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Revv Card Review – You Will NEVER Receive A Card

Welcome to my Revv Card Review. Guess what’s TRENDING, Crypto Card MLMs. For the last 3 months everybody was joining trading bot MLMs, now that they have flopped, everyone is jumping on the latest shiny trend, which is crypto card MLM programs.

Revv Card are reselling Qmplete cards. They did not invent the cards, you can buy the exact same cards elsewhere right now, but most people have not heard of them so you will see alot of MLMs start popping up that will use these Qmplete cards as the basis for a MLM compensation plan. The cards themselves sound great on paper, however after a few months these MLMs will die off and find a new trend to build a quick MLM on the back of. Just like trading bots, they will be a flash in the pan.

Do You Want The Good News First, Or The Bad News?

Good News – Not a ponzi scam!

Bad News – This product is actually irrelevant with mlm programs like this. People will join any “shiny new thing” like Revv Card, because they think “this time I will be successful”. The card itself will not get used. Really all they do is allow you to combine all your cards into one card. They do have other functions, but you can pretty much do the same with a modern smartphone. Technology moves too quickly for “gadget” mlms to ever have a long term impact.

Customers will not use this card long term. Affiliates will not use it long term, but the opportunity around it will continue to be pushed. Eventually Revv Card will just splutter to a complete stop. Everyone will then move on to the next trendy “game changing”  MLM product to sell.

Do You Want To Know A Dirty Secret?

You don’t need a great product to get people to join an MLM program. People buy into hype rather than genuine products that are here for the long term. You will notice that most people jump around from program to program failing to make any money. You will also notice that I promote one thing and stick to it. I don’t chase waterfalls, I stick with what works.

I really do not believe that this amazing crypto card will ever get into hands of affiliates. Instead they will just use a basic ATM card that doesn’t not have any advanced features. The advanced card is one of those things that you buy but never really use. People are actually interested in promoting the opportunity rather than the card itself. That is why I think the card itself will be a flop.

Anyway Lets take a look at the generic Qmplete card, that Revv Card will be adding their logo to.
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EMV Chip

Fingerprint reader

Use at ATMs worldwide

Speaker, Mic and Bluetooth
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Most People Will Never Use Or Even RECEIVE This card.

Apparantly affiliates will receive a generic card before they get the touch screen card. People will be able to promote the Revv Card without owning it. Let’s be honest it’s just about the comp plan, nobody except new affiliates will care about the card. I don’t think anybody will ever actually get the digital card.

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Revv Card Review – Summary

Product Type: Crypto Card MLM

Key Figure: Richard Smith

Price: $60 then $30 per month.

Revv Card is provided by Digital Vault. Joining Digital Vault is free and commissions are paid out of card fees.

Affiliates pay $60 and then $30 a month

Summary:  Much less scammy than than the Onyx Lifestyle card but I still doubt this program will have much in the way of customers rather than just affiliates. That poses some FTC regulatory issues as it may be considered a pyramid scheme by the FTC.

Rating: C

Verdict: It is really just a money making opportunity rather than a product that customers will use. At least it’s not a ponzi scam though. They may get hassled by the FTC, so I would not join, personally.

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Quick Navigation

What Is Revv Card?

I just carry one credit card around plus a phone so I don’t see the benefit of having a battery powered credit card gadget. Smart phones allow you to pay at the register now anyway and they will continue to evolve. Do you really want to carry around another gadget that needs to be recharged. I would use it once and then throw it in a drawer. Not to mention that gadget cards will be old technology by the time you ever get one delivered. Technology eveolves much too fast for these type of gadgets. Building a MLM off the back of gadgets is a bad idea. Just look at World Global Network, which is on life support. I don’t believe that many if any people will even get one of these cards. You can still promote the opportunity without carrying around this gadget, so why bother.

I prefer to keep it simple and make money with a long standing program that complies with the law.
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Revv Card Compensation Plan

Get Paid On all Customer Sales

Become an Affiliate with 10 customer sales

Get paid 10 levels deep on affiliate revenue

3×10 Matrix

You get paid on the sale of the card plus all transactions. You also get paid a portion of the $30 affiliate fee, which is considered to be a compliance violation by the FTC.
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What I Like About Revv Card

Right NOW, Its an Easy Sell

This will be a hot program for the next 6 months. Program hoppers will like it for that reason. It sounds pretty new and enticing when you explain it to people. Program hoppers only make chump change though. The winners avoid trends and take a consistant long term approach in a compliant program….well it works for me!


