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PayBit Club Review – Genuine Passive Crypto At Last?

Welcome to my review of PayBit Club.

Finally a genuine “Passive Crypto” opportunity and it should be pretty lucrative for all of the right reasons. I was genuinely surprise to discover a very solid business model behind PayBit Club. Even better there is a pre-existing profitable business that seems to work well.

The PayBit Club is the introduction of an MLM style comp plan to this business. There is nothing at all wrong with that when you have a real business under pinning it. Usually with passive crypto programs, the business is fake with the whole thing running on a compensation plan. If I am right about PayBit Club they are poised to take advantage of a massive opportunity. This could be a huge business.

What Is The Real Business?

We are coming into a new era where “brick and mortar” (as well as online stores) are becoming more open to accepting cryptocurrency payments. If you asked business owners, “would you consider accepting bitcoin”, you would find many that are open to it.

The only reason they don’t is that they have not seen an easy solution that will allow them to accept crypto payments. What if an easy solution was now available. Even more importantly, what if this solution was free for merchants to use? Sounds like a winning concept right? Yes it sure does!

Disclaimer – I just like this program. I have not been paid to write a positive review. Currently I am not even an affiliate. Whilst the business idea is very solid, I am just going to assume that the founders are going to do the right thing. 

With that out of the way, lets get on with the review of PayBit Club.

Paybit Club Review Summary

Key Figures :  Daniel Cruz, Jairo Flores

Product Type : Crypto Payment processing MLM

Summary :  The 2 types of users are merchants and affiliates. Merchants accept crypto for goods and services. The transaction fee of 2% is deducted from the sale amount. Merchants can also provide cash to the customer if requested for which the merchant earns 6%.

Affiliates will earn a percentage of all transaction fees, which is detailed in the comp plan. This is potentially very lucrative for affiliates.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  Legitimate opportunity which solves a problem for merchants. This sounds awesome.

Verdict:  A unique concept which is Win-Win for merchants and affiliates. I would join this and may do so!

Quick Summary

What Is PayBit Club

More and more people want to use cryptocurrency as a spending currency. They also want a way to convert their crypto into cash. PayBit Club solves both of these issues.


At no cost to the merchant (Other than 2% processing fee, much like credit card fees), they can accept crypto easily with a smart phone QR code scanner. They also have an opportunity to earn 6% each time a customer requests a cash withdrawal.


Customers get the convenience of buying goods and services with crypto. Additionally they now can easily convert crypto to cash at any PayBit Store.


Affiliates join by purchasing a certain package. The package determine how much they will earn on transactions as they occur at participating merchants. Additionally they will earn through recruiting other affiliates. See as follows:

Membership Starter Newbie Amateur Partner Manager Director Founder
Cost $25 $50 $125 $250 $500 $1,000 $5,000
Access To Back Office Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Residual On Transactions 0.5 % 0.5 % 0.5 % 0.5 % 0.5 % 0.5 % 0.5 %
Ecommerce System Commissions   50% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Referral Link Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Virtual Tool Kit To Get Merchants No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Virtual Tool Kit To Get Affiliates No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online Crypto Education No No No No Yes Yes Yes
Earnings Pool No No No No 25% 35% 40%

Compensation Plan

Affiliates must purchase one of the affiliate plans to earn commissions (min $25 – max $5K).

Direct Sales Bonus

In addition to selling there own goods and services, Merchants may also choose to sell something from the Paybit Market. This will generate a 5% commission paid to the referring affiliate.

If a merchant opts for their own branded web store with their own domain, the affiliate would receive a once off $62.50 commission plus a recurring $6.25 per month.

Residual Bonus

Affiliates will receive a percentage of every transaction processed through the system.

The amount paid is now 0.5% on all packages.

  • Starter – 0.5%
  • Newbie – 0.5%
  • Amateur – 0.5%
  • Partner and Above – 0.5%

Expansion Bonus

When you sign up an affiliate and they get their first merchant to join, you will receive 50% BV of whatever package the affiliate paid for when they joined. BV is 0.5 cents in the dollar. So if you are a founder and you sign up a $5k Founder you earn $1250. If you are a Starter ($25 level) and you sign a higher paying affiliate (ie a $5K founder) you would earn a maximum of 3 times your package value ie $75.

Binary Bonus

20% bonus is paid daily on the volume of the weakest leg. The amount is capped depending on package as follows:

  • Starter – $25 per day
  • Newbie – $50 per day
  • Amateur – $125 per day
  • Partner – $250 per day
  • Manager – $500 per day
  • Director – $1000 per day
  • Founder – $5000 per day

Team Matching Bonus
When your first generation makes a binary bonus, you will earn 20% of that bonus amount.

Pool Bonus

When merchants process a transaction, they pay a 2% transaction fee. That fee is split as follows:

  • 0.5% to whoever signed up the merchant
  • 0.5% goes to the company for research and development of new products and services
  • 1% goes to club members

The pool has a cap of 1.5X of package price.

Rank Achievement Bonus

Rank BV Prize
Bronze 5K Pin
Silver 15K Trophy
Platinum 50K Ipad
Gold 100K Macbook
Saphire 250K Watch/Bag
Ruby 500K Trip
Emerald 1mil Honda Accord
Diamond 2.5mil Mercedes
Blue Diamond 5mil Maserarti
Black Diamond 20mil Home
Ambassador 50mil 10% Profits

When Are Commissions Paid?

Daily, when you have a minimum $10, it gets sent to your BTC wallet automatically.

Bonus Pool Payments

5 Days per week, once you have accrued a minimum of $10 for the day.

What I Like About PayBit Club

Genuine ROI Model

It is really good to see a genuine business model offering passive crypto income. Most of the time ROI payments are merely from new investor funds. Paybit Club has a real business which I think will be popular with merchants. Merchants can use the service to accept crypto plus make 6% on cash withdrawals and it’s free for them to use in terms of start up costs. I think there is a nearly limitless supply of retailers that would consider this to be a service that is worth joining. Even more so as crypto grows. This is very important to me because I do not want to get involved in anything shady.

Due to the fact that the ROI payments are real and trackable on the blockchain, we do not have to worry about this program collapsing like we do with most passive crypto programs.

Existing Clients Using The System

When a company can provide examples of how they are generating ROI, then you know you have a real business. PayBit Club are already processing crypto payments for several companies. Here are some examples:

Real Transparency

You can check out the API here. The API is the code that interfaces between client payment transactions, the customer and the company. I was very impressed to see this because it proves that Paybit Club are a real business. When I spoke to CEO Daniel Cruz, he had this to say:

We are uploading an API in the next 2 weeks with all the history of our processing, dates, client ID So anyone can connect to our API to monitor transactions in real time. Daniel Cruz – CEO

Daniel also gave me a couple of BTC addresses which show transactions being processed on the blockchain. It doesn’t get much more transparent than that.

No Monthly Payments For Affiliates

Once you have joined this program, you can focus your efforts on building a team. There is no need to worry about paying monthly which gets annoying, particularly in the first few months or so.

Upgrade By Only Paying the Difference

Say you are on the $50 package and wish to upgrade to the $125 package, then you only pay the difference of $75. Good deal!

What I Dislike About PayBit Club

It is extremely rare to find a solid business that pays passive crypto without being a ponzi. I am satisfied that Paybit Club are the real deal, so I have nothing negative to say (for once!).

The Real Deal

Finally a long term passive crypto opportunity that has a real ROI. I am definitely joining this.


This is too good of an opportunity for me to miss!


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