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PGI Global Review – Praetorian Passive Crypto

Welcome to my PGI Global review. PGI (Praetorian Group International) is a new passive crypto opportunity with a MLM structure. Investors buy packages for a min of $100 (paid in bitcoin). The packages will pay pack between 0.5% to 3% per day until they have paid out 200% ROI. 

Hopefully you are not going to ask where the ROI comes from, because you may not like the answer. RGI Global claims to be making high profits from crypto trading which are then shared with package owners. However we know from experience that no trading is actually taking place. The ROI comes from a seed fund in the beginning and then from the funds from new investors.

What You Need To Know

  • Yes you can make high returns with RGI Global (both from daily ROI and referrals)
  • Yes you can withdraw (for about 6 months at least)
  • Yes it will collapse eventually.
  • You will need to be early to get a good ROI before it collapse (which it will in around 6 months)
The company is headed up by RV Palafox. Palafox has fronted several passive crypto programs in the past, the most recent being AI Trades.

PGI Global Review Summary

Key Figures :  RV Palafox

Product Type : Crypto Ponzi MLM

Summary :  Fake trading is said to generate profits of  0.5% to 3% per weekday. PGI seems to pay on average over 1% per day. The minimum package is $100, however you can invest as much as you want. PGI Global also have a very lucrative comp plan to entice recruiters.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  If you invest now, you should have a clear run for around 6 months. Get your ROI early so that any further profits are considered house money.

Verdict:  If you like passive crypto, PGI Global is possibly going to be a good opportunity, if you get in now. I recommend that you are truthful to your downline. Make sure you don’t let them over commit in the later months. This is high risk but the risk is manageable if you get your timing right.

Quick Summary

What Is PGI Global

You give the company some Bitcoin (min $100) so the company can make trades on your behalf. The company will then pay you back 200% on your investment. Be aware that this arrangement is temporary because the company is not really trading. The daily ROI will depend on the ability of PGI Global to attract new investors. 

The company needs to be constantly growing in order to make the ROI payments. If the growth of new investors slows down, PGI will stop making the ROI payments and collapse. I expect this whole process to take around 6 months.


Packages can be bought for a minimum of $100 worth of BTC. Profits are paid at a rate of between 0.5% to 3% paid on weekdays until 200% has been paid out.

Compensation Plan

PackageCostAnnual FeeDirect bonusBinaryBoosted DirectBoosted Binary

To get a Boosted Direct and Binary commission, you need to have referred to active members with packages equal or greater than your own.

Ranks And Bonuses

RankRequired On LeftRequired on RightRequired AnywhereBonus
PG1$50k GV$50k GV Mont Blanc Pen
PG2PG1PG2 Smart Phone
PG3  4PG1, 2 PG2Macbook
PG4  8 PG1, 4 PG2, 2 PG3Cruise
PG5  16 PG1, 8 PG2, 4 PG3, 2 PG4Honda Civic
PG6  32 PG1, 16 PG2, 8 PG3, 4 PG4, 2 PG 5Rolex
PG 7  32 PG2, 16 PG3, 8 PG4, 4 PG5, 2 PG 6Mercedes
PG 8  32 PG3, 16 PG4, 8 PG5, 4 PG6, 2 PG 7Tesla S
PG 9  33 PG4, 16 PG5, 8 PG6, 4 PG7, 2 PG 8Lambo
PG 10  33 PG5, 16 PG6, 8 PG7, 4 PG8, 2 PG 9House + Car

What I Like About PGI Global

Early Bird Gets The Worm 

This program is in prelaunch, so this is the best chance you have to make a good ROI. Right now the company is using it’s seed fund to pay investors. Once that runs out, the company will be relying on new investors funds. I expect that this company will see plenty of growth for a few months. You should have plenty of time to profit. Make sure you are in profit long before 6 months from now.

Easy Passive Crypto

These programs are very easy money. Get in and out within 6 months and you shouldn’t have any problems. That being said, I am not joining this. Also keep in mind that passive crypto is always risky.

What I Dislike About PGI Global

Compensation Plan is a bit too flashy and unrealistic.

I really doubt this company will be giving away cars and houses when people achieve the higher ranks. They know that they will have collapsed before anyone gets the highest ranks. It would be better if they scrapped the prizes and gave higher bonuses for lower and mid level ranks.

The Real Deal

If you are looking for a new passive crypto (ponzi) then you might like PGI Global. It’s nice and early so you would have pretty good odds of pulling out some profits. It is a very risky game to play and latecomers will lose their shirts.


I will not be joining this.

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