Less Scammy Than Competitors

I just reviewed a very similar program called Onyx Lifestyle. They also have a crypto card, but they have a ponzi built in. Even though Revv Card is a tiny bit shady at least they are not going the ponzi route.
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What I dislike about Revv Card

Some Compliance Issues

Maybe I am too strict, but Revv Card has a bit to much compliance risk for me. Whilst not a ponzi, they are a little dumb to have commissions built into the affiliate fee. This is a big no no as far as the FTC is concerned.

On top of that, I predict that they will have a very weak customer base, with over 95% of use being attributed to Revv Card promoters. This tells me that the company is here for a good time but not a long time.


The Real Deal With Revv Card

It will be trending on google and youtube so if you are a program hopper, then you may as well join it. I expect it to fade out though. Not a ponzi, so that’s good.


I give it a C grade.


Julian Leahy

How I Make A Living

I have developed a strategy using a legitimate affiliate program that allows me to hangout at home with the kids all day.

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  1. Gloria

    What do you know about Richard Smith? Is he a person of integrity you know of, or is a person of questionable dishonest character? Please respond soon as I believe that a program is only as good as the people behind it. If Richard Smith is a dishonest person of questionable character, then no doubt the program will fail in no time, especially if he is violating the FTC in areas of compliance. Reason I am asking is because I am being asked by some friends to join Revv card because they say I will be able to put my crypto currency (KAlA) in the Revv card and in some way the Revv Card will convert my KALA crypto into dollars. This is what we are being told. Do you know anything about this? Supposedly there is a big bank in Nevada that is putting 1/2 billion$ behind this operation and it is also being backed by Lloyds of London? So we are being told. Would definitely be interested in knowing what you know about any of my questions as a lot of people over here in O.C. California are believing it to be the truth. Waiting to hear back from you soon! Thanks, Gloria

    • Julian Leahy

      Hi Gloria, there is a lot of BS with this project. There is no bank putting half a billion in and Lloyds does not partner with MLMs. Its marketing hype. Revv card will fizzle out. Its basically just a compensation plan with no customer sales….making it a pyramid scheme.

      As for Richard Smith…anybody who sells the sizzle with no steak is not somebody to be trusted.

      • Dani

        Julian, have you actually spoken to Richard or any of the other founding members about the products they’re offering? The card is just one of their products and as far as I can tell, having actually spoken to some people in the organization, their initial aim is to save people money through a huge discount/couponing network and a phone app.

        • Julian Leahy

          Hi Dani, talking to promoters is generally just a waste of time. Every promoter thinks that their particular “opportunity” is a game changer, however when it fails to live up to the hype they move onto the next program.

          I just feel that this program is basically a compensation plan with a product tacked on. The products just don’t seem to have any real value. That’s why I doubt that this digital card will amount to anything. It’s being hyped as the centre piece of Digital Vault but I don’t even think it will get shipped to the majority of affiliates. With no retail customers, I just can’t take this program seriously.

          • Burnetta Roberts

            You are a disgrace trying to bash others opportunities without talking to them or really checking out their claims. This is all based on your feelings and no real proof. The future is going digital and this opportunity is been in the works for a while. It takes time to get things right. And people to believe in and invest in the business. Saving people money on everyday purchases is real and what some people need and most people want. We have already been receiving checks in our first month.

          • HMD

            What credibility do you have except promoting your own products and being negative? You do not have the guts to interview the founders and be very honest and fair!
            Be HONEST and TRUTHFUL!!!

        • Quark

          There is an MLM company called Paid2Save that started out with a phone app with the same basic idea. They shelved the whole thing in lieu of turning the company into another MLM travel company. Basically it flopped after 12 months. So Julian is right.

      • Jill Googe

        Talk about selling the sizzle with no steak: What have you done that has given you the level of credibility you carry in this position? It is beyond me how strongly opinionated one could be regarding a very high-level process of business development? Especially in today’s world. I understand dishing out opinions, but this obviously has too much ego involved to be an unbiased one. Until you develop MULTIPLE successful businesses from the ground up and have stupendous amounts of personal experience with each aspect of the process: you should take a step back and formulate a more objective approach- particularly regarding your response to other’s opinions.

