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  • Yes, you can send sample products if you really want to. Only product samples, no gifts. Contact me on Facebook for details


  1. Ace

    I am the developer of the project Ace Wins. Can you do an honest review about my project. Is there an email to which i can send a complete information about the project? I kindly request you to do a complete case study and do an honest review. I don’t need any biased review. Please share your email or email me at

    • Julian Leahy

      Hi Sarah, I think they have been out of prelaunch for quite a while. I try to cover prelaunchs and new companies. I appreciate you getting in touch though! 🙂

    • Julian Leahy

      Hi Anthony, Revv Card is part of the broader company called Digital Vault. I predict most people will just call the whole thing Revv Card. The founder is Richard Smith, who also co-founded Nui. All the best!

    • Julian Leahy

      Hi Sam, both of these are little too old. I try to catch them in prelaunch. Both of these are ponzis…..Exp Asset would have to be VERY close to collapse I would guess. Vexa should be ok for another 6 months. That being said I would recommend neither.

    • Julian Leahy

      Hi Lynne, that one has been out of prelaunch since 2017, a little too old for me to review. Thanks for visiting me all the same 🙂

  2. Ashley Lott

    Hi! I would love for you to review Q Sciences Fuse full spectrum hemp oil. It’s water soluble, third party tested and the company is very transparent. I have came across some horrible oil so after much research I found Fuse and for me it definitely the cat meow. I have read quite a few of your reviews so I’m curious as to what your thoughts are as well?!

    • Julian Leahy

      Hi Chris, I looked at it briefly several months ago. It looks like it’s not a ponzi but it’s still not something I would promote. The gold is over priced to power the comp plan, which makes it a pyramid scheme. At least its not a ponzi though.

  3. Andrew B

    Hi Julian, one more thing about Fund My it launched in Jan. 2019 to date no grants have gone through.No one has gotten paid in the company, they have 800 associate members and people pay $175.00 to join. Although in the rules they say you don’t have to pay anything.Many contradictions here.

    • Andrew B

      The comp plan is 8 levels.When you process someone to get a grant. You’re suppose to get $750.00 then the person that sponsored you gets $500.00 then the person above them $400 all the way down 8 levels until it adds up to $3,200.00. Like I said to date not one home has been funded and no one has gotten paid at all.Fund My something isn’t right.

    • Julian Leahy

      Hi Todd…let me think about it. I was going to but I felt like it is in its final stages before collapsing which means it is hardly worth the effort reviewing. That being said, I might change my mind tomorrow! Getting lots of requests for it!

  4. Denene

    Hello. Can you review the site below? Im sure it must be pyramid cash gifting program but the owner states he been in business for 20+ years. Why he is not in prison is truly amazing. His newsletter is even more outrageous. Thanks in advance for your time

    • Julian Leahy

      Gofounders is has been in pre-launch for over a year. Ash Mufareh reckons it will be bigger than Facebook. Ash made promises that were music to the ears of wanna-be marketers
      ie done for you system, traffic included, conversions included.

      HE took $97 off over 20k people because he told them it would go up to $997 when it launches…which was a lie, naturally.
      Everybody is standing around waiting for the launch which can not be delivered because it is impossible to deliver what was promised. Meanwhile Ash Mufareh pocked $2 million based on hot air.

      I know nothing about the other one.

  5. Bojan Zimmermann

    hi Julian,
    like your youtube channel and blog 🙂
    One of my friend signed up for a silver program of She paid in total $2750 after signing up. Later I warned her and she wanted to withdraw the money again, but it was not posssible. They told her that she needs to do first one trade. So, the senior trade helped her to set up a trade and guess what, within hours her balance was $28.50. I believe, thats their way to get the money from newbies. They keep the money and as an excuse they say they execute a trade, but I dont believe that. Its a fake trade to have an excuse.
    My question: Do you know anyting about them?
    And if yes, is it possible to create a review?
    Cheers Bojan from Australia

    • Julian Leahy

      Hi Bojan, thats not good news….I have never heard of them. It looks like they have been around for a long time, probably too old for me to review. All the best.

  6. Josef Suess

    Hello Julian,
    Good reviews of yours. glad I came to know about it. I thought I saw a mention of a review on ‘Power Lead’, but cant seem to find it. In case there is no review on it, would it be possible to do one or give a summary on it, your opinion and any feedback you may have? Thank you.
    Josef Suess

  7. Josef Suess

    Dear Leahy,
    Thank you for feedback. Yes, saw that after. I will go through the Power Lead material available, learn and see if I can understand it. Normally I deal with crypto currency option, but want to learn something new too.
    Regarding Crypto & mining: Was there ever done a review on “”? And if not, would you be willing to do one? Thank you for the great work, which is very needed too.
    Josef S.

  8. D B

    Dear Julian,
    Thank you for the reviews, really useful!

