Welcome to my Moonberg review.

Sometimes I see something so stupid on youtube that I just have to blog about it….

I was asked to take a look at at a new crypto ponzi called Moonberg. These guys are making somewhat of an effort in pretending that they are doing real trading and are not in fact a ponzi, which is pretty normal. I got a little ticked off when I noticed a couple of youtuber’s pushing Moonberg as something wonderful to invest your crypto into. This youtuber in particular annoyed me because he was misleading his viewers by pretending that Moonberg is legit. At least be upfront about the risks involved, but I sure hate the ones that straight up lie to their viewers. One thing that you need to know is this: 

Youtubers ALWAYS RECEIVE Paid Offers To Push Ponzis and ICOS

I know this for a fact, because I have had a couple of offers myself. Not wanting to scam my viewers, I turned them down. The point is that when you see a youtuber giving a “glowing” review about a crypto opportunity you can bet on the fact that they are getting paid, which makes their reviews worthless.

Moonberg Claim To Show Real Trades In Their Back Office

This was pretty silly because everyone knows that the Binance API data is completely free to use. Moonberg are using a script to show high points and low points of various coin pairs. They also show the duration of these movements so you can cross check them on Binance. Then to top off this shit show, they claim to have made trades at the low points and sold at the high points. Moonberg thinks it’s investors must be pretty stupid to fall for this!  I hope they are not right in that belief! 

CEO Christof Huber Gets CAUGHT Discussing His Plan To Run A Ponzi And Exit Scam

Apart from being associated with previous scams like Arbitraging.co and Invacio, he also has shown a desire to set up a ponzi scheme like Moonberg so he can pull a big EXIT SCAM!


Now I know that some of you affiliates are going to hate me and call me an idiot…..that’s okay. This doesn’t change the fact that Moonberg are doing zero trading. There are no real profits, just numbers on a screen. And don’t tell me that you believe the binance data feed nonsense in the back office. Moonberg has 6 months tops before they steal everyones crypto.

Moonberg Review – Summary

Key Figures: Christof Huber, Tobias Graf

Product Type: Crypto MLM Ponzi.

Summary: To earn you must invest at least $25. You get paid paid a high ROI  averaging 0.86%. That’s 313% per year!

Moonberg claim to have a super profitable crypto bot which generates the ROI. Of course it is all lies. The supposed trades shown in back office are just mirrored from the Binance API and are not done by Moonberg at all. These guys are based in Thailand where they will be safe from prosecution.

See The Comp Plan Here.

I think this will be one of the biggest ponzi scams of the year.

Rating: F

Verdict: Another scam that will leave a trail of victims.

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What Is Moonberg?


Moonberg is a crypto ponzi scam paying out high daily returns. They have a cover story that involves a miracle trading bot called moonbot. Of course that is a complete fantasy.


313% Passive GAINZ! – Its A Miracle!


Investment Packages

You can invest as little as $25 and will receive a daily ROI. Moonberg are paying on average of 0.86% per day. The actual amount paid will depend on how long your money is locked up for. After the hold period, capital is released. See below.

30 day hold –  0.34%
120 day hold – 0.43%
180 day hold –  0.52%
240 day hold – 0.6%
360 day hold – 0.69%

Compensation Plan

Direct Referral Commissions

Any participant can earn a percentage of money invested by referrals.  5% is split the following way.

Level 1 – 50%
Level 2 – 20%
Level 3 – 15%
Level 4 – 5%
Level 5 – 4%
Level 6 – 3%
Level 7 – 2%
Level 8 – 1%

What I Like About Moonberg

You Are Very Early

If you want to try and play the ponzi game, you can definitely make some money. The real way to make money is to get in early and get other people to join using your referral link. You should be in and out within 4 months. Whatever you do, dont have your money locked up for any longer than that.

What I dislike about Moonberg

This Will Be One Of The Biggest Scams Of 2019

You will notice that the Moonberg boys have been getting the check book out for all the bloggers and youtubers. If you can bribe the influencers you will have a steady stream of money coming into your ponzi. This will be one of the biggest exit scams of the year so grab some popcorn!


The Real Deal With Moonberg

This is a pretty devious and well organized ponzi scam. It will collapse this year.


SCAM I give it a F.


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