I held off doing an Onpassive review for a couple of reasons. The first reason was I immediately had strong doubts that anybody was going to pay $997 after the pre-launch. According to founder Ash Mufareh you can secure a pre-launch position for just $97. After the pre-launch, members will have to pay $997. Even the most gullible ponzi stooge is not going to pay $997 to participate in a short lived ponzi. There are plenty of alternatives that are free to play, not including the price of the investment packages themselves.

Then it dawned on me. There is no launch….

The $997 memberships are just a clever ruse to get people to pay $97 and then pay again for the investment packages. Believe it or not, it seems to have worked.

There Will Be No Launch

All you guys patting yourselves on the back for getting into the pre-launch. Guess what, you guys are IT. There will be nobody joining at $997. Why would they? Don’t believe me, just watch.

Delusions Of Grandeur

This program is really going for the noob market. Ash Mufareh realizes that the best market to go for is the “Get Rich Quick, With No Effort” crowd. Most people cannot understand marketing, nor will they ever recruit more than 10 people. Yet they dream of getting rich, based off a zero skills and zero effort. Onpassive is marketed as the answer to this dream!

Do you suck at marketing? ONPASSIVE WANTS YOU!


Another Short Term Ponzi Scheme

Do you really think this will last 2 years? If not, why not? I know all of you Onpassive affiliates are going to send me hate mail. I also know that you will never learn. After Onpassive collapses you will be onto the next “Sure Thing”. Some of you know it’s bullshit but just don’t care as long as you make some money.

Whew, Just Got That Off My Chest!

Off to more positive things. See you soon!

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