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Onpassive Review – Ponzi With Never Ending Pre-launch

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I held off doing an Onpassive review for a couple of reasons. The first reason was I immediately had strong doubts that anybody was going to pay $997 after the pre-launch. According to founder Ash Mufareh you can secure a pre-launch position for just $97. After the pre-launch, members will have to pay $997. Even the most gullible ponzi stooge is not going to pay $997 to participate in a short lived ponzi. There are plenty of alternatives that are free to play, not including the price of the investment packages themselves.

Then it dawned on me. There is no launch….

The $997 memberships are just a clever ruse to get people to pay $97 and then pay again for the investment packages. Believe it or not, it seems to have worked.

There Will Be No Launch

All you guys patting yourselves on the back for getting into the pre-launch. Guess what, you guys are IT. There will be nobody joining at $997. Why would they? Don’t believe me, just watch.

Delusions Of Grandeur

This program is really going for the noob market. Ash Mufareh realizes that the best market to go for is the “Get Rich Quick, With No Effort” crowd. Most people cannot understand marketing, nor will they ever recruit more than 10 people. Yet they dream of getting rich, based off a zero skills and zero effort. Onpassive is marketed as the answer to this dream!

Do you suck at marketing? ONPASSIVE WANTS YOU!


Another Short Term Ponzi Scheme

Do you really think this will last 2 years? If not, why not? I know all of you Onpassive affiliates are going to send me hate mail. I also know that you will never learn. After Onpassive collapses you will be onto the next “Sure Thing”. Some of you know it’s bullshit but just don’t care as long as you make some money.

Whew, Just Got That Off My Chest!

Off to more positive things. See you soon!

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  1. James K Waiya

    We are ready for any out come of ONPASSIVE.We believe strongly the coming launching and extra=ordinary success of ONPASSIVE.Dont scare us.In this world be ready sometimes to take risks and we are taking risks on this ONPASSIVE.If it fails(And we do not believe it will fail)we will take other coming risks.

  2. Jeffrey

    Hi, Julian… I love the way you always look like you are having fun; keep rockin’ it. Anyway, I am Founder with OnPassive; have been since last November. I can see where the points you make would seem to have foundation with all the secrecy, for lack of a better word, surrounding OnPassive. And it is no help that they didn’t even have a name when GoFounders “popped” up or that it is tough to descern what the actual product is. So this is not a hate script. I actually respect what you do; not everyone can. However, I would like to send you an eBook about OnPassive. You can see it on amazon/author/jmorlock. I would like to get your thoughts on it. I can send it to you via FB Messenger, if that’s OK. Blessings…

  3. Anonymous

    Yes how much for your never-ending launch and pimping your pathetic sight. I’m passive is real and we are real and we will control our destiny and do good for the world

  4. Mr. Interesting

    So many sucked into this scam. I have a new way to get some leads.

    I advertise in rooms, “Get over $90 free and clear. High chance of success.”

    When they ask how, I tell them to get a refund from their On Passive payment.

  5. Emanuel

    Your article is pretty much right on target, some people are like drug addicts when it comes to a new ponzi scheme. Warn them all you want they will never let go of the FEEL GOOD ponzi high until the supplier disappears then they will be searching for the next new ponzi drug on the market. WAKE UP PEOPLE GO TO A REHAB.

  6. Brian Holmes

    Everything you said is completely true. Ash Mufareh is one of the biggest scammers around and people just keep falling for it. This supposed prelaunch has been going on for what at least a year maybe more? Ridiculous. I wish people would wise up about this waste of space Ash Mufareh.

  7. Tom

    I signed up as a Founder and then after hearing the “top level” guys and Ash spew their Hype of this incredible “hands free” platform, in a few different webinars/youtube posts, I realized this is the definition of “too good to be true” of all Time. “Income for Life, Turn $25 in to $2,000,000, etc. Their claims are so over the top. At least I got my $97 back in July of 2019. The launch was supposed to be launched middle of last year. It’s a Never ending Launch.

  8. Brian Brock

    So now I get it . People like you use other very well marketed products to get the attention of those people to sell them something of your own. It’s the scam ! This type of scam has been around a long time . You are nothing more than someone trying to cash in on someone else’s efforts . It’s been done , We are now smarter than ever .

    • Julian Leahy

      I wrote this article in January and Onpassive failed to launch as predicted.
      I was right….and this article produced lots of traffic and made me money. Maybe you should learn content marketing, instead of joining fake marketing programs?
      Or you could change nothing and keep going how you are going.

      • Monika

        Check out LifeVantage and Protandim. Protandim helped me a lot, best product I ever found in my life.
        A friend introduced me to OnPassive. They’re still talking about this frickin launch which might happen May 1rsd. Today is April 18, 2020. LMAO.

        • admin

          thats a coincidence, I was just looking at onpassive on youtube. I cant believe people are still making videos for the “Big Launch!”

  9. Ginger Eatman

    A former business associate put a post for OnPassive on my Birthday greetings … Yes, I skipped through parts of the videos… but it was sounding too good to be true, red flags started popping up all over so I did a search on Ash’s name. This post as well as some others did… A “pre-launch” that never launches… I seen that too many times… Sad..

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