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Onyx Lifestyle Review – Crypto Card Ponzi Scam

Welcome to my Onyx Lifestyle Review.  I had seen this prelaunch being promoted by one of the top WGN guys Romacio Fulcher, so I expect Onyx Lifestyle to be pretty big.

Romacio Fulcher usually promotes legit MLM programs, so I was expecting everything to be above board with Onyx Lifestyle. I was pretty disappointed to discover that Onyx has residual returns which look extremely fishy, to say the least.

Onyx Lifestyle are marketing BTC investment packages called LDQ8 Blocks. Each block is purchased for $70 USD worth of bitcoin. $20 of that amount goes upline as CV for commissions whilst the $50 amount will acrrue a Return On Investment (ROI)Investors can buy as many as their membership level allows. Capital is held for 12 months with a high ROI of 10% paid monthly. This part sounds exactly like a ponzi scam.

120% per year is just not possibly a real ROI. The only way they can pull this off of by dipping into the investor packages capital that is being held for 12 months. This would mean that there are no actual returns or profits and it’s just the ponzi shuffle. This being the case, this program will collapse, so be very wary.

All of the promoters that you see pushing these garbage scams KNOW that they are scams. They just don’t care because they make a lot of money before collapsing. The latecomers usually get pretty confused as they believed every word that the promoters told them. The vast majority lose everything invested.

Those of you that are sick of ponzis, If you may want to check out a program that has been paying weekly for 8 years, never collapsed or been shut down by the FTC or SEC, then click here.

Onyx Lifestyle Review – Summary

Product Name: Crypto card with passive ROI.

Product Type: Crypto Ponzi

Price: Cards can be bought for either $99 or $199. LDQ8 Blocks Cost $70 USD.

Affiliates must also pay $38 per month.

Summary:  Really disappointing to see Romacio Fulcher get into the ponzi business. He already has a massive downline following him. I guess the ponzi millions were just too tempting.

Rating: F ( I really want to know how they are going to explain the 10% monthly ROI)

Verdict: Too good to be true, the only possibility is that the ROI is generated via a ponzi scam structure.

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What Is Onyx Lifestyle?

Some people will say that Onyx Lifestyle is a crypto card which allows you to convert to fiat and get all sorts of wonderful benefits. Well yes it kind of is that….but I want to talk about the elephant in the room, the ROI product which pays 120% per year.

I mean you cant just offer 120% per year and expect me to accept it… the hell is it possible.

Maybe you can jag a good trade and pull of a 120% gain on a trade, but you are going to also encounter big losses too. Onyx lifestyle are paying 120% per year to EVERY MEMBER. They seem to be able to print money and NEVER LOSE.

Either admit that you are a ponzi or show me how you are generating this EXTREMELY HIGH ROI.

I prefer to make money the legit way with a long standing program that complies with the law.

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Onyx Lifestyle Compensation Plan

 Residual Income

One Time Fee Monthly ROI On LDQ8 Blocks
Feature $299 10%
Preferred $799 10%
Elite $1,499 10%
Black $10K 10%
Reserve $50K 10%

Uni Level Commissions

You get 5% on level one and two without any qualification.

Fast Start Bonus

• 15%  to the Sponsor
• 50% Matching bonus on all Directs
• 10% Matching bonus paid up to 5 levels deep.

3 X Infinity

50% of CV of each personally sponsored enrollment pack in downline, 100% of the monthly membership $38, and 100% of each LQD8 block $20 fee.

Generation Matching Bonus

Earn up to a 10% Matching Bonus on sponsored managers 5 levels down.

Straight Line Bonus Pools

10% of monthly subscription fees and LDQ8 fees goes into 10 pools. 

U63 Bonus

When you sponsor 6 and help your 6 each get 3, you have completed your U63 chart. The following bonuses apply.

● 1 U63 = $4,500
● 8 U63 = $30,000
● 40 U63 = $150,000
● 400 U63 = $1,500,000

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What I Like About Onyx Lifestyle

Very Lucrative

I can see why people get tempted by these schemes. Passive residual income plus a very high paying comp plan. This is a smash and grab, but in the short time that it lasts, some people are going to get rich, whilst some lose their houses.

Easy To Recruit

The most popular programs will reward even the worst recruiters. The whole idea of passive income whilst doing absolutely nothing is always a winner. Naturally it is too good to be true, but that is not going to stop the hoards of thirsty noobs that will pile into this program. It’s pretty ingenious really.

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What I dislike about Onyx Lifestyle

Where is the 10% ROI Coming From

Is that too much to ask? I really want to see them attempt to explain where they can consistantly pull the 10% per month from. I mean now that we are in 2019 and have seen the 100th crypto ponzi launch and implode, Onyx Lifestyle could probably tell the truth and people would still invest in it.

Its An Illegal Ponzi

This one is pretty blatant. They are also targeting USA recruiters and investors. Their is no way that the SEC are going to let this slide. There is no way this scheme makes it out of 2019 without either collapsing or being shut down by the SEC.

The Howey Test Would Like A Word

The Howey Test Is used to determine who needs a securities license and who doesn’t. So if the transactions being conducted by Onyx Lifestyle are classified as securities, then they need to have a securities license. Ponzi scams always ignore this because….well they are scams and scam don’t exactly care too much about being around for long.

Under the Howey Test, a transaction is an investment contract if:

  1. It is an investment of money
  2. There is an expectation of profits from the investment
  3. The investment of money is in a common enterprise
  4. Any profit comes from the efforts of a promoter or third party

Naturally, Onyx Lifestyle did not bother to get a securities license. They expect to do a smash and grab for as much crypto as possible. By the time the SEC sends off a cease and desist, they owners will be in the Carribean with cocktails in hand.

The Real Deal With Onyx Lifestyle

There is no way this is legit. Feel free to chance your hand though. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though.


Ponzis get F grades from me.


Julian Leahy

How I Make A Living

I have developed a strategy using a legitimate affiliate program that allows me to hangout at home with the kids all day.

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  1. Lyn Henk

    Julian, you should have at least waited til the launch before you decided to do a review. The questions you had are easily answered at {affiliate link removed}. I believe you would have had a different view of this. I did my due diligence and waited til they launched in early June. This is an honest company and watching the video about the LQD8 blocks explains exactly where the ROI is coming from. This is a big deal and I believe anyone who gets in on this now will be very thankful they did. Glad I got in Beyond Wealth powered by Onyx (Lifestyle) and with people of integrity like Romacio Fulcher and Jeremy Reynolds.

  2. Julian Leahy

    Jonathon after I reviewed them I have not heard so much as a peep! I don’t think many people joined Onyx so it should fade away pretty soon. People in Africa seem to like it though.

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