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Renovize CBD – Early Access To A Quality Opportunity

Welcome to my Renovize Global Review. 

I hope you find it useful!

Renovize Global Review Summary

Key Figures :  David Holland, Tomas Perez

Product Type : Health and wellness, CBD

Summary :  Looks to be some very nice product combinations. I have no info on the CBD test results. Unique blends of pro-biotics and pre-biotics with CBD. Looks very good.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  B ( I will upgrade to an A if I can see the CBD test results)

Verdict:  This looks like a great CBD/Health Launch. If I can verify the purity of the CBD I will give this a high score.

Quick Summary

What Is Renovize CBD Global?

Renovize Global or Renovize CBD as it will no doubt be known, are a new network marketing launch. They primarily offer CBD products that are combined with other ingredients, such as pre-biotics and pro-biotics.

I could not find any info about David Holland the CEO. But I know that Tomas Perez from CWE is involved, as is Jorge Arteaga. I know Tomas Perez from the CWE Trading Bot (Crypto World Evolution). CWE is a legit program (and still going strong) and I have a positive impression of Tomas Perez.

Back with Renovize! Most new customers and affiliates will purchase a starter pack, which provides the best value. 



Starter Pack $140

  • 1-Heal Muscle Cream 750 mg CBD+
  • 1-Sleep Nighttime Oil 1,500 mg CBD+
  • 1-Awake Daytime Oil 1,500 mg CBD+

Smart Starter Pack $500

  • 3-Heal Muscle Cream 750 mg CBD+ 
  • 3-Sleep Nighttime Oil 1,500 mg CBD+ 
  • 3-Awake Daytime Oil 1,500 mg CBD+ 
  • 3-Recover Capsules 1,500 mg CBD+ 

Compensation Plan

To earn you need to become an affiliate by paying an annual fee of $50.

Direct Sales Commissions

The amount you earn as a direct commission depends on your PV points for the month. PV comes from your sales and personal purchases. You must sell at least 100PV to begin to earn direct sales commissions. If an affiliate makes sales whilst under 100 PV for the month, this volume goes towards Team Builder Commissions to first three upline positions of Qualified Senior Affiliate or higher paid at 25%, 10% and 5%.

Point Value (PV)Bonus

Direct Sales Bonus Pool: A portion of company revenue is put aside to encourage customer sales (non affiliates). For every 1000PV which comes from customer sales, that affiliate will earn 1 share in this bonus pool.

Team Builder Commissions

When a new affiliate comes in, there are no unilevel commissions payable until they become a Qualified Affiliate (100 PV). All Sales that an
Affiliate makes until becoming a Qualified Affiliate will be paid at 25% to the Enrolling
Sponsor, 10% to the first Qualified upline who has a position of Senior Affiliate or
higher and 5% to the second Qualified upline who has a position of Senior Affiliate or

Enrolling Sponsor25%
First Upline*10%
Second Upline*5%
* SA or Above


RankReq LegsActive CustPVReq StructureGV
Qualified Affiliate  100  
  Team Affiliate22100
2 QA, 1 in each leg
Senior Affiliate222003 QA, 1 in each leg2k
Team Leader332003 SA, 1 in each leg5K
Snr Team Leader332003 TL, 1 in each leg10K
Exec Team Leader342004 TL, 1 in each leg50K
Reg VP362005 TL, 1 in each leg100K
Nat VP384006 TL, 1 in each leg200K
Global VP3104007 TL, 1 in each leg400K

Uni-Level Compensation

Qualified Affiliates (100PV per month) will earn unilevel commissions on all sales.

3 7%7%7%7%7%7%
4  5%5%5%5%5%
5   5%5%5%5%
6    5%5%5%
7     5%5%
8      5%

What I Like About Renovize

Nice range of CBD products with unique formulations (particulary pre-biotics and pro-biotics).

Tomas Perez is involved. I am not sure what his exact role is but it’s a good sign. Tomas takes compliance seriously and has a lot of valuable experience

What I Dislike About Renovize

The only thing I would like to see is some more information about the CBD quality. Specifically I want to know where they source the CBD and what the lab results say about it.

The Real Deal

Very good CBD launch. Safe to join…go for it!


This gets an  B grade. ( Pending a possible upgrade)

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