    There is a new cloud mining project named, I tried to check myself if its a scam but am confused.
    Seems like they really have the equipment and are legit but some things making me aware like: a Gmail email for contact and name similar to recent scam Comercex. Also the owner of uniex is friends on fb with comercex owner. Also they are saying they are based in UK but looks like they are from Russia.

    They have videos and pics or equipment and you can even go check live video of mining equipment. Maybe you could clear this out for us.
    Thanks for your time!

  9. Autumn

    Can you perhaps review LifeWave and ASEA redox. Both are alternative health related products that based on my initial personal experience seem to have beneficial results.

  10. Autumn

    just realized you only review pre-launch projects so both ASEA and Lifewave do not fall in that category. Can you recommend someone knowledable and good who does post launch reviews?

  11. Nela Robles

    Hi Julian,

    Can you please do a review in BTC Craft? Are they legit or not? Also check on Frank Scheffler who has been scamming a lot of people. Thank you

  12. Colette

    Hi could you please do a review on frank scheffler. I am really concerned that I am a victim of his scam he is holding on to my profits and has took all my money the trade account is called btccraft

  13. Richard Neale

    Hi Julian
    Could you review

    Crypto investment company with offices in NY? Pay 1%+ per day 5 days a week
    I have struggled to do any real DD on them

    Many Thanks

  14. Nick

    Hi Julian,

    I have come to greatly value your opinion, and your 6th sense on ponzi schemes. Your rare endorsement is very valuable (hence my interest in Ganhiji thanks to you).

    Could you please review this one for me please? It’s a little different than the usual bitcoin accumulation programme. It’s powered by sports betting. It’s an MLM which is just launching at the moment. The people behind it are quite visible and they are public doing the kinds of things that MLM companies do. The rate of the basic daily payment is set monthly based on the previous month’s betting profits, with extra profits available via the network team building element. Apparently they run a team of professional sports betting people. Each day in the back office they show the previous day’s bets. Obviously if you have nice things to say, I’d be grateful if you would put the website link up as sent to you, with my link. Please let me know if you’d like to see any screen shots etc from my dashboard. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

  15. John

    Hello Julian,

    How about The Trading People – probably an intentionally generic name. Many YouTube reviews are popping up. Obscure website url of


  16. Josef Suess

    Dear Julian,
    I am still in process of getting started with Lead Lightning. With Gandhiji we are also involved in small way. But we are bit worried about other DAPPs like Bluechip, which was manipulated bz Admin. It might be good to put a reminder/warning up, that not all Smart contracts are good,the other way; There seem to be very few which are stable & genuine. Please cont with the good reviews and updates. Like Sunny P of Gandhiji stated; We need to educate people with facts & truth in this age of scammers popping up everywhere and cheating people left and right. We are now only making a move after we’ve gotten a positive review from you.
    Thank you
    Greetings , Josef Suess

    • Julian Leahy

      Hi Valentin. it looks like they have been running for a while…I try to stick to new or prelaunch programs.
      All The best

  17. johan Kruger

    Hi Julian

    You made a STATEMENT about MTI in error. Now I ask you to do a FULL DUE Diligence and THEN post a NEW review on (REFERRAL LINK REMOVED)

    Sign UP using MY Link, Seeing you do not want gift’s, Put $100US worth of BTC in your account and THEN you speak to the CEO on MTI personally, ASK your questions and do a Correct Due Diligence.

    This is IF you are REALLY and TRULY an HONEST person. If NOT, well IGNORE this message. YOUR Credibility s on the line here NOT MINE!


  18. Josef Suess

    Dear Julian,
    Great review, factual & to the point. Someone wanted to talk me into CAF Asset Finance (UK-based). I don’t have a good feeling about it. Do you have any info on it? Could you do a review, when you find time, thanks a lot.
    Keep it up & take it a bit easy on intro new Dapp ETH-Smart contracts. I am grateful for you intro of Gandhi,
    Greetings, Josef S

  19. Josef Suess

    Dear Julian, A few hours ago I wrote about CAF. The exact name is; I won’t have anything to do with it, but since people asked me I like to give some input on it.
    See if you can review it, thanks! Greetings, Josef

  20. cryptoguy

    Help people not to be scammed. May I suggest something to review? I feel that these companies are being run by the same people.

    1. Binbot Pro
    2. Cryptomaster Bot
    3. Btrade Signal Pro
    4. DaxRobot
    5. Crypto Trixi
    6. FxRobotix (latest)
    7. CopySoros (latest)
    8. FxAutobot (latest)

    These are being push by some youtubers, Im very much worry about the brokers of this trading software since I cant find any regulatory body that regulates them.

    Thank you in advance

    • admin

      Mirror Trading has been doing fake trading for quite a while. They claim that cannot show their FX book because people will steal their signals. This is a lie and doesn’t even make sense. If more people used the signals the trade would pump higher and they would make money. MIRROR TRADING IS GETTING VERY CLOSE TO COLLAPSE. Get out while you can.

  21. Michaela

    Dear Julian,

    great work on the reviews! Could you also try to check out the cloud mining project Thanks a lot!

    My best,

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