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Taking Opportunities, Succeeding On Youtube & Twitch With Deborrah Cooper



Julian Leahy: I’m joined by Deborrah Cooper from California and I was just having a little sort of pre chat with Deborrah and what we wanted to talk about was quite a while ago, Deborrah’s in California now but back when Deborah was in Houston and doing an internship for a newspaper you know an opportunity sort of came out of nowhere and that really was the genesis of what you’re doing now.


Deborrah Cooper: Well the woman who was the columnist for the day advice and on the street kind of interviews walked in one day and decided that you know that was it for her and she turned around walked out the door since we were facing a deadline they were running around looking for somebody to take that over so I volunteered myself and it went over really well because I had a different kind of approach a lot more humor to my responses and it went over so well that they asked me to stand the rest of the time I was at school in Houston I did that column then I came to California worked in the dot-com industry and ended up starting my own websites and blogs which is what I’m doing now.


It just came out of nowhere but you know they were looking for someone to do it and I knew that I could and I’ve been that way my whole life is when things present themselves my belief in myself is that if you can do it I can do it too and I can probably do it better.


Well I mean that’s not to say that I don’t have my my concerns and fears but I’m less afraid of failure than I am of missing an opportunity because I don’t want to be one of those people that’s old and sitting around talking about what I shoulda woulda coulda I want to say yeah I did this and well it probably could have done been better but I still did it yeah awesome and and right so this led to an in at the newspaper it was kinda like a dating column.


I would write letters. There’s all kinds of things, I mean from teenagers you know talking about how I get a girlfriend to people going through a divorce after 20 years of marriage I mean I get work letters in about people’s work relationships just all kinds it’s just unbelievable the vast variety of letters that have come in over the past 20 years.


When I started my own blog most of those people came over there you know to continue to interact with me so it took off every one day one yeah and I used to produce advice columns every week that had 40 or 50 questions in them it was unbelievable it’s not as busy now and I’m so glad because that was insane.


I’m trying to divide my energies between all of those things plus my client is just been wild but it’s ask heartbeat and it’s been online since 1997 and then I have another blog surviving dating for the more mature crowd ask heartbeat tends to be focused on younger people the surviving dating deals with divorce and a second families and things of you know the more older people issues that older people would face and then my youtube channel is Debsterism.