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Plan A Successful Event Or Retreat With Natasha Botbijl


Julian Leahy:  Natasha’s doing some fantastic work for people that want to plan events and have a lot of people showing up. Retreats, all that sort of thing.  I guess a lot of personal coaches and business coaches is that correct?


Natasha Botbijl:   I started back with my psychology degree I went into coaching with NLP did business coaching for about six years worked with many different entrepreneurs from your traditional brick and mortar to you know coaches in the industry and everything like that so worked with many different businesses in their business development business strategy and marketing.


I started to run my own events in my own retreats and I fell in love with the idea of creating these I eventually was asked by ups to start doing their customer service events annually and it just kind of grew from there I finally did my own international retreat I took that leap of faith and when and did my international retreat and all of the speakers there said you know what we want to hire you to do ours because we’ve never attended an event quite like this and I came back from that retreat and I was like okay I’m gonna do it and I’m itch down into just doing events and retreats and end workshops you know I helped out with that too and since then in is blowing up and taking off like crazy.


We were actually at one of the VIP speaker meetings that we had in Mexico when we were all sitting at the round table and they were just telling me about their experience with other events and other retreats and how they just weren’t quite meeting the mark and with this I did they they were like everything just fits into place perfectly.


I’m on Facebook all the time I do courses and webinars and things like that social media is my biggest platform that I use in doing lives like what we’re doing right now getting my word out that way. I do have an intro-level program that I invite new beginners to start with and then as they get more ready to do larger scale events they’re ready to invest more in their business model and in the model of using groups as a way to increase their revenue then we start working one-on-one and we start coaching about what that looks like and then we move into done-for-you programs so it’s it all starts with like getting you into some basic learning and understanding and then moving through there so I promote my course quite a bit online that’s usually how I find a lot of my clients.


It’s self-paced. If you took all the content and you did it all with like properly it should take you about six months if you are slower. It’s eight modules long sixteen lessons in total with video walkthrough private Facebook group or we do QA and live and things like that so it’s a nice little hybrid.

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