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Nuyugen Review – CBD Plus Apaptogens MLM

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Welcome to my Nuyugen review. Nuyugen is a new health and wellness MLM, currently in prelaunch. They have two main products, one of which contains CBD (Cannabidiol). Nuyugen is one of the hundreds of prelaunches that have launched this year. Some have been good, however it can be very difficult this year to find legitimate ways to make money online. So, with this review I will present my research. Then I will tell you whether I think Nuyugen is worth joining.. By the way, I do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with Nuyugen.

Nuyugen Review – Summary

Product Name: Nuyugen

Key Figures:  Rob Witty & Richard Sharp

Product Type: Health and Wellness MLM.

Price: $49 for Soulera, $89 for Soulera plus. Auto-ship is optional, however it unlocks extra comms if 90PV per month is accrued. Affiliates pay $39 yearly.

Summary: If you like health and wellness then Nuyugen is a legitimate opportunity. The products have a real treatment effect, according to peer reviewed studies. Founders are solid and the program looks reputable. You still will need to be good at recruiting if you wish to be successful. Moreover, keep in mind that 98% of people will fail at this type of opportunity.

Rating: C+

Verdict: If you are looking at a brand new health and wellness MLM, with products that actually have benefits then Nuyugen is good. Not for me however.

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What Is Nuyugen?

Nuyugen is a health and wellness MLM. They have herbal supplements containing herbs known as adaptogens. The flagship product also contains cannabidiol (CBD). The company is headed by Rob Witty and Richard Sharp.

Rob Witty previously has been associated with various MLMs including Yocoin and Infinitus. Yocoin was a slightly shady crypto MLM, whilst Infinitus is a chinese medicine based MLM. From what I gather, Rob Witty was quite successful with both ventures, despite my concerns over the legitimacy of Yocoin.

Richard Sharp has been active in the Hemp/CBD community and runs quite a successful blog called “The Hemp News”.

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Soulera is herbal blend, containing a whole heap of so called “adaptogens”. One such ingredient is rhodiola rosea.  

Soulera plus contains the same herbs plus CBD (cannabidiol)

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What I Like About Nuyugen

CBD Health and Wellness has huge potential. I think CBD is still in it’s very early stages. There is huge growth potential. The non-CBD variant does not excite me. However, it looks like it has some real health benefits. If you are fortunate enough to live in a country that does not restrict CBD, then Nuyugen might be a great opportunity for you.

Even if you live in a more restricted market like Canada or Australia, you could still sell Soulera as it has no CBD. As mentioned, the non-CBD variant seems to have some health benefits even without the CBD.

More and more markets are opening up as mariujana legalisation seems to be coming soon to most developed countries. This can only be a good thing for Nuyugen.

I see the real money being in the CBD variant.  

The Founders Know What They Are Doing.

Rob Witty: Rob Witty one of those guys that knows how to be very successful in MLM. My sources tell me, he has large teams all over the world. Apparently he did very well in Korea in particular. You may not be impressed by this, but compared to some MLM founders I have observed, he has a strong pedigree. I think this bodes well for Nuyugen.

Richard Sharp: Richard Sharp has a big Ace up his sleeve in the shape of a successful cannabis blog called “The Hemp News”.

I would estimate that he is sitting on a ton of targeted google traffic for Hemp/CBD terms. Most pre-launches would dream of having access to a targeted traffic machine like this.

The other thing I noticed about Richard Sharp is that he is being suitably cautious with CBD regulations around the world.

Some commentators claim CBD is legal in Canada, which also happens to be the home of Nuyugen HQ. Despite this Sharp has decided to play it safe and not distribute the CBD variant there. This tells me that Richard Sharp is not looking for quick cash, but rather long term success.

Most MLM’s in comparison, ignore risks and end up being shut down after 3 years. Regulatory caution is a big plus for the longevity of Nuyugen.

Optional Autoship

With Nuyugen you are not forced to autoship. Inexperienced marketers always get burned with autoship, so I liked that it was not a requirement. When you consider that 98% fail with any MLM, autoshipping guarantees some sales from all of those failed marketers. More commission streams are available if you do autoship 90PV each month, however a lot of people will appreciate that it’s optional.

Adaptogens and CBD Stand Up To Science

Often with health and wellness products there is very little evidence that they do anything at all. I was surprised to discover that adaptogens actually seem to have legit health benefits. This evidence has been widely reported.

