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OPM Wealth Review – Get Into Debt Chasing The Pyramid?

Welcome to my OPM Wealth review.  

Would you pay over $27K for a course that promised to teach you how to make money online? If the answer is YES, would you be willing to borrow that amount to pay for that course?

If the answer is YES, then OPM Wealth might be just the program for you.

Most people though (like me) are probably extremely sceptical. I mean these days, information is free. There is no “secret course” that holds all of the answers to making money online. Anything I have ever needed to learn has been done through google and youtube for free. In fact if you lack the ability to find free, valuable information online, you probably lack the ability to succeed even after paying for a $27K course. So from an educational perspective the expensive courses offered by OPM (and the Plutus Plan) are worthless.

That does not mean that you cannot make money with OPM. On the contrary, all you need to do is put enough traffic through the OPM lead funnel. If you do that, you will find people willing to pay.

OPM Wealth itself is free. It presents some free information to prepare prospects. After the third video, prospects cannot proceed unless they book a phone call with a sales rep. This is where the expensive courses (the Plutus Plan) are pitched.

OPM Wealth is simply a lead funnel for The Plutus Plan. This strategy of giving free value and then pitching a high ticket course is extremely effective. In particular the fact that OPM Wealth has there own sales team is a big plus for affiliates. All they need to do is get traffic and OPM Wealth will take care of the rest.

The compensation plan for OPM Wealth is slightly concerning because it resembles a 1 up cash gifting scheme. Such comp plans are illegal in the eyes of FTC regulators. The problem is that there will be virtually no retail customers. Who in there right mind would pay $27K for a course if they didnt intend on reselling the said course. Nobody!

This problem is amplified by the fact that OPM Wealth have trained there sales reps to provide finance to pay for the courses. They are well aware that not many people will have $27K lying around to pay for online courses. The solution is to provide easy finance to generate sales commissions. The one big catch is that FTC complaints will be high. When the reality sets in that the courses do not really propel people to online riches, prospects are not going to be happy making high interest payments on the loan that they can barely afford.

High ticket programs which encourage finance packages attract a high level of complaints. The FTC will take one look at the program and shut it down. The exact same thing happened previous high ticket programs Mobe and Digital Altitude.The justification for the FTC shutdown will be the illegal compensation plan which is deemed to be a pyramid scheme. That being said the program could last up to 2 years from now.

OPM Wealth Review Summary

Key Figures :  Stefan Dessalines

Product Type : High Ticket One up Pyramid

Summary :  OPM Wealth is a lead funnel for The Plutus Plan. They offering high ticket courses ranging between $2K and $27,500. Sales are closed by a sales team, just add traffic. Affiliates earn 60% of RRP on level 1 and 10% on Level 2.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  C

Verdict:  This is not passive….you need to recruit. If you can recruit, you will make big ticket commissions. The educational value of the courses is negligible. Expect to see this running for 2 years before running into compliance issues.

Quick Summary

What Is OPM Wealth

OPM Wealth is the front end lead funnel for Plutus Plan, both being owned and operated by Stefan Dessalines. The courses purport to train prospects with everything they need to make money online, with a particular emphasis on cyptocurrencies.

The courses are extremely expensive and most of that goes towards the compensation plan. The only way to make money is by promoting the courses to other prospects. In reality, very few if any one will make money by following the course, although it’s possible, I suppose.

The courses are as follows:

  • Hermes $2000
  • Apollo $5000
  • Athena $8500
  • Poseidon $14500
  • Zeus $27500

Courses are paid exclusively through crypto.

Compensation Plan

To earn commissions you must either purchase a course or join as a free affiliate and make 5 sales. If you join at the highest course, you are qualified to earn commissions for sales of the cheaper courses.

Direct sales you earn 60% as long as you are qualified to earn for that course. Sales by your affiliates will earn you 10%.

IF you wish to bypass the sales team and close your own sales…you will earn 80% on direct sales.


What I Like About OPM Wealth

The thing about high ticket sales is you need to provide free value up front. When you see prospects clicking through the free modules you know that you have someone potentially interested in joining. The expensive courses are not revealed on the OPM website. Only after the prospect has booked an appointment is the full nature of the program revealed.

Some people will call this misleading, however I think its the smart way to do things. You never lead with price until you have built value. This is especially true for high ticket offers.

The OPM Wealth funnels prospects into an appointment scheduler. They cannot proceed with the free material unless they have at least had an appointment with a sales rep.

Even better (for affiliates at least) is that the sales reps have the ability to arrange loans which will cover the costs of the courses. This is great for sales conversions, but will eventually bite them in the behind, as discussed in the next section.

Despite having reservations about the true value of the courses, I have to admit that the OPM Funnel is an extremely effective sales process.

The other good thing for affiliates is that they all get their own branded version of the powerful OPM Wealth funnel. Even free affiliates can use the funnel, although they will need to make 5 sales before they see any commissions.

What I Dislike About OPM Wealth

Affiliates will argue about this, but OPM Wealth is not a compliant program. Retail customers will be virtually nil. The only reason for people doing the courses is to qualify for the highest possible commissions.

Normally this is not a big deal, but it will be for OPM Wealth. The problem with high ticket programs is that they generate a high level of complaints. Imagine finding out that that your Granny is unable to pay her rent due to the $27K loan she has for her latest attempt at online marketing with OPM Wealth. What are you going to do? Call the FTC complaints line that’s what!

The Real Deal

High ticket programs are very good for affiliates because you need less sales to make life changing income. OPM Wealth also have finance reps on hand to secure finance for prospects which will greatly improve conversions. That being said I do not believe that any online marketing information on the planet would justify a $27K price. Furthermore, this program will be a big target for an FTC shutdown because it is not even close to being compliant and will generate too many complaints for the FTC to ignore.


This gets an C grade.

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