      • Tyrone Hutton

        you obviously have no clue about the program. People do make wild claims up just like any other co but why not investigate yourself to get a full understanding before you make up more lies to steal peoples dreams. Not every program is a lie. Jus for your edification people can earn an income with zero cost. Now explain how a customer can get hurt making money without spending any? Silence!

      • Ghanshyam Kahar

        This business is faithful or not…. REVV card provide rnetwork to everyone or????… I have joined last month… So many people are joined in my down line… Actually my English is not clear… Try to understand sir wat I m said to u…. Plz reply my msgs

    • Burnetta

      I know Richard personally and he is a person of integrity. I also have kala and will link it to my card when it’s available. This person is just bad mouthing other companies trying to sell his online business. No one has been talking about the banks to keep things from being ruined by shifters like this person.

  2. Anonymous

    Julian, have you actually talked to Richard Smith or any of the other individuals involved in building the company?

  3. Justin Burton

    They own their own bank and are compliant every step of the way. It is not a monthly membership fee or affiliate fee. The commissions are paid from savings! 🙂 Now we can take out the middle man fees that Banks charge and use it to pay our selves instead. The leaders are not CEO’s but rather would be called Creators instead. I sat in the same room with them with 100 others and listened with my spiritual ears and found them all to be of great integrity and of genuine concern to bring this mission to pass. My only fear is that they are doing such good work for so many that I worry they may attract a lot of negative attention by haters. This team will do a lot of great work!

  4. Happy go Lucky

    Justin, I really don’t believe they own their own bank. Why do they keep delaying releasing the information on the bank. The only reason they can’t tell you more about the bank is there is no bank. They are just saying that for credibility. At best they will have a coupon app, but even with that they are one week late releasing that. Look at the history of what these corporate leaders and field leaders have done in the past. Divvee was started in 2016 with the same comp plan with promises of better things to come. Nothing ever came. They then changed over to NUI. Same leadership in corporate and same field leaders. A couple of the field leaders were pushing NUI just a few months ago. They keep promising things with NUI, but really haven’t done anything with that except push Kala. They can’t even get that on the exchange. So now they start R Network with most of the same corporate leaders and the same main field leaders. The field leaders have been named head trainers for R Network, so you can bet they have dropped NUI. And once again they play off of promising things but they still have NOTHING. They announce they opened up over 60 countries last week. Big deal, you opened them up selling nothing. I would agree with this article and say that the card will never happen. Will their track record continue with making promises and not producing. I think it will. But as they say, no big deal throwing $38 a month at it. LOL Look at history, it will show you a lot.

  5. Happy go Lucky

    Let’s look at history and let me make a prediction. So here is what has happened so far. The app was going to be launched on Saturday, June 15th. But they come out and say it won’t be released that day because it’s fathers day on Sunday. What a joke. Now, the new release date is June 22nd. Here is my prediction and based on history with Divvee. (Remember, Revvcard is owned by same folks as Divvee.) They might release it on June 22nd, but they will come up with something like “only be release to a small group”. They will come up with some lame excuse that there are too many people wanting it at the same time and they can’t release it to everyone yet. BUT THEY ARE WORKING ON IT. They seem to push everything out to the future and always “coming soon” I could be wrong, but let’s wait and see what happens on June 22nd.

  6. KD

    I just got out of MLM Pyramid scheme hell with LuLaRoe, $30K debt, most of which was my husband’s life insurance. They are still scamming people and are engaged in over 12 multi-million dollar lawsuits. The first clue that gave me pause about this Revv card thing was the fact that it is based out of Provo, UT a/k/a Mormon Land. Supposedly Mitt Romney’s brother is involved in some way. Mormons are notorious for running MLMs and they border on pyramid schemes. I was bamboozled in Starbucks by a nice guy, but smooth talker. You would have thought this card was going to change the world. Unfortunately I think he thought I was some dumb, vulnerable woman, but he did not know who he was talking to. The only thing good to come from LuLaRoe is awareness of the sales tactics to people who may not know better what MLMs are and what constitutes a pyramid scheme. Do not get involved, for you will surely regret it.