When I say reported, I am not talking about the alternative health blogs, I am talking about legit, peer reviewed science journals. The same goes for CBD. Please note that CBD is only in one of Nuyugen’s products, nevertheless all of the products have legitimate health benefits. Yes, I was shocked also!  

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What I dislike about Nuyugen

I can get the same formula from any health shop. There is nothing bad about Nuyugen products, but there is nothing special about them either. I can buy everything contained in Soulera cheaply without joining an MLM.

The Real Deal With Nuyugen

Nuyugen is NOT a scam. It is a legitimate health and wellness MLM. You can make real money if you are the type of person that believes in this type of product. Even better is the fact that the supplements seem to have some value.

Therefore, there is no ethical dilemma promoting this as it looks like it has real health benefits.The only negative is that I can get these same supplements from any health shop. That being said, if you want to make some money with a health and wellness opportunity, Nuyugen is solid. Personally however, I will not be joining this.


Not for me, but it’s decent!

How I Make A Living

I have developed a strategy using a legitimate affiliate program that allows me to hangout at home with the kids all day.

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  1. Keyboardslave

    I considered representing this company for about a minute, but had several reservations that weren’t really addressed except with brief, “gloss-over” type answers.

    1. They adamantly claim the products are safe for everyone, but I’ve studied and used wild plants for decades and just because a plant is “natural”, it does NOT mean it’s “safe”. Some users have already said they are having adverse reactions and/or their doctors strongly advise against some of the herbs in the product. Especially heart patients, those on blood thinners or hypotension meds, diabetics, etc. It doesn’t sit right with me to recommend a thing as safe that could potentially harm a particular person.

    2. The plants are supposedly wild harvested from the Primorye region in Russia. As a forager myself, I find it hard to believe any wild forest could sustain continuous large scale harvesting for mass production especially without demolishing the habitat. Also, isn’t that Far East area contaminated from nuclear events like Fukushima, radiation, lead from nearby ship graveyards, mutant fish, etc? I don’t know, maybe not, but it’s a question to consider anyway because plants absorb toxins, etc, from the soil and environment they’re grown in.

    3. I was only able to find ONE clinical trial on the actual formula being sold. It specifically EXcluded patients with heart conditions and was terminated before it was completed, apparently due to lack of funding.

    4. The formula uses xylitol as a sweetener which some people have serious and severe reactions to (including me).

  2. Tammy Sellars

    While yes you can buy all of these herbs at the health food store, likely inferior quality, I would like to share a video with from the Scientist who created the blend to make a better educated opinion of Soulera.

    HIGHLIGHTS: Contrasting the limitations of ‘Isolated’, Singular Herbs versus the ‘SOULERA®’ BLEND.

    Uniquely Strategic, Synergistic, Wildcrafted, 10-Herb Combining and Proprietary Co-Extraction, in a 90-Day Process, to produce the Legendary Liquid Elixir of highly Bio-available and Bio-active, Harmonizing Molecules.

    Over 75 Years and Thousands of Experiments since the 1940s, to illustrate the incredible Efficacy, Safety and Absence of any Potential Negative Effects. Discussion also of the virtues of Liquid ‘Co-Extraction’ to liberate the actual Bio-Active Substances, versus the Inefficiency and ‘False Economy’ of Capsules of Whole-Herb Dried, Ground Powder Mixtures, full of Indigestible Cellulose and Lignin Plant Structural Components, as filler.

    Highlighting the remarkable effects of ‘Soulera®’ on Athletes, without concern about any Risk of Banned or Anabolic Substances

  3. Sharon VanDrunen Feb.82019

    Soulera is a product that has changed my life for the better. I have a severe medical condition of the lungs and I’m on oxygen 24/7.I was on several medications and inhalers.i have been on Soulera for a month and medications are gone ,I can go without oxygen a few hrs everyday.I am losing weight,surgar cravings are gone and I feel wonderful.Soulera does not make any claims to cure or replace any medications but I don’t want to be without it ever .

  4. Rhonda MacDonald

    Hi I’m from Ontario Canada, my daughter & I are both interested in your product. We would like to order but do not want to pay US currency. Also is there a place to buy from in Ontario.

  5. Tammy

    This company I joined when it started is a farce I had to quit this company because they aren’t paying properly and they aren’t shipping product like they said they were going to ship I have had a customer Order April 1st and no contact whatsoever I had a girl drag her along tell her she’s going to get her product it is now May 15th and nothing do not order from these people they take your money no problem but they do not ship you product and they do not contact you back it is a freaking scam and they are not very upholding and that product is not as what they say it is

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