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Mining City Review – Crypto Ponzi Scam With EXPLOSIVE GROWTH

Welcome to my Mining City review. This one was a request submitted by a blog reader that goes by the name Dido.  Dido actually requested 3 reviews, but only one interested me, Mining City. So Mining City it is!

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The owner of Mining Express is a guy called Gregory Rogowski who is based in Poland. Gregory seems to be quite happy to put his name and face all over the promotional material for Mining City. This possibly could be his first time running a cloud mining operation. He might opt for a fake name on his next one! Mining City claim to be building a real crypto mining facility in Kazakhstan. This may be true, however you need to be aware that cloud mining operations usually get some or all of their ROI from an unsustainable ponzi model.

The reason is that these schemes need excitement to attract money…..excitement is created by high returns. If a cloud mining opportunity paid real returns….investors would simply lose interest. In my opinion there is a 90% chance that Mining City is actually a ponzi. That being said:

If Mining City actually build a mining facility this scheme could be quite stable!

When people see some real evidence of mining they tend to invest with confidence. When confidence is high, ponzis are more stable and last for a longer time. That is the real plus of Mining City, not that they are 100% legit, because they are not, but more people will believe that they are 100% legit.

Ok Its A Probably A Ponzi…How Long Will It Last?

This is more of a long term scheme. I would be extremely shocked if it failed to last 1 year. It could even last 2 years. Yes it’s a ponzi and yes it will collapse eventually but it is one of the more stable and safer options out there. If you invest, you need to have your eyes open and keep an eye on the traffic and excitement levels. If traffic and excitement starts to die of, you should probably withdraw and look for something else. On that note, let’s check out the traffic profile for Mining City.
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Mining City Should Be Stable For A While!

There are no guarantees in crypto, but things look pretty good for Mining City. They are experiencing strong growth, so they have plenty of funds poring in and should have no problems paying the ROI. If you do invest you need to be smart about it. Things will not be like this forever. It is extremely probable that the ROI is not really coming from mining which means that Mining City is not sustainable in the long term. At the moment though, things look to be safe and stable.

The problem is that most investors believe that Mining City is 100% legit. These are the people that do not pay attention to the warning signs and stay in right up to when it collapses. Make sure that you never let your guard down and you should be ok.

Mining City – Summary

Key Figures: Gregory Rogowski

Product Type: Cloud mining MLM/Ponzi.

Summary: To earn you must invest at least between $500 to $3500. Depending on the level, you will recieve a promised hash rate between 5 TH/s and 35 TH/s. Returns will depending on prevailing difficulty/profitability. Predicted returns range from $30/month for the lowest plan to around $200/month.

Excitement is currently high for Mining City. They are attracting a lot of new investors and current a LOW RISK of collapsing. Please note, that this situation will change at some point.

See The Comp Plan Here.

This is a new program with strong growth.

Rating: D

Verdict: It is still a ponzi but it has quite a bit of life in it.
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What Is Mining City?


Mining City is no ordinary ponzi. The company is attempting to establish a real mining facility in Khazakstan which will allow it to do just enough real mining to satisfy even the most skeptical investors. This will really help stabilize the scheme and it could easily last 2 years. It is similar to Mining Express which has a real mining facility and does (some) real mining whilst also having a ponzi structure to handle the ROI payments. This will out last 90% of the other passive crypto opportunities. Eventually though, it will collapse because the ROI is not actually coming from mining but from new investors.


Mining City Are Doing SOME Mining!


Investment Packages

Standard Bronze Silver Gold
Cost $500 $1,000 $2,000 $3,500
Hash Rate 5 TH/s 10 TH/s 20 TH/s 35 TH/s
Period 1100 Days 1100 Days 1100 Days 1100 Days
Projected Earnings $29/Month $58/Month $116/Month $203/Month

Compensation Plan

Direct Referral ROI Matching

The hybrid nature of the model sees a Mining City affiliate paid 5% of funds invested by their first five recruited affiliates.

From the sixth recruited affiliate onward who invests, 10% is paid out.

Ranks Recruit Req Vol Req Paid Levels For Referrals
Citizen (C) 10
City Builder (CB) 5 (C) $10K 15
City Developer (CD) 5 Active (3 CB) $50 20
City Manager (CM) 5 Active (3 CM) $250 30
Chief Manager (CFM) 5 Active (3 CM) $2Mil ALL
City Mayor (CMY) 6 Active (3 CM) $10Mil ALL

What I Like About Mining City

Should Be Pretty STABLE

Even though nearly every Cloud Mining MLM is a ponzi some can last for 2 plus years. This is even moreso for company that have an actual mining facility. Even if the mining is just for show, it really helps settle investor nerves and will help Mining City last alot longer than other Crypto MLM ponzis.

Timing Is Perfect

Many of you guys will not believe that Mining City is a ponzi so you can ignore this section. Those of you experienced with Crypto, will understand that the likelihood of a cloud mining MLM NOT being a ponzi is virtually nil. That being said if a program is experiencing heavy growth, it is usually pretty safe to invest in even if it is a ponzi. Mining City is pretty hot right new and attracting enough money to meet all it’s ROI promises. This should continue for up to 2 years, but I would want to have withdrawn at around the one year mark.  Personally, I would not invest in this, but if I was a ponzi player, I would consider Mining City to be a prime opportunity.

What I dislike about Mining City

At This Stage….I just Cannot Bring Myself to Invest In A Ponzi 
This is actually pretty tempting, if I am honest. Even though I know it’s not legit, I think its going to be quite stable for a few years. I am not going to bash this too much because I know a lot of you will like it.


The Real Deal With Mining City

If you like ponzi passive income but are looking for something that is a bit more stable, this might be a good opportunity. Please be aware that it will not last, so make sure you have an exit planned out.


Even though its a ponzi, I will give it a D because it should last a couple of years.


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