  7. Happy go Lucky

    Beware of this company. They are always talking about things in the future. They have been talking about a discount app for the past 3 months. They even delayed the launch of this app for a couple of weeks. Then the big day came and they launch a website portal that is run by a company called Velocity Rewards 360. Yes, you can get discounts, but it is far from an app and it’s something anyone can get for a fee. Even some of the leaders were a little disappointed about this portal. They were all expecting an app to put on your phone and even said it would notify you when you were close to a store that there was a coupon available. They keep saying you are going to be paid every time someone swipes this Revvcard when it comes out in January. (you will never get a card). That is a lie. If you load your own credit card on this card, no one will make money on that swipe. No one except the bank you have the credit card with. They are all blowing hot air telling you this is the greatest thing coming. They are working on you with the fear of loss, saying this is going to be big. If you look at the leaders, this is about the 4th company that they have promised was going to be big. Don’t waste your time.

  8. Marissa Gamble

    Hi Julian. This is Marissa Gamble. I truly know Richard Smith personally.. I wouldn’t even come to a conclusion on this business opportunity, make assumptions, and predict about it. The products will and do have true value. This is in Pre-Launch. I have been to majority of the meetings.. Talk to Richard Smith and the creators personally… You will see their true colors, honesty, loyalty, caring, and deeply how caring they are on everyone throughout the world. Things are subject to change, that happens. This stuff you wrote is not all that true. Know your knowledge, due your diligence e, stop knocking the business, products, president, and everyone else down. I see Richard a few times a month. I even went to the Event and will again in January. 🙂 It is all about patience,having faith, belief, and trust.

    • Julian Leahy

      Hi Marissa, I must say you speak in a way that makes me think you are a sweet and lovely person. I want to give you a big cuddle. As for Revv Card, good luck with it, but as my dear grand pappy would say, you can’t polish a turd.

    • Jackie Fritsch

      I’m with you Marissa 1000%! This is huge, and finally someone has come up to disrupt our banking system that will help millions around the world, changing their own life, as well as the welfare of their family. It’s about time someone came out to help the betterment of others!! Some will sit on the sidelines watching. While others are taking action to spread the word about our company. Some will join, while others will wait and wish they did come January/February 2020…This is what separates the visionary’s and leaders from the masses that will become customers and the wish they jumped off the fence and joined up as a charter member. Location, location and location is everything in real estate. Timing, timing, and timing is everything for joining the RNetwork family…

    • Mark Dever

      All I can say is just to many companies promise big things and fail,, but the owners still make there money,, Revvcard was all BS maybe Rnetwork might make it but I know so many in Australia have pulled out,, just wondering if you feel the same way about Onpassive,,, it looks to be different what’s your opinion,, Thanks Mark from Australia

  9. Marissa

    Oh HA! You are so rubbish, and so unprofessional! You can’t even give this a try. You will see the true light shed with this. OH yes, I can be quite rude when I am treated without respect. Like you are. Who wants to work with you. Good Luck on your endeavors and business. I am already having great success with this and for LONG TERM! See me at the top. The best is yet to come in which will be my last opportunity to be in. You are very negative to lol. You have NO say!

  10. SkepticallyOptimistic


    I’m a member of revvolution (revvcard, RNetwork) and at this point I’ll take the C that you gave them. The proof is in the pudding and I have a couple questions for you. Would you be willing to take your words back and register if in the next 60 days a bank materializes? For now the risk reward is not bad ~150 for 3 months to get into the forced matrix and if a couple others are willing to take the risk you can ride along for free. It is pre-launch and you have to realize that the greater percentage of all startup’s fail. But if it succeeds..
    You have also, mentioned that you have given several positive reviews but I fail to find one. Could you point me to a couple? Possible everything is a scam. You seem to know more than me and have more time to research.

    • Happy go Lucky

      It’s October 29, 2019. No sign of the bank. Well past the 60 days you thought the bank would materialize. They don’t own a bank and never will. They will keep delaying the bank and come January 6th, they will delay the release of the Revvcard. Why don’t people do their research on the leadership……… they have built businesses in the past promising things to come and they never do. Maybe things will be different this time, but I doubt it. Why can’t they have their things in place before they launch a business? The answer is easy……. they build on hype and never deliver.

  11. Doug

    you will have to adjust your take on this. So far discounted hotels, discounted retail, food etc and discounted new and used cars low to below blue book has been rolled out, and is being used. peoples savings massively eclipses the cost. at full launch the only option to join will be a free membership.

  12. Edge

    Where’s your credibility, credentials and expertise when stating your opinion?


    There’s just too many examples of how your wrong as a critic

    Such as and not limited to –

    Oh Microsoft would never work out – started in a garage !
    Oh Coca-Cola would never work out – they sold 24bottles their first year !

    We could come up with many others how critics were wrong.

