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Welcome to my review of

I have called this a stable ponzi which means that you could definitely make money with this program. The reason is that this program should last long enough to be worth promoting.

Would I promote it?…no. The reason being that it will collapse within the year in all likelihood.

The other reason is that users get paid in Miny tokens. There is two important questions that you should ask when you see this? 

  1. Can you trade your Miny Tokens on an exchange?
  2. Does Miny have a real blockchain or is it internal to the system (ie fake blockchain)

Unfortunately the answer is no. Miny token is not a real crypto currency and has no value outside the walled garden of the program. The reason for this is that the majority of bitcoin is held by at all times. When demand for Miny tokens plummets (which is inevitable when people stop joining the program) the value of will plummet, in spite of artificial measures to pump the Miny price. So when your Miny holding is worthless, guess who has all the bitcoin? You guessed it does. They literally cannot lose. You, on the other hand are risking it all.

If you do like high risk programs could last a year. This gives you a good chance of recouping your ROI, especially if you recruit.

This program is SO EARLY, that you cannot even invest in it yet!

I decided to do the research and see exactly what this program is all about. Be aware, most of the reviews on are paid reviews and you cannot really trust them. I am going to keep it real with this review! Review Summary

Key Figures :  Anon

Product Type : Crypto Wallet Ponzi MLM

Summary :  Fake cloud mining is said to generate high profits which are then distribute to Miny coin holders. You can expect to be paid around 10% to 19% per month. The minimum to invest is 0.005 BTC (approx $50). also have a very lucrative comp plan to entice recruiters.

See The Compensation Plan Here

Rating:  C (It should last longer, but is still a ponzi scam)

Verdict:  This could last up to a year. More likely it will collapse around the 6 months. Get in early and get out early and you should be fine. Personally, I would not join.

Quick Summary

What Is is a cloud mining company with an mlm program. You may disagree, but I believe that 95% of cloud mining opportunities are ponzi scams. Even more so when they have a heavy recruiting component.



0.33%/day | 10%/month0.005 BTC – 0.08 BTC0.25 ETH – 4 ETH0.75 LTC – 11 LTC
0.50%/day | 15%/month0.08 BTC – 1.65 BTC4 ETH – 80 ETH11 LTC – 225 LTC
0.63%/day | 19%/monthFrom 1.65 BTCFrom 80 ETHFrom 225 LTC

Bonus For Keeping Your Funds In The System

Time HeldBonus ROI
1-14 Days15%
15-18 Days10%
from 29 Days5%
30 Days1%
60 Days2.50%

Compensation Plan

The compensation plan consists of ROI matching.
LevelROI Match

What I Like About

Pretty Stable And Very Early

Wallet ponzis are very lucrative. They seem to be pretty stable for at least 6 months. If you want to do this, you should be ok as long as you invest early and stop investing towards the end. If you can refer during that time you will earn a lot from the ROI matching. Keep in mind that plenty of people will go down with the ship when it collapses.

What I Dislike About

I think that it is better to avoid ponzis where possible because there is a guarantee that a big collapse will occur. Its great that you can make a lot of money with this program, but you will be hurting your downline.

The Real Deal

Lucrative, pretty stable and very early. If you like high returns and high risk might be a good option. You will need to deal with some angry affiliates though if you are a recruiter.


I will give it a C as long as you are aware that it is a ponzi. The reason I didnt give it an F is because, as far as ponzi’s go, it should be pretty stable.


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