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SharksHoldings Review – Amateurish MPT Clone?

Welcome to my review of Sharksholdings.

Those of you that follow my reviews will know that I don’t always bash programs, even when they are high risk ponzis like Sharksholdings. Some times I will admit that it may just be a great opportunity to increase your BTC holdings despite the obvious risk of these platforms.

Other times, a platform just looks to amateurish and inept to be taken seriously. That is how I feel about Sharksholdings. I mean any average joe can build one of these platforms because it’s not exactly rocket science. That being said, if you launch a site which is a clone of a previous long standing platform you should at least put some effort into making it look professional. If you don’t you can expect to get beaten up in reviews.

Sharkstrading are using a $300 ponzi script from Titan Scripts. They got the basic pack and did not even pay the extra $99 to have the link removed.

Spelling Errors?

Look, I am not saying I never make spelling mistakes on my blog, in fact I do quite often. All I am saying that if I was going to ask for potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of crypto. I would probably at least run a spell check on the website. It just reeks of “amateur hour” and makes me lose confidence in the platform.

How do you feel about the fact that Sharksholdings was hastily put together with a budget ponzi script and is full of spelling mistakes…not too good right? I mean this program has already launched. You have to expect some people to read through what you have put out there!

Sharksholdings Review Summary

Key Figures :  Yan Pliner

Product Type : Advertising Pack Crypto Ponzi 

Summary :  Trading, exchanges and revenue sharing said to generate profits of  1% per day. The minimum package is $5, however you can buy as many as you want. Sharkstradings also have a fairly stable 3 level comp plan to entice recruiters.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  The ROI and comp plan should be sustainable, HOWEVER copycats never last as long as the original (My Passive Trades)

Verdict:  Despite me dumping on this program a little bit, it does have a few pluses. The CEO is real and the ROI/Comp plan is not too unachievable. I think it should last 6 months.

Quick Summary

What Is Sharksholdings

The program asks for investors to exchange their crypto for advertising packs. Sharksholdings then claims to use the funds to generate a high ROI through trading, exchanges and revenue sharing. The company then pays part of the ROI back to investors.

Investors will also receive advertising credits which can be used to advertise their banners to other Sharksholdings investors when they log in to the platform.

These types of platforms have been popping up for years and they always collapse. Key things we have learned from previous versions of this scheme:

  1. They have no real ROI. Any “ROI” payments come from new investors AKA ponzi scheme.
  2. Sharksholdings will only deliver a small fraction of advertising impressions. Investors can not possibly receive the banner impressions that they have paid for.
  3. The conversion rates on the advertising will be virtually zero.
  4. The scheme will collapse and the majority of investors (except those that exit early) will lose everything.

Can You Make Money With Sharksholdings? YES. But you need to make sure you exit before 6 months is up.


PackageCost Per PackRequirementsDaily LimitMonthly LimitROITerm
Bronze$5 $5$150110%125 Days
Silver$2520 Bronze$12$360115%125 Days
Gold$5025 Silver$50$1,500120%120 Days

Compensation Plan

Referral commissions look pretty sustainable.

Level 18%
Level 23%
Level 31%

What I Like Sharksholdings

A Sustainable Model?

Since Sharkstradings is a replica of My Passive Trades, we can estimate that it could potentially be a stable program. My Passive Trades ran successfully for 1.5 years before showing early signs of collapse. Could Sharksholdings last 1.5 years? The answer is that this is very unlikely. Copycats never last as long. I also doubt that Sharksholdings has a big seed fund to make payouts in the early days. I really think this is going to last for around 6 months.

Just Launched.

The good news is that Sharkstradings has just launched, so if you did want to take the risk, you will have some time on your side.

What I Dislike About Sharksholdings

Weird Beef With The Oracle.

I was watching a live video from one of the biggest passive crypto youtubers called “The Oracle” when I noticed Sharksholdings sending him a message on the live chat.

Obviously Sharksholdings wanted to offer Oracle a good deal to promote the new platform. If you can get oracle on board he will invest big sums and encourage his substantial following to do the same. This could potentially set Sharksholdings up for a successful run.

For some reason, the deal fell apart. Oracle claims that he has proof that Yan Pliner only approached the Oracle because he intended to exit scam as soon as Oracle put in a large investment.

I don’t know if this is true…On one hand the Oracle seems to be extremely paranoid, on the other hand he is a constant target for scammers. What concerned me was the barrage of aggressive messages sent by Yan Pliner after the deal fell apart. It makes me wonder if there is some truth in what the Oracle was saying.

Inferior Clone Of My Passive Trades

At the risk of repeating myself, I don’t really like copy cat platforms. Mainly because it’s so easy to do but rarely done well. Secondly they never last as long as the one that they have copied. On top of that Sharksholdings looks to be done on a shoestring budget and looks extremely unprofessional. I doubt that have the funds to last a year, especially without the backing of influencers like The Oracle.

The Real Deal

Whilst I don’t see this being a big hit, I am not saying you should avoid it. Be aware that it is a ponzi and will collapse. You can still make money if you accept the risk.


Not the greatest, but could last 6 months.

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