Welcome to my Revv Card Review. Guess what’s TRENDING, Crypto Card MLMs. For the last 3 months everybody was joining trading bot MLMs, now that they have flopped, everyone is jumping on the latest shiny trend, which is crypto card MLM programs.

Revv Card are reselling Qmplete cards. They did not invent the cards, you can buy the exact same cards elsewhere right now, but most people have not heard of them so you will see alot of MLMs start popping up that will use these Qmplete cards as the basis for a MLM compensation plan. The cards themselves sound great on paper, however after a few months these MLMs will die off and find a new trend to build a quick MLM on the back of. Just like trading bots, they will be a flash in the pan.

Do You Want The Good News First, Or The Bad News?

Good News – Not a ponzi scam!

Bad News – This product is actually irrelevant with mlm programs like this. People will join any “shiny new thing” like Revv Card, because they think “this time I will be successful”. The card itself will not get used. Really all they do is allow you to combine all your cards into one card. They do have other functions, but you can pretty much do the same with a modern smartphone. Technology moves too quickly for “gadget” mlms to ever have a long term impact.

Customers will not use this card long term. Affiliates will not use it long term, but the opportunity around it will continue to be pushed. Eventually Revv Card will just splutter to a complete stop. Everyone will then move on to the next trendy “game changing”  MLM product to sell.

Do You Want To Know A Dirty Secret?

You don’t need a great product to get people to join an MLM program. People buy into hype rather than genuine products that are here for the long term. You will notice that most people jump around from program to program failing to make any money. You will also notice that I promote one thing and stick to it. I don’t chase waterfalls, I stick with what works.

I really do not believe that this amazing crypto card will ever get into hands of affiliates. Instead they will just use a basic ATM card that doesn’t not have any advanced features. The advanced card is one of those things that you buy but never really use. People are actually interested in promoting the opportunity rather than the card itself. That is why I think the card itself will be a flop.

Anyway Lets take a look at the generic Qmplete card, that Revv Card will be adding their logo to.

Touch Screen

EMV Chip

Fingerprint reader

Use at ATMs worldwide

Speaker, Mic and Bluetooth

Most People Will Never Use Or Even RECEIVE This card.

Apparantly affiliates will receive a generic card before they get the touch screen card. People will be able to promote the Revv Card without owning it. Let’s be honest it’s just about the comp plan, nobody except new affiliates will care about the card. I don’t think anybody will ever actually get the digital card.

Revv Card Review – Summary

Product Type: Crypto Card MLM

Key Figure: Richard Smith

Price: $60 then $30 per month.

Revv Card is provided by Digital Vault. Joining Digital Vault is free and commissions are paid out of card fees.

Affiliates pay $60 and then $30 a month

Summary:  Much less scammy than than the Onyx Lifestyle card but I still doubt this program will have much in the way of customers rather than just affiliates. That poses some FTC regulatory issues as it may be considered a pyramid scheme by the FTC.

Rating: C

Verdict: It is really just a money making opportunity rather than a product that customers will use. At least it’s not a ponzi scam though. They may get hassled by the FTC, so I would not join, personally.

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What Is Revv Card?

I just carry one credit card around plus a phone so I don’t see the benefit of having a battery powered credit card gadget. Smart phones allow you to pay at the register now anyway and they will continue to evolve. Do you really want to carry around another gadget that needs to be recharged. I would use it once and then throw it in a drawer. Not to mention that gadget cards will be old technology by the time you ever get one delivered. Technology eveolves much too fast for these type of gadgets. Building a MLM off the back of gadgets is a bad idea. Just look at World Global Network, which is on life support. I don’t believe that many if any people will even get one of these cards. You can still promote the opportunity without carrying around this gadget, so why bother.

I prefer to keep it simple and make money with a long standing program that complies with the law.

Revv Card Compensation Plan

Get Paid On all Customer Sales

Become an Affiliate with 10 customer sales

Get paid 10 levels deep on affiliate revenue

3x10 Matrix

You get paid on the sale of the card plus all transactions. You also get paid a portion of the $30 affiliate fee, which is considered to be a compliance violation by the FTC.

What I Like About Revv Card

Right NOW, Its an Easy Sell

This will be a hot program for the next 6 months. Program hoppers will like it for that reason. It sounds pretty new and enticing when you explain it to people. Program hoppers only make chump change though. The winners avoid trends and take a consistant long term approach in a compliant program….well it works for me!


Less Scammy Than Competitors

I just reviewed a very similar program called Onyx Lifestyle. They also have a crypto card, but they have a ponzi built in. Even though Revv Card is a tiny bit shady at least they are not going the ponzi route.

What I dislike about Revv Card

Some Compliance Issues

Maybe I am too strict, but Revv Card has a bit to much compliance risk for me. Whilst not a ponzi, they are a little dumb to have commissions built into the affiliate fee. This is a big no no as far as the FTC is concerned.

On top of that, I predict that they will have a very weak customer base, with over 95% of use being attributed to Revv Card promoters. This tells me that the company is here for a good time but not a long time.


The Real Deal With Revv Card

It will be trending on google and youtube so if you are a program hopper, then you may as well join it. I expect it to fade out though. Not a ponzi, so that’s good.


I give it a C grade.


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