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How To Prospect For Leads Without Being HATED.

How To Prospect For Leads Without Being HATED.


I was watching some training videos on youtube which is my idea of a good time! The presenter very enthusiastic and in no time had whipped the crowd into a highly motivated state. In addition to getting the crowd hyped up he was also teaching his prospecting strategy. His entire strategy was to pitch literally every poor soul that had the misfortune of crossing his path.

So friends and family….the cashier at the supermarket, just keep pitching. My personal opinion is that I am not willing to act like an obnoxious jerk just to build a business..

This video really made me cringe, because I knew how I would feel if he pitched me like that.

When I was younger I would probably be polite enough to listen. Now I would tell them to go away and make sure we never crossed paths again.

This type of training is everywhere because for the presenter at the time he/she was coming up IT WORKED. That’s the winning method in their opinion, however it’s not the only path to success and it doesn’t work as well as it once did.

People have adapted push selling for social media where it becomes a desperate testimonial for all to see.

Let’s look at some examples of push selling on Social Media

“ I am Excited to introduce this to you ladies”

If I was one of the ladies on her Facebook, I would be thinking RUN!

Here is an example  of desperation becoming quite disgraceful.

The other thing sometimes people do, is post outlandish income claims. None of it is effective. See Below for how that often is received by Facebook friends.


People have changed, especially younger people and time is ticking for anyone using these outdated tactics.

Let me know what you did when a  friends on facebook tried to pitch you a business. Did you go along with it, what did you say to them. Let me know in the comments.

Ok I mentioned that you need to have a shift in thinking…you need to provide value.

The way that you provide value is by creating content. Now this is where a lot of people freak out…They think that they need to be an expert to add value. How can they create content when they don’t know anything they say to me.

Here is the thing you don’t need to be an expert you just need to be a learner.

A learner is somebody with enthusiasm that is willing to teach themselves something which will help them and improvement.

Once you learn something new….you create some content explaining what you learned and how it has helped you. This topic will help someone and that person is now looking to you as there guru. The best part this person is highly likely to buy from you or join a program that you promote.

Ok I don’t want to go too fast…you need to learn this.

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