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Passive Expert Review – Should Last A While

Welcome to my Passive Expert review.

It is getting pretty easy to predict the life expectancy of passive crypto programs. Some of them are set up to last longer than others. I feel that Passive Expert has a pretty good chance of lasting 8 months to a year. That is a pretty big call in the uncertain times that we are currently living in. Maybe Passive Expert is going to be the next My Passive Trades. It is hard to know for certain. What I can say is that MPT had a pretty sustainable model in that they lasted 1.5 years before collapsing. Passive Expert is pretty much an exact copy of MPT, so I will view that as a positive.

One word of warning though, much like MPT, Passive Expert is also a ponzi scheme and it will therefore not last forever. I do not believe that Passive Expert is generating a real ROI. Just like MPT before it, Passive Expert is reliant on attracting new investor funds to pay existing investors.

As long as you are clear about this important fact, you may stand a chance of successfully and safely making a profit with Passive Expert.

So how does it work exactly?

Passive Expert Review Summary

Key Figures :  Lee Merritt

Product Type : Ad Pack Crypto Ponzi MLM

Summary :  Ad Packs are purchased for $5 each (paid in BTC). These are “credits” which allow display ads to be shown to other members at log in. The ad packs also generate passive ROI until 125% is earned (the original capital is included in the ROI). Passive expert also have a compensation plan to benefit recruiters.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating: This is a proven model in terms of sustainability. However when I say sustainable, I think it will last 8 months to a year. It is a ponzi after all.

Verdict:  Lee Merritt claims that Passive Expert is virtually risk free. That might be quite a stretch, however it should last long enough for smart investors to make a good ROI. Most people will pile in towards the end as usual. The latecomers will not be so lucky.

Quick Summary

What Is Passive Expert

People want passive income. The problem is that real passive income, generated from real trading will generate “unsatisfactory” returns of around 20% per year. If you offer real returns, investors will just ignore your offer. The only way to get people to invest in passive crypto programs is to offer much higher returns than those that can be reliably generated.

So you have to give people what they want, other wise you will never attract investors. The only way to offer returns like 125% is through a ponzi structure. The funny thing is that most people will have no idea that they are participating in a ponzi with Passive Expert.

Can You Make Money With Passive Expert?

Absolutely! It will last long enough for most people to get achieve ROI on their investment. The problem is that as time goes on, people will start to trust Passive Expert and start investing more and more. If you are going to invest, you should do it now and have everything withdrawn at around the 6 month mark. Any longer than that and the risk goes up exponentially.

Ad Pack Product

Pack Price: $5.00
Maturity: 125%
Maximum packs: No Limit
Daily Payouts of up to 1%
10 Ad Credits

The advertising credits will allow you to place a log in advertisement banner, which displays to other users when they log in. NOTE: As time goes on, there will be too many ads to display, which means that users will never even receive all of the ad displays that they have purchased with the credits. Furthermore, these ads typically have extremely poor conversion rates. In reality, nobody will care. The only reason that people will join Passive Expert is to get 125% ROI and referral commissions.


Compensation Plan

Simple and Quite Sustainable
8% on level 1
3% on level 2


What I Like About Passive Expert

A Proven Model

You can predict quite accurately how long a passive crypto program will last. This makes it very easy to make money, because it takes away any nasty surprises. MPT have proven that it is possible to last 1.5 years using this model. We are in different times now, so I do not believe that Passive Expert can last that long.

My own guess is that Passive Expert could last around 8 months. If you join now, you should have plenty of time to make a decent profit without too much risk of losing your capital. Please be smart and always be aware that this problem will need to disappear at some point. Never get emotionally attached to a platform. Stay away from the “cult like” Facebook groups. Facebook groups are full of sheep and those people always go down with the ship! Be the wolf, not the sheep.

What I Dislike About Passive Expert

I just wish these guys could tell the truth about the fact that they are running a ponzi. I know that they have to lie otherwise the sheep would get too scared to join. I don’t want to be mean, but it amazes me that people cannot accept reality!

I got no real problem with anybody promoting platforms like Passive Expert, I just wish people would be up front about it. It seems like every day somebody tries to convince me that one of these programs does real trading. They NEVER do real trading except maybe as a once of to show some proof on a live stream. The only way to consistently make money with such platforms is to accept it for what it is and work out how to make a safe exit. Join my mailing list for up to date details!

The Real Deal

As far as passive crypto goes, Passive Experts should be around long enough for savvy investors to make money. Returns are at a sustainable level and so is the compensation plan. Keep in mind, that by sustainable, I only mean that I expect Passive Experts to last 8 months before collapsing.


Pretty good option for the ponzi players. Just don’t get too attached!

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