prelaunch you can ride the wave up to your advantage. This is going to be around for a long time.


This gets an A grade.

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