Welcome  to my Revital U Review. Revital U is a health MLM with a range of smart coffees and supplements.  They also have a compensation plan, that rewards affiliates with residual income and commissions for direct sales.

Revital U have been around for a while however they are currently in prelaunch for the UK market. As I have lots of UK readers, I decided that a review of Revital U is well over due. In this review, I really wanted to get to the bottom of questions I had about the products. I wanted to work out if they actually have benfefits or whether it’s just marketing BS. Once you read the review, you will be able to decide if Revital U is one of the many legitimate ways to make money online.    I do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with Revital U.

Revital U Review- Summary

Product Name: Health supplements

Key Figures:  Andrew McWilliams

Product Type: Health and Wellness

Summary:  Looks very good to me

They sell coffee laced with brain boosting nootropics. They also have a tablet form.

They also have a graet comp plan, that I found very attractive. For details on the compensation plan, go here.


Rating: A

Verdict: Great products and solid company.

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What Is Revital U?

Revital U is a health and wellness MLM. They combine coffee with smart drugs and also sell a tablet version for non coffee drinkers.

Revital U is founded by Andrew McWilliams. McWilliams is the former president LuxuriLife and Momentis. He looks to be solid as mahogany.

Revital U Coffee

Coffee combined with brain boosting nootropics and an extra stimulant.

L-Theanine helps with mental clarity. I have taken this before and found it to work very well for me.

Chromium Picolinate seems to reduce hunger and help with blood sugar levels

Octodrine – Powerful stimulant banned in Australia

Smart Caps

Nootropics (smart drugs) in tablet form PLUS Caffeine.

L-Theanine is something I have taken before to help with mental focus and working memory. It also reduces the “caffeine jitters” when combined with coffee.

Chromium Picolinate reduces hunger and assists with weight loss.

Octodrine – Powerful stimulant banned in Australia

Compensation Plan

Ranks and Requirements

Req Customers Req PV Team Cust Req Team Rank Req
Brand Influencer
Qualified Brand Influencer (QBI) 2 99
Executive Brand Influencer (EBI) 4 198 3 QBI
Sr Brand Influencer (SBI) 10 399 50 Customers 4 EBI
Reg Brand Influencer (RBI) 10 399 1K Customers
Nat Brand Influencer (NBI) 10 399 5K Customers 3 EBI, 4 RBI
Glob Brand Influencer (GBI) 10 399 15K Customers 5 RBI
Plat Brand Influencer (PBI) 10 399 50K Customers 7 of any rank

Direct Customer Sales

5 New Customers 10 New Customers 15 New Customers 25 New Customers
5% 10% 15% 25%
New Customer Bonuses

In your first 60 days several one off bonuses are available for affiliates that can quickly get customers.

First 30 Days – $50 for first 5 customers, and another $50 for your next 5.

First 60 Days – $100 for 15 customers, $300 for 25 customers.

Rank Achievement Bonus

When you achieve a rank, you get a cash bonus plus percentage of team sales.

Executive Senior Regional National Global Platinum
$250 $500 $1,000 $5,000 $10,000 $50,000
2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12%

 Team Achievement Bonuses

Executive Senior Regional National Global Platinum
Up To Up To Up To Up To Up To Up To
$3K $7 $10K $15K $50K 12%

Global Bonus Pool

Executive and above share in 5% of company revenue each month.

What I Like About Revital U


Nootropics Are Work And Are Backed By Science.

I went through a phase where I took nootropics like L Theanine regularly for 2 years. I found them to be a very helpful supplement to help with focus and mental clarity. Read more about L Theanine here.

Great Comp Plan

When I see really good products with a great compensation plan, I feel that I may have a winner on my hands. This is something that you could dedicate a year or 2 to building. I think it would really pay off.

What I dislike about Octodrine

Octodrine is pretty much illegal

From my understanding Octodrine is banned in Australia and Canada. At some point it was banned by the FDA in the USA. Now I am not sure why, but many USA companies seem to be selling it again. It is a very strong stimulant and not for the faint of heart, literally. I would consult a dr probably before taking this espicially if infirm or pregnant.

The Real Deal With Revital U

I really like this product. I would probably join it if Octodrine was not banned here in Australia..

In conclusion I would also say that this product should be very beneficial and the ingrediants have scince backed effects.


A very good program. Rating A


Julian Leahy

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