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Sports Trading BTC Reviews – Crypto Ponzi Scam

Welcome to my Sports Trading BTC review

It should come as no surprise that the online marketing world is full of ponzi scams. The demand is always strong and there is always plenty of supply to meet that demand. Ponzis fill a hole in the market and it’s a hole that 98% of online marketers fall into. Everybody wants to make money on line and 98% want to do so passively without any sustained effort and without spending money on advertising. The reality is that without sustained effort OR sustained advertising, you are never going to make any significant income. People refuse to believe this….they are adamant that they are going to make it without doing anything. Then along comes a ponzi scam promising passive returns for doing nothing! Wow that is exactly what the masses are looking for!

Some Ponzis Crappier Than Others

I am not going to preach (too much) about why you should not promote a ponzi, but I want to give you some advice. Some ponzis are well designed and have a veil of legitimacy about them. These ones can last a couple of years. Other ponzis are slapped together in one hour with very little thought put into longevity. The are shooting for months and not years. Sports Trading BTC is one of those schemes. Even among all the scams I have reviewed it would be considered one of the biggest turds I have seen!

If you ever get tired of scams, there are still many legitimate ways to make money onlineI do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with Sports Trading BTC.

Sports Trading BTC Review – Summary

Key Figures: James Ward

Product Type: Crypto Ponzi Scam

Summary: To earn you invest approx of $100 worth of BTC. From there you will earn passive returns of around 2% per day.

Affiliates also earn on referrals, so check out the comp plan below.

See The Comp Plan Here.

This is very bad, even by ponzi standards. If you insist on investing in ponzis I would choose a different one.

Rating: F

Verdict: Very short term ponzi scam. This is a 3 month job.

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What Is Sports Trading BTC?

Sports Trading BTC claim to be making money from sports betting and paying it back as ROI on their BTC packages. Of course this is complete and utter bullshit and I don’t expect anyone to believe it. It’s all about those passive GAINZ baby!

If you get tired of all the scams and schemes, check out, my top way to make money online.

Let’s get into the details with the Sports Trading BTC packages.

Package Cost Binary Daily Max Daily
ST1 .01 BTC 3% up to 2% .02 BTC
ST2 .025 BTC 4% up to 2% .05 BTC
ST3 .1 BTC 5% up to 2% .2 BTC
ST4 .5 BTC 8% up to 2% 1 BTC
ST5 1 BTC 9% up to 2% 2 BTC
ST6 2 BTC 10% up to 2% 4 BTC
ST7 3 BTC 11% up to 2% 6 BTC
ST8 5 BTC 12% up to 2% 10 BTC


Compensation Plan

Fast Start Bonus

Level 1 – 5%

Level 2 – 3%

Level 3 – 2%

If you have the highest package, you will earn Fast Start on all sign ups. However if you have the lowest package you will only earn this bonus on signups that also join at the lowest level.


Monthly Trading Bonus

In addition to the daily returns you will also receive a monthly bonus. The total monthly ROI is calculated and applied to the total value of your package. IE if 1.2% is made for the month, you get paid a bonus of 1.2% of your package amount.


Binary Commissions

A commission of 9% is paid daily on the volume of your weakest leg. To qualify for this, you must have 2 personal sales. Binary commissions are paid daily.

What I Like About Sports Trading BTC

Hmmm, that’s a tough one!

Even with ponzis, I try to find something good to say. Unfortunately, I have nothing good to say about Sports Trading BTC.

What I dislike about Sports Trading BTC

No Intention Of Even Lasting 6 Months

This program has nothing built into it to enable it to stop from collapsing quickly. This thing probably took 2 hours to build using a template. If you are considering giving your money to whoever built this shit show, you need your head examined.

The Real Deal With Sports Trading BTC

This one is for the real noobs. I cant see many popular youtubers pushing this garbage. It will collapse before it gets any momentum.


Ponzis get an F.


Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

How I Make A Living

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