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My Passive Shares Review – Can This Last 4 months?

Welcome to My Passive Shares Review. 

Right now I am seeing a lot of people attempting to cash in on the success of My Passive Trades, which lasted 1.5 years before collapsing. Now if you are new to “passive crypto” programs you are probably wondering why a program that failed to last 2 years would ever be considered a success!

Welcome to the crazy world of crypto ponzis where payouts are big but the clock is always ticking. Many people made a lot of money with My Passive Trades because they got in with plenty of time to achieve the holy grail of ponzi investing – POSITIVE ROI. As a result there is a lot of positive sentiment around advertising banner rev share ponzis like My Passive Trades. People will probably be thinking if MPT lasted 1.5 years then similar programs like My Passive Shares will also enjoy a similarly profitable run right?


I can almost guarantee that My Passive Shares will not last anywhere near as long as My Passive Trades.

Will My Passive Trades Last A Long Time?

I have some golden rules with passive crypto programs and one of them is:

Copy Cats Never Last As Long As Originals

People get wise to what the original actually was. When My Passive Trades collapsed, many people finally understood that they had been investing in a ponzi. A ponzi by it’s mathematical nature will always collapse.

What you need to realize is that because many people made money with My Passive Trades they will actually looking to replicate this feat with a similar program. However this time they will be making a well timed run for the exit, before the inevitable collapse. Basically there will some smarter investors this time around whom will refuse to play the long term game. This will ultimately greatly reduce the lifespan of My Passive Shares.

Can You Still Make Money With My Passive Shares

Hmm, I think the answer is still yes, but I think that this will only last around 4 months. That is going to be cutting things a little fine, wouldn’t you agree?

Anyway, lets take a look in more detail at how My Passive Shares actually works!

My Passive Shares Review Summary

Key Figures :  Berat Kara

Product Type : Crypto Ponzi MLM ( Advertising Credit Rev Share)

Summary :  Sort of a clone of My Passive Trades except Ad packs cost $50 each. Another difference is the 2×2 matrix. ROI on Ad Packs is 130% at a rate of 1.5% per day. 30% of ROI can only be used to re-purchase ad packs. The  2X2 company wide forced matrix runs separately off the $170 Gold memberships. They have a pretty simple comp plan, which can be viewed below.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  I think this will last 4-6 months.

Verdict:  I might be wrong but I doubt it. If you get in early you should be able to make a profit. I think it will be too risky and shortlived, so I would avoid this one.

Quick Summary

What Is My Passive Shares

When you purchase ad packs you get credits which allow you to place log in banner ads which will be displayed to other users when they log into the system. The theory is that you can generate sales when other users click on your ad. These banner ads are unlikely to generate any sales, but that does not really matter because the real reason people will join this is to receive 130% ROI on the money spent on ad packs.

How Is The 130% ROI Generated?

Good question! The company claims that they have a diversified portfolio of investments which return them high returns. They then share some of these returns (130%) with ad pack investors. If you think that sounds a bit far fetched, I would have to agree. We all know that they have no investments nor are they doing trading. The ROI is just paid from the funds invested from new investors. Yes this is a ponzi scheme and it will eventually collapse.

Can You Make Money With My Passive Shares?

Absolutely you can. However you will only have around 4 months to safely profit. After that the whole scheme is on borrowed time. If you get in at launch, you have a pretty good chance of getting out with a good return.


Adpack ( Free Members);
– 50000 Banner Ads Credits,
– 1000 Traffic Exchange Credits,
– 1 Day Login Ads.

Adpack ( Gold Members);
– 150000 Banner Ads Credits,
– 1500 Traffic Exchange Credits,
– 1 Day Login Ads.

Gold Membership;
– 500000 Banner Ads Credits,
– 5000 Traffic Exchange Credits,
– 10 Day Login Ads.

Compensation Plan

Direct Referrals
You will earn 10% of the spend when your referrals buy ad packs.


Upgrade Commissions

Earn 20% when a referral upgrades their account.

2X2 Company Wide Forced Matrix

When you upgrade to Gold for $170 per year, you have access to this matrix. 


Matrix BoardCycled PayoutMatching BonusRe-EntryBanner CreditsWebsite Credits
1$25$251 to Board 11K100
2$50$502 to Board 12K150
3$100$1003 to Board 17.5K250
4$500$5004 to Board 120K500
5$1k$1k5 to Board 150K1K
6$3.5K$3.5K6 to Board 1150K1.5K
7$12.5K$12.5K7 to Board 1250K2.5K
8$30K$30K8 to Board 1500K5K
9$65K$65K9 to Board 1750K7.5K
10$135K$135K10 to Board 11 Mil10K


What I Like About My Passive Trades

30% Hold For Stability

The ROI becomes a big liability for companies like this. As it grows they have to keep paying 130% ROI on ad packs. When people withdraw everything, it shortens the lifespan and causes a collapse. With My Passive Trades you can only withdraw 70% of your ROI. The other 30% is held for repurchases. This forces people to re-invest and should help the program run a bit longer.

2×2 Forced Matrix

This is almost like a completely separate program. It’s actually a pyramid inside of a ponzi. This is funded by the $170 from Gold Memberships and is not going to be affected by the ROI payments. Its a pretty clever model and should be quite lucrative.

What I Dislike About My Passive Shares

On one hand it’s good that My Passive Shares have expanded on the Advertising Rev Share ponzi model by including a 2×2 matrix. On the other hand, I get pretty bored with these short lived programs. You can definitely make money with this, but even more people are going to lose money. If you miss the prelaunch, you should stay away because you will be too late.

The Real Deal

I will admit that it is pretty innovative but at the end of the day it will collapse too quickly.


Probably best to avoid this.

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