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Mirror Trading International Review – Not A Scam, Not Expecting Much Profit Though

Welcome to my Mirror Trading International Review. Mirror Trading is a Crypo trading MLM opportunity. Usually that is probably enough to make you feel nauseous, but hold on because it is NOT a ponzi scam. That being said, affiliates are throwing around some numbers which I simply don’t believe to be true.

So let’s be clear….you will NOT average 2% per day using Mirror Trading International. Even if it was true it would be illegal to make a statement like that. It is illegal to “entice” investors by making claims about expected profits. These type of claims NEVER take into account the LOSSES and are always over inflated. Now that I got that off my chest, let’s continue with the review.

This opportunity is based on the concept of “Mirror Trading”.

Mirror Trading is a trading strategy that allows investors to copy the trades of experienced and successful traders.

You basically mirror the so called experts automatically. There are various pros and cons to this type of trading which I will will go through later but the main benefit is that the participant maintains control of their own funds. This is much better than any program where you send your funds over to a third party.

Mirror Trading International have a MLM comp plan that rewards affiliates with direct commissions and residual team commissions several levels deep. Read on for more information about the comp plan.

Once you read the review, you will be able to decide if Mirror Trading International is one of the many legitimate ways to make money onlineI do not promote, nor I am I affiliated with Mirror Trading International.

Mirror Trading International Review – Summary

Key Figures: Johann Steynberg

Product Type: Crypto Trading MLM

Summary: You invest funds into a FX Choice broker account and trades will be made according to the MTI strategy.
Members are also eligible to participate in the Compensation Plan.

Affiliates earn from 10% commissions referral investments. Mirror Trading International also have MLM Commissions.

See The Comp Plan Here.

As long as you have realistic expectations from the trading you should be ok. The problem is that people expect to make big gains from the trading, which is not really the case.

Rating: B

Verdict: Before you join, make sure you check the verifiable trade history on FX Choice.

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What Is Mirror Trading International?

Mirror Trading have built a network marketing opportunity around the concept of mirror trading. Basically your money or crypto stay on the exchange, but trades are made automatically based on the strategy of experienced investors. It is possible to make some profits, however this type of trading is still risky. I am glad that it is not a ponzi scam, however you need to be aware that affiliates tend to miminize their losses and exaggerate gains when they promote trading opps like this.

I predict that most people will get wiped out because losses are inevitable. It is important to have realistic expectations when joining Mirror Trading International. The smart affiliates will promote the business without risking their own capital.

Whilst, I am pretty happy with the income from my top way to make money online. I still find Mirror Trading International to be worth reviewing.

Let’s get into the details with the Mirror Trading International program.

Mirror Trading International Products

Funds invested are deposited directly into the members FX Choice account. MTI does not have direct access to the funds, but the MTI traders are able to make trades with the funds. If profits are made, they are split as follows:

The profit share will happen as follows every Saturday:
Members: 40%
Traders: 30%
Binary/MLM: 20%
Company: 10%

40% of the profit remains in the members’ FXChoice trading account.
FXChoice will deduct 60% of the profit for the week from members accounts and pay it to MTI. This will show on the members’ statement as a “Management Fee.”

MTI will then redistribute the “Management Fee” to pay our Master Traders. They get the second largest share of the profit. After all, without them, there will be zero profit.

MTI will apply 20% of the weekly profit to the Binary Compensation Plan, and the remaining 10% is MTI’s.


Compensation Plan

Retail Commissions

Once-off 10% referral commission.

Mirror Trading International will calculate it on a high water mark level principle. Meaning that if a person deposited the minimum of $200, there is $20 direct commission (10%) payable to the sponsor. If he/she later deposits another $500 for example, another $50 in referral commission will be paid to the sponsor. Now the member have $700 in deposits. If he/she for example withdrew $300, his/her water mark level remains on $700. If at a later point he/she once again deposits $300, there will be no commission payable. Only when he/she deposits more that his/her original $700 there will be 10% direct referral commission payable.

Binary Commissions

Mirror Trading International have a binary compensation plan with spillover. The spillover will be placed on the outer legs of your binary.

*To earn deeper than 10 levels in the binary you will have to up your account balance to $1000 or more and maintain it there. *

Members can earn infinite levels deep in the binary. It all depends on how much they deposit. Deposits from $200 to $999 will enable the member earn 10 levels deep.

With an investment of $200 – $999 you will earn 10 levels deep in the Binary.

– $1000 – $4,999 you’ll earn 20 levels deep.
– $5000 – $9,999 you’ll earn 30 levels deep.
-$10000+ will be Infinite levels deep.

What I Like About Mirror Trading International

Maintain Control Of Your Funds

This is different from traditional funds where you have to trust a 3rd party with your funds. To get involved with MTI you open a trading account with FX Choice and put your funds in their. At all times you maintain control of your funds. Any time you give your crypto to a third party you can usually expect to get scammed. Mirror Trading is much more secure.

Trade With Zero Emotion

Every trader believes that they have control over their emotions. In reality only a tiny percentage of traders can ever dream of achieving emotional control whilst investing. It’s human nature to get excited when trades go ip and to panic when they go down. Both of those emotional states will cloud your judgement and contribute to bad trades in the future. Assuming that Mirror Trading International has competent traders, it is possible to expect a better result than you could get on your own.

Replicating Signals.

With Mirror Trading it is possible to proportionally replicate the trades. So if the master trader makes larger trade, you can still benefit even though you may not have enough capital to match it. I.e you just use a proportion of your capital rather than having to match the amount.

Verifiable Track Record

One of the good thing about Mirror Trading is that the track record can be checked if you know how to. This is important because most affiliates will exaggerate gains in order to convince you to sign up using their link. You will not need to take their word for it. Instead, if you know where to look, you can view the track record of all of the trades. I advise any potential member to do this before joining.

What I dislike about Mirror Trading International

Strategy Lag

The market moves very quickly….often too fast for the master traders to adjust strategies. There will always be a massive crash which will wipe out most investors. Having an old strategy will do nothing to help you in this scenario. I am sure they will do their best, but it is impossible to stay abreast of market conditions at all times.

Risk Assessment Is Not Accurate

Mirror Trading will hope to get it right most of the time however it is the big corrections which pose the most risk. Nobody will see it coming either, despite the best intentions. Trading is extremely risky at all times. It is like being in a casino, when you are making money is the best time to stop. However from a psychological stand point it is nearly impossible to stop trading if we are winning.

The Real Deal With Mirror Trading International

Mirror Trading International is not a scam. I am pretty sceptical about the profits being reported. If you do join make sure you have realistic expectations.


Should be ok, I give it a B.


Julian Leahy

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    Not true. You do not need to open a trading account with FXChoice. You have to deposit money directly into the company.

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