Welcome to my Success Factory Review. Success Factory bills itself as an “educational product” but this is all a ruse. What you may not realize is that Success Factory masks an elaborate ponzi which tricks you to invest in a worthless cryptocurrency called Dagcoin.

Some people are waking up to the fact that nearly every crypto MLM out there is a ponzi scam or pyramid scam. The scammers have evolved by including a distraction to hide the fact that they are pushing a shortlived ponzi. You will notice that you gain entry to the scheme by paying with your valuable bitcoin. Naturally “profits” are not paid back in bitcoin, but rather in the worthless scam coin known as dagcoin. This sneaky development seems to trick most people, even if they have been scammed by ponzis before.

Success Factory are headed up by by Estonian former OneCoin promoter, Nils Grossberg. OneCoin was a massive scam that ruined millions of lives. The co creator Konstantin Ignatov is currently in US custody.


Success Factory have commissions for retail sales. They also have a networking marketing compensation plan, that rewards affiliates with residual income.

Affiliates probably won’t like this review, but I am committed to telling the truth and Success Factory is NOT one of the many legitimate ways to make money onlineI do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with Success Factory.

Success Factory Review – Summary

Key Figures: Nils Grossberg

Product Type: Crypto Ponzi MLM.

Summary: To earn you must invest is one of the “courses”. You can also earn by referring other people to Success Factory.

Affiliates earn from a percentage from direct sales.

They also have a MLM compensation plan to pay residual income.

See The Comp Plan Here.

Success Factory and Dag Coin is basically clone of the worse crypto ponzi scam in history, Onecoin. Millions will be stolen when it collapses.

  1. Ponzi Scam
  2. Unlicensed Securities Offering
  3. Crypto or Forex MLM

This scam has all three features, so don’t expect it to last very long.

Rating: F

Verdict: Nasty ponzi scam.

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What Is Success Factory?

Success Factory is designed to get people to invest in a scam coin called Dagcoin. By doing so you recieve ROI payouts in Dagcoin. Dagcoin is not a real cryptocurrency and is not on the blockchain, much like Onecoin was.

When you get paid your returns you must reinvest 65% back into Dag coin for at least 8 months. This is to extend the inevitable collapse date of the scheme.

Dagcoin is worthless and cannot be traded on any genuine exchange. Dag coin has two fake exchanges, Paygety and Swipex. The coin has no value and no utility outside of this scheme. It is a complete joke. Why would you want to give BTC or ETH in exchange for Dag Coin, please!

The Success Factory courses distract investors from what is really going on. When questioned, they can claim that they are involved in Crypto education. Sounds a bit better than saying they are pushing a ponzi based on a fake crypto currency.

Whilst, I am pretty happy with the income from my top way to make money online. I am still going to do a thorough examination of Success Factory.

As the courses are just a smokescreen and vehicle for the ponzi, I will skip over the curriculum because let’s face it, it doesn’t really matter.

Success Factory Courses

  • Beginner – €100 to buy
  • Explorer – €500 to buy
  • Advanced – €1000 to buy
  • Expert – €2500 to buy
  • Pro – €5000 to buy
  • Mentor – €12500 to buy
  • Investor – €25000 to buy

Compensation Plan

Direct Sales

Affiliates earn 10% on Personally acquired volume (PV).

Weekly Binary Commissions

Affiliates earn 10% of the total volume of the weakest leg.

Uni Level Leadership Bonus

Affiliates earn from 2% to 5% up to 10 levels deep.  

What I Like About Success Factory


You Can Earn Crypto

Let’s forget about the fact that at some people you will never be able to withdraw anything for a second. While it’s running you get paid out in crypto! Unfortunately you get paid out in a worthless scam coin but for a while you will be able to swap it back to a real crypto like bitcoin. That’s about all I could muster for the positive aspects of Success Factory. I tried!

What I dislike about Success Factory

It’s A Ponzi Scam Run By One Coin Scammers

Hopefully you have now realized that One coin was a huge scam. As with all ponzis, some promoters make a fortune while the majority lose everything. It just so happens that the “successful” scammers that made money with the onecoin scam are either running Success Factory or are top promoters of Success Factory. They know that they can repeat the scam and exit with all the cash. Who cares about all the victims right? Digsusting.

It’s An Unlicensed Securities Offering

Apart from being a criminal scam it’s also an unlicensed security offering. Let’s face it it’s kind of difficult for a scam to get a securities licence, right? This just means that eventually the authorities will ban Success Factory. Naturally, when this happens it will be too late to recover any of the scammed funds.

The Real Deal With Success Factory

Man, I am getting real tired of these crypto scams. You can actually make money online legitimately, so stay away from this turd. This should be called Failure Factory.


Stay Away, warn your friends!, I give it a F.


Julian Leahy

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