  13. Bella

    I am with you on this Ponzi scheme fraudulent scam so called business. I just was at one of their ridiculous sales pitch meetings and it is quite apparent as to what they are doing. The only ones that are making any monies are the owners who are promoting this outrageous so called business. The meeting was held in a dumpy office building in Irvine, Ca. I guess with all their millions that they receive they can’t even afford a nice office. The head trainer does a big pep talk by cell phone across the hall from the suite that has the innocent victims that they are trying to get to join. The trainer must have a script since he cannot walk across the hall to speak in person. I asked the people that are selling this fraudulent company what banks have come on board and I was told that they are buying some mom & pop banks. Probably the ones that are or will be going under. I asked how is this card secured and they said that they do not know. They also state that Walmart will be coming on board and when I asked do they have a commitment letter with them I was told not at this time. The trainer was just a big promoter/scam artist. I feel sorry for all of the people that help them sell who are being bamboozled! I can’t believe how many naive people are in this world!

  14. Bella

    I have some other interesting information on this fraudulent company called the REVV card.
    I spoke to one of the sales associates and he confirmed that the banks they will use are mom & pops that have gone out of business. The owner has been buying them up.Additionally the associate said that the owner was called in by President Trump as to what the owner thinks he is doing buying all of these defunct banks and the owner said that the banks will provide lots of jobs. Additionally the sales associate said that the owner is taking all of the monies made to offshore accounts so the FEDS do not bother him. As I said before the only ones that will make the monies are the owners! What a SHAM!

  15. Happy go Lucky

    Julian, They had a big meeting this past Saturday and the owner himself said that the fancy Revvcard won’t be coming out until the reps get his company big enough. I believe you are correct when you said “You will never receive a card”. This thing is all smoke and mirrors. If you look what they offer it is a joke. Everything they are offering we can all go online and get the same thing. All they ever talked about for the last 4 months is this great card that they are coming out with on January 6th. It will never happen folks. All they ever talk about is things coming in the future. I still say the Bank will never happen. I give them about 4 or 5 more months before everything hits the fan.

    • Julian Leahy

      Ok thanks for the info Happy Go Lucky. A fun thing to do with some of the more “hyped up BS” programs like Revv Card is to write down all of the promises made. Then you can make them squirm later…. Fun for the whole family!

  16. Cheley McNeeley

    If you’re going to negatively blog about another company, I might recommend you at least get your facts right. Pretty much everything you said is incorrect. You’re on the outside, looking in. 10K people (and growing daily) are on the inside looking out (and already making money). This is NOT about the revvcard. It’s a Global (exclusive) discount program. You should join and see what you’re missing. After all, you can join for FREE… and there’s nothing to sell. It doesn’t get any easier or better than that.

  17. Happy go Lucky

    It’s not a negative blog about the RNetwork, its facts. Everything I said yesterday is not incorrect. Julian wrote this blog on May 3rd and said you would never receive this card. If you go back to the Super Saturday video on 5/11/19, Richard Smith mostly talks about the Revvcard. It was about the Revvcard and that’s how they started. Then they started to move away from that (Just as you said, its not about the Revvcard) Just because people are making money doesn’t make a business real. BTW, they just announced the join for free because a lot of folks stopped paying the $38 per month. Remember when they said they would have a discount app on your phone and then it turned out to just be a portal on the web? What a joke, people are not using the portal like they thought they would. Richard Smith said this past Saturday that they wouldn’t get the Revvcard until you make his company big. Which means it’s not coming on January 6th like they have been selling it. As time passes, the more I believe Julian was correct about you will never receive the card. With that being said, I do hope you make great money, but I just would not plan on making it for a long period of time.

  18. jose

    Wow not sure if these people commenting are real, or russian bots. Anywho thanks for the info on this revv card thing that i have recently been contacted about. It seemed really cool at first but after reading this about not actually receiving the card that is being promoted… yeah no. I will stick to doing webdesign, also been looking into internet marketing (adsense, niche sites)

  19. Big D

    Julian-You predict no one will get the card. That’s a suspicion, not a fact. You also predicted there would be no bank, but then admit they have bought out “mom & pop banks.” Are you aware that most credit card companies started out buying “mom & pop banks” to avoid the multi-year process of starting a bank (i.e. First Card arose out of First Bank of Omaha, not exactly Bank of America).

