Blue cow marketing is is a marketing agency dedicated towards small business owners so we help them get their their story brand out there. Whether it’s it’s creating web content online courses podcast whatever means they want to tell their story or we deem is the best way to tell their story.


I started out with my first business at the age of 17 I’m now 38 where I was a DJ so I was DJing school dances and then progressed into video production which is what my background is in live sports and live television and also radio and then over the years just had worked in different media.


I worked for cable television I worked for newspapers doing design and ad sales and then another video production company and I’ve traveled across Canada and back but I always still had that passion for running my own business.


The reason that I specialized in small business was because it was small business entrepreneurs who have that passion that is contagious it’s something that is unlike anything else you’ll ever find out there and that’s the passion that I had it’s a passion I grew up in without even knowing where my my mother or my grandfather and my grandmother all had a home-based business and it wasn’t until high school that I learned what the word entrepreneurship was so it’s always been a journey moving forward having that that passion to kind of dive deep and I love change and and if anyone’s out there that is in social media or trying to do social media or any kind of online marketing you know that change is inevitable it’s sometimes quicker than you can even keep up with and that’s where a lot of my clients find that synergy worth working with me is that I love the change.


There’s two ways that I get my clients none of which are through direct advertising I think in today’s world if you’re spending a lot of money just direct advertising for a service-based business you’re really just burning money going through it so my number one way with most service based business is through referrals probably about 80% of my business since I’ve started doing marketing has been somebody contacted me saying hey I heard about you through so-and-so you know either somebody I’ve done work with or somebody who’s seen me live speak at a different event the second way has been through teaching and education I have an education first approach to the way that I run my social media the way that I run my website so I will constantly when I learn something new that I didn’t know where change is coming I’ll quickly put a video together throw it out there just I want to make sure that there is enough information so that people don’t fall behind.


There may be weeks where I go and I’m busy and I don’t put any content out or

there’s been a lot of movement online and new technology coming out where I will produce you know six or seven pieces of content and drip those out over two weeks so nothing is is set in stone in my business that says okay every every week I put out three videos.


I don’t like forcing myself to try to come up with content for that and in what I found with the algorithm changes in Facebook is they’re rewarding people who engage with your content so if people aren’t going to like comment or share your content they’re not gonna see the next thing you put out so I want to make sure that the content I put out has extreme value and I have a colleague in San Diego who when I was in a conference in Arizona we sat down and we talked and I said you know what how many times do you put on a blog post and he said I used to put one out every week but what I do now is I put out once a month.


I spend seven to ten hours developing this blog post so from the writing to the graphics to the video tutorials to the downloads everything he puts all that energy into one post and has gotten almost ten times the results just out of releasing one high value piece of versus four subpar pieces of content.


I’ve stepped away from blogging because I’ve dedicated solely to pre-recorded video live video and then blogs not blogs podcasts I’ve been the medium right I was doing on blogging for many years and I just found that my audience is someone that wants to see what I’m teaching in action right they don’t necessarily want to read about it so I was starting to create videos for the blog posts but in reality it was the videos that were getting the watch not the reading of the blog post.


I host my podcasts on a great site called They make podcasting extremely easy and then from there it’s then fed out to the different platforms like iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher. All those different online directories for that for that medium but that platform has been a phenomenal tool up to this point because prior to that I had to code all the the XML files so that iTunes could pull the right the right video and audio files that it needed to but I’m all about simplicity and that’s where we tend to look at digital marketing as my goodness this is something that’s so complicated I can’t do it in my business when in reality all it is is communicating.

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