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Operation Phoenix Review – Fake Cloud Mining Ponzi Scam

Welcome to my review of Operation Phoenix.

Did you ever look at a new passive crypto program that you just KNEW was a SCAM within the first few seconds of looking at it. That was exactly my feelings when I examined new cloud mining start up, Operation Phoenix.

These guys are running a cloud mining operation that pays around 5% per day. That is just not true.

It is Basic Maths

Lets compare these returns to a real crypto mine. The Salcido mine in Washington produces around 5 BTC per day. To do so they use around 7500 MW of electricity. The power costs them around 2.5 cents per cents per KW ($187,500)

So 5 BTC is worth today $48546.40. Hmm, that is a loss of around $139,000 per day.

Right now BTC mining is simply un-profitable.

Lets get creative and assume that they own a solar farm to produce free power. The biggest solar farm in the world is Tengerr in China. Tengerr can theoretically produce 1547 MW per day. That would save the BTC mine $38675 per day.

So even if they owned the biggest solar farm in the world, they would be still be operating at a loss of around $100K per day.

Yet we are supposed to believe that Operation Phoennix has some alien technology that produces more free electricity than anywhere on Earth. They then use this power to pay investors 5% per day or 1825% per year.

What Is More Likely?

The alternative scenario is that Operation Phoenix have no crypto mine and do zero mining. Instead they pay returns from the funds invested by new investors. AKA a ponzi scam. When people stop investing, the whole thing collapses. I think that sounds a little bit more likely, don’t you?

I Just Want To Make Some Profits, How Long Will It Last.

I hear you. You know how these things work and have made money before by investing in scammy ponzis. Even if that is the case, you should stay away from Operation Phoenix. This will be dead and buried within 3 months.

Operation Phoenix Review Summary

Key Figures :ย  Anon

Product Type : Crypto Ponzi MLM

Summary :ย  Fake cloud mining is said to generate profits ofย  around 5% per day. The minimum mining package is $12, however you can invest much more if you have lost your marbles. Operation Phoenix do NOT have any referral program.

Rating:ย  F

Verdict:ย  Some ponzis are very profitable despite being unethical. I just don’t see anybody making money with Operation Phoenix. It’s going to collapse very fast.

Quick Summary

What Is Operation Phoenix

The company sells hash rate called “C-Units”. 1 C-Unit costs $12 and you can buy as many as you wish. Operation Phoenix state expected returns of around 5% per day on each C-Unit.

If you wish to stay locked in for longer periods ie 2 years, the cost per C-unit drops to around $10 which is a saving of around 17%.

This would be an extremely bad idea because the chance of Operation Phoenix being around in 2 years is nil.

Compensation Plan

Operation Phoenix have decided not to have any referral program. This will no doubt hamper their growth. Instead they are paying to be mailed on on some big crypto email lists. I am guessing they figure that having no referral program will make them seem more legit to some people.

What I Like About Operation Phoenix

Nothing. You can not even promote it if you wanted to.

What I Dislike About Operation Phoenix

They claim to have been around for 7 years, however a quick search reveals that not to be the case

  • Domain was registered March 2020
  • Instagram was created March 2020 and has 24 followers.ย 

Fake Returns – not even realistic.

Its a total scam.

The Real Deal

This is a scam so stay away.


This gets an F grade.

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