    Rather than talk about suspicions, look at the facts:

    1. People are getting discounts on dining, wireless phones and service and autos, worth much more than the monthly fee.(If you know where people can find these discounts “on the internet” show us where.)

    2. People are getting paid.

    3. They have a bank, even if it is a mom & pop bank.

    They have promised:

    1. A pay-out to affiliates (charter members) in addition to the return on down line fees paid, to be made on Black Friday.

    2. The digital Revv Card to come out January 6.

    If those come to pass, even if they are a “week late,” will you publicly eat your words?

    • Happy go Lucky

      Richard Smith stated at their big event in September that you will not be getting the Revvcard in January. Well surprise, surprise. He did the same thing with his other company Divvee. He would promise things are coming and then not deliver. You start to see a pattern. When they first started to talk about the Revvcard, it was only a few months out and Walmart would be selling them also. Then it go pushed back to January 6th before you would receive the card. Now he is saying you won’t get the card in January. You start to see the same pattern? There will be no Bank. Richard Smith said back in May that the deal with the bank was already signed. Wait for it………. it’s October and there has been NO news on the banks name. It’s a carrot put right out in front of your nose. They are just trying to add credibility. Thats why they were saying that Walmart would be selling this same card. Trying to create credibility.

      Sure people are getting paid, it’s call fear of loss. That doesn’t make it a great business. You can make money in Ponzi scheme.

      You can walk in to any Sprint store and get the same discount they are offering. You can order a car from Carvana or other services and have them drop it off at your door. You can call any mortgage broker and get quotes. You can get discounts all day long at restaurants. Nothing they are offering is a true product to them. This whole business is a joke. You getting a card is a suspicion and Rnetwork owning a bank is a suspicion, not a fact. Just look at the owners track record and on January 6th, stand there and ask yourself, “where is my revvcard?” (And it won’t be just a week late.) The question is how long can they keep pushing revvcard and the bank off before it falls apart. And it will fall apart…… thats a fact.

      • Big D

        You are misrepresenting the facts. Smith was asked why the cards wouldn’t come out until January and he said they had to wait until the network was big enough. He did not back off the January date. You also claim there is no bank, look back up the thread, they already have bought up small bank charters to create the R Bank. Looks like you are using lies to try to suppress people joining.

        • Happy go Lucky

          Big D. Just go to Jeremy Jenkins youtube channel and watch the stream from September 5th titled Rnetwork training with President Richard Smith and Teri Hoop. At about 14:35 in the video, Richard Smith talks about the Revvcard and says” It will come a little later than you thought”. It’s not coming until you build the network BIG. Big D, what does that quote mean. Ever since this summer the card has been scheduled for January 6th launch date. Why would Richard tell you in September that it is coming later than you thought? Sure seems clear to me that it won’t be coming on January 6th.

  20. Anonymous

    I’ve been hit up by several people to join this company. But my gut tells me to pass on it just as did when Divvee was the company everyone was pushing. Well we all know it went belly up… This will too. Read between the lines people.

  21. Bruce Nelkin

    rNetwork has a fatal flaw… They are called Richard Smith and Troy Muehlestein… no matter what anybody else would tell you Richard & Troy have killed every MLM they ever laid hands on in any way shape or form. Maybe they are just bad luck but I learned a valuable lesson from Wake Up Now, That Free Thing that was purchased by Wake Up Now, Divvee Social, Nui, Revv card, Paid2Save, USD Mint, Velocity Rewards 360 is overdue and Kala is a has-been- never been – being redone-bin… They said October 29, 2019, the bank would be announced; No sign of the bank. Well past 60 days you thought the bank would materialize. They don’t own a bank and never will. They will keep delaying the bank and come January 6th, (As of today it is February 6th- one more month later) they will delay the release of the Revvcard (technology they don’t own or control). Why don’t people do their research on the leadership… They have built TOO Many businesses in the past promising things to come and they never do. Maybe things will be different this time, but I doubt it. I like your comment- No matter what, you can’t polish a turd. Richard & Troy are nice but turds… I had a group of over 1,500 people in Divvee and spent over $10,000 helping my people. Richard & Troy cost me well over $10K, more than a year of my life from their broken promises and delays and mass credibility. I even gave them a solution that could have saved the original concept of being a discount product provider as I had the contact info of the supplier of Amazon and over 10,000 retailers and online merchants and they could have implemented thousands of new products per week. If a company ever says they are aligned with Richard and Troy, RUN the other way! FAST!!!

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