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Quiari Review – Super Food Or Super Dud?

Welcome to my Quiari review. Quiari is a health and wellness MLM that offers a range of health shakes and other supplements. The star ingredient is a chilean “super fruit” known as the Maqui berry (Aristotelia chilensis).

Get Ready For The Maqui Berry Craze!

Whenever MLMs discover some new fruit from South America that is relatively unknown, it becomes a marketing bonanza. You can expect to see all sorts of health benefits that supposedly come from eating this fruit. Forgive me for being skeptical but they look to be nutritionally very similar to the humble black berry. You don’t really see the black berry being sold as a “super food” because the market wouldn’t really get excited. I tell you what though, people are going to go bonkers over this “new” Maqui berry. Before all the gushing praise its Facebook, I wanted to work out one thing:

Is The Maqui Berry A Super Food Or Just A Super Sales Pitch?

Maqui berries do have antioxidants and we know that antioxidants have health benefits. What I wanted to find out is whether the antioxidants in Maqui berries can actually be absorbed by the body….this is crucial.

Quiari have a proprietary process called Maquix which supposedly boosts the bioavailability of antioxidants when Maqui is put into supplements.

In this review, I will examine these claims and also the business opportunity of Quiari.  I do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with Quiari.

Quiari Review – Summary

Key Figures: Bob Reina

Product Type: Health and Wellness MLM.

Summary: To earn you must be purchase a promoter pack for either $250 or $500. Promoter also pay a small annual fee of $25 for admin costs and website etc.

Affiliates earn from bonuses and commissions on sales. Plus Quiari have MLM Commissions for recruiters.

See The Comp Plan Here.

Bob and Susie Reina are experienced corporate network marketers. Quiari will be far from a fly by night operation. 

As for the product I really feel that super fruits like Maqui get over hyped. Science states that virtually no antioxidants get absorbed to the body when Maqui is consumed.

Still this is a legit company and a very solid opportunity.

Rating: B

Verdict: I am not super pumped about the product, but dont let that stop you. Quiari is legit!

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What Is Quiari?

Quiari is a health and wellness MLM company which seems to focus on various shakes and supplements containing the Maqui berry. Let’s check out the range of products.

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Quiari Shake

High protein appetite suppressing shake. Contains Maquix (Maqui extract).


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Quiari Energy

Metabolism booster with nootropic (Mental focus and alertness). Also contains Maquix (Maqui extract).


Compensation Plan

 To earn you must be purchase a promoter pack for either $250 or $500. Plus pay an annual fee of $25.

Fast Start Bonuses

$25 USD for every Kickstart Combo sold.
$50 USD for every Starter Pack sold.
$100 USD for every Lifestyle Pack sold.

Binary Commissions

Earn 10% on Group Sales Volume on the weakest leg. The volume is non flushing and will carry over to the next period. It is capped at $50K weekly.

Ranks And Bonuses

Rank Monthly Volume (Weak Leg) Req Recruitment Team Coms Max/Month Binary Match Lifestyle Bonus
Promoter N/A N/A $500
2K 2K 2 Active Promoters $1,000
5K 5K 1 Active 2K or above $2,500 10%
10K 10K 1 Active 5K or above $5K 10%
25K 25K 1 Active 10K or above $10K 20%
50K 50K 1 Active 25K or above $20K 20% $500
100K 100K 1 Active 50K or above $25K 20% $1,000
150K 150K 1 Active 100K or above $50K 25% $1,500
250K 250K 1 Active 150K or above $100K 25% $2,500
500K 500K 1 Active 250K or above $200K 25% $5,000

$500 Speed Bonus

Do 1000 Sales Volume in your first 14 days to get a once off $500 bonus.

What I Like About Quiari

Hot New Program

I hate to say it but people really want shiny new programs. Most people never make it in MLM or online and they just join the latest program that has a buzz about it. Quiari really stand out with their Maquix products. You should be able to get plenty of signups. They will quit in a few months though when the next program comes out, but “dems the brakes”!

Great Founders

The Reinas are professionals in every sense. This company will will be well supported on an executive level. Definitely not operating out their garage! Expect longevity and stability.

What I dislike about Quiari

I am Not Sold On Maqui At All

I like weight loss shakes and I like energy drinks but I feel that Maqui is just a pretty humble berry. The substance in Maqui that contains antioxidants is called Anthocyanin, but that does not mean the antioxidants are used by your body. I mean you eat it and nothing much happens! I do not believe it even delivers the antioxidants into your system….Scientists agree:

there is no evidence for antioxidant effects in humans after consuming foods rich in anthocyanins. Source

The Real Deal With Quiari

I don’t buy into the hype about the Maqui berry at all. That being said I do like the shakes and energy drinks regardless. Pretty solid company too.


Looks the goods!, I give it a B.


Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

How I Make A Living

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  1. Lisa P Nelson

    Why is every distributor, including the company owners, overweight? Not a great endorsement for this product. What happens to all the MLMers and their down lines when the newest berry craze comes along and this berry becomes obsolete? I’m legitimately asking, not criticizing. It just doesn’t seem like a sustainable business opportunity or a viable weightloss product as advertised.

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