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Newbies On Fire – Courses With Reverse 2 Up Gifting

Welcome to my Newbies On Fire review.  

This might shock you but I quite like this program! I would even join it, (EDIT – I did join it!)  even though it’s probably only going to last a couple of years. It will be stable, so don’t worry, it will not collapse or anything like that. I mean that doesn’t really matter with a program like this because it has a low barrier to entry.

You can get started with just $30 which is in the range of what most people are willing to spend, so it will be an attractive offer. Even better is that it is easy to make money with this as they have a reverse 2 up compensation plan.

Now, I know that technically speaking this kind of comp plan would not be legal in the eyes of the FTC, but I don’t think it is a big deal because the low pricing means that not many people will make complaints to the FTC. They will not care about this program, so don’t stress too much about compliance.

The courses look valuable and they are reasonably priced. Yes I think I might join this!

Newbies On Fire Review Summary

Key Figures :  Christina Hooper

Product Type : Online Education with Reverse 2 Up Gifting

Summary :  NOF have course that cost between $30 and $550. Most of this goes towards the comp plan. This really is easy for Newbies to make money.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  (Ungraded Because I am going to join)

Verdict:  Its kind of like cash gifting which I have been critical in the past. When I decided that the courses where actually worth the money, I decided that I wanted to join this. Very easy for newbies to earn.

Quick Summary

What Is Newbies On Fire

NOF have educational course ranging from $30 to $550. The majority of the cost feeds the compensation plan, with the rest covering a small admin fee. The courses are as follows:

  • How to find buyers.
  • Much More
  • FB Training Course


  • How to create products.
  • How To create a membership site.

Compensation Plan

Reverse 2 up comp plan

You qualify for all levels by purchasing the top course ($550). Commissions will be paid  for sales of any course that you purchased and below.

Starter – $25 commission

Basic – $100 commission

Advanced – $250 commission

Elite – $500 commission


What I Like About Newbies On Fire

Good Courses that are well priced. This is about where I think most online courses should be, in terms of pricing. Let’s be honest, no-one actually cares about the courses. That being said as long as they look useful and are priced in away that will keep the FTC away then I am happy.

The other thing I like is that it’s very easy to make money with this program. I think people will find it very easy to make sales.

What I Dislike About Newbies On Fire

Look I know that technically this is probably not 100% compliant with the FTC….I just don’t think it is going to be an issue. Most newbies will start at $30, if that doesn’t work out for they they won’t be too bothered about it. The real problem is when you have ridiculous prices ( ie there is a similiar course which has a course for $27500). That leads to complaints which equals FTC shutdowns. Therefore I think Newbies On Fire will not encounter any issues from the FTC.

The Real Deal

Easy to understand, easy to make money for newbies. I like this, which may surprise you.


I am going to join this so I wont give it a grade. Pretty cool though!


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