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Omega Best Review – Crypto Ponzi Scam From Ukraine

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Welcome to my Omega Best Review. This program, also known as Omega Group, was requested by one of my blog readers, Jane. Now I do not like to disappoint my readers but sometimes we are going to have a difference of opinion. Jane felt that Omega Best, looked legit, to me it did not look too good at all.

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I hear this every day and I understand why people feel this way. The truth is that nearly every “passive income” program is either a ponzi scam or a pyramid scam. Nowadays people think that the only way to make money online is to join something scammy. People are used to scams and they think that they are normal. Each to their own I guess. The truth is that there are many legitimate ways to make money online, but people avoid them because they take a little bit of effort and time.

Daily Passive Returns 

If you promise daily passive returns, you will always get people interested. You can come up with an unlimited types of schemes based on that one promise. Omega Best claim to produce income through their Active Box. Active Box “produces income” in the following ways:

1) Advertising – viewing ads on the system and visiting partner websites.

2) Market research – providing survey feedback on partner websites.

3) Task – Completing some task like downloading an app.

4) Startup – raising funds from an external company in exchange for providing the company with an extensive, active community.

5) Mining farm – cryptocurrency mining.

These activities are always just a distraction from what is really going on. Atrricting new investor funds and paying it back to existing investors AKA a ponzi scheme.

Ok Its A Ponzi…How Long Will It Last?

Right now, I see no signs that this will collapse in the next few months. Be aware that collapse at some point is a 100% certainty because ponzis by design are unsustainable. Traffic to the website is growing so there should be enough money flowing in to keep going, at least for the short term.
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Omega Best Is Headed For Trouble!

Eventually the traffic will stabilize and then go completely flat. If you see this, then you are too late because it means that Omega is having trouble attracting new investors. Currently they have new money flowing in, so it should stay upright for a few months at least. At some stage the whole thing will collapse and all funds will be stolen. If you are lucky you might get your money out in time.

Sometimes you can make money with ponzi scams by getting in early, but whatever you make comes from the money of all those who went down with the ship. If you want to make easy money honestly, check out my favourite thing.

Omega Best Review – Summary

Key Figures: Bartosz Nafalski.

Product Type: Crypto MLM Ponzi.

Summary: To earn, you invest €50 to €200,000 EUR and receive a 130% ROI in 6 months, or 170% in 12 months.

Returns are paid in worthless BitBonds points. The exchange rate is made up by Omega Best. When they decide to stop returning BTC they will simply let the Bitbonds price free fall.

Then they can say ” I didn’t scam you, I paid you 1 billion Bitbonds”. Meanwhile, guess who has all the precious BTC?

Omega Best also have a MLM compensation plan to reward affiliates for referring people into the scheme.

See The Comp Plan Here.

Rating: F

Verdict: Who wants to buy my stack of Bitbonds? Just kidding!

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What Is Omega Best?


Omega Best is based on the Bitconnect “shitcoin” ponzi model. Basically you exchange precious BTC for their shitcoin, which is called Bitbonds. So you start stacking up these Bitbonds as Omega pays you the incredible ROI. You are happy because Omega told you Bitbonds is worth something. Actually Bitbonds is worthless and Omega Best are taking you for a ride. Will Bitbonds be listed on Binance?…..NO! Will it ever be used outside of Omega Best?…..NO!

So when Omega Best decides they have enough bitcoin, they pay everyone back in Bitbonds which crashes to 0.01 cents or something. You find that your $10K investment is now worth $1. Omega Best will say to you, ” Hey, crypto is risky”. You then start looking for a new “passive income opportunity”.
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Now that I got that off my chest, let’s take a look at the Omega Best, packages,


Packages are known as Active boxes and are bought for 50 to 200K Bitbonds.

Passive ROI is paid from crypto mining.

Bonus ROI is paid as rewards for activities. ie watching ads and completing surveys

You can invest from €50 to €200,000 EUR and receive a 130% ROI in 6 months, or 170% in 12 months.

Compensation Plan

Direct Commissions

Earn 6% of funds invested by personally direct referrals.

ROI Matching Bonus

Affiliates will also earn 10% of the ROI earned by their direct affiliates.

Binary Commissions

As long as you have 2 active directs, you will get paid up to 9% on weakest leg volume.


Prizes Personal Investment Wk Leg Volume
iPhone XS €2K €100K
MacBook Pro €5K €300K
Holliday €10K €800K
Watch €15K €1.5M
BMW €25K €10M
Ferarri €50K €30M
Apartment €100K €80M

What I Like About Omega Best

Well It Hasn’t Collapsed Yet

Omega Best still have new investors investing into the scheme, however this type of ponzi structure is not going to last very long. At least it’s still running for now.

What I dislike about Omega Best

Ukrainian Ponzis Suck

The Ukrainian ponzis are not really built to last. They seem to collapse quite quickly. Often with no warning signs.

The Real Deal With Omega Best

Way too risky for even experienced ponzi investors


I give it a F.


Julian Leahy

The Prelaunch Inspector

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