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Midas Trend Review – Brazilian Scam Scores Ligue 1 Sponsorship

Welcome to my Midas Trend review. I remember looking at Midas Trend a few months ago and it looked like it was going to go nowhere so I ignored it. Just this week somebody requested I do a review of this Brazilian passive crypto program called Midas Trend. I did some google searching to see if there is any news about this program. As it turns it out the Brazilian regulator (CMV) has launched an investigation into Midas Trend. As you may know, this is nearly always “game over” for ponzis.

Midas Trend Flips The Script And Attracts MORE Traffic

Usually, once the FUD starts coming from regulators the investors all bolt for the exits and the whole scheme collapses. Investors lose as the ponzi bosses disappear with what is left of the funds. I decided to check the traffic via Alexa where I could watch the traffic plummet in real time as this happens. The big suprise for me was that the Alexa traffic information did not follow the script. The traffic is starting to BOOM. What on earth is happening??

Midas Trend Secures Big Sponsorship With Top Division French Football Side, LOSC.

This is either good luck or extremely good execution but Midas Trend now have a chance to take in a lot more money. They are now an official sponsor of LOSC Lille in the French Ligue 1. LOSC are one of the top clubs in France and worth around $260 Million. I am not sure who the club sponsorship manager is but I am pretty shocked that they don’t seem to care whose money they are accepting. If this happened in Australia, it would be a huge scandal and would lead to a big investigation. Anyway, I am sure we are going to hear some more about this. As of now LOSC are proudly announcing the partnership on their official website!

Midas Trend Review – Summary

Key Figures: Deivanir Santos

Product Type: Crypto MLM Ponzi.

Summary: To earn you must invest a minimum of around $100 USD worth of BTC. You will receive ROI payments 7 days a week of around 1.4% on average.

It is a ponzi, but should be able to outlast the FUD coming from the CMV in Brazil. Thanks to a big money sponsorship of Ligue 1 club LOSC Lille, I could see Midas Trend lasting up to 2 years.

See The Comp Plan Here.

This is going to be a huge scandal when it collapses due to it’s high profile spoonsorship deal. I find the whole thing incredulous.

Rating: F

Verdict: This could last 2 years. The website is a little bit difficult for English speakers to navigate. It is a big scam so be warned.

What Is Midas Trend?

Midas Trend are a crypto ponzi scam from Brazil. They pay extremely high ROI which they claim to be from a high performing trading bot. Naturally, this is all a big lie. Hopefully you are well aware that:

Midas Trend Are Doing ZERO Trading!

The ROI is paid from new investor funds. It’s a negative sum gain that cannot last. A collapse is a 100% certainty. Thanks to the rather shortsighted sponsorship manager at LOSC Lille, Midas Trend could have a couple of years without collapse. When it happens, it is going to make world news!

Investment Packages

  • BOT 1 – R $ 130.00 – There are 2 robots and supports a maximum of R $ 380.00
  • BOT 2 – R $ 380.00 – There are 4 robots and supports a maximum of R $ 800.00
  • BOT 3 – R $ 800.00 – There are 6 robots and supports a maximum of R $ 1,300.00
  • BOT 4 – R $ 1,300.00 – are 8 robots and supports a maximum of R $ 3,000.00
  • BOT 5 – R $ 3,000.00 – There are 10 robots and supports a maximum of R $ 8,000.00
  • BOT 6 – R $ 8,000.00 – There are 12 robots and supports a maximum of R $ 80,000.00

ROI Returns 

Investors will receive daily returns which averages 1.4% per day, 7 days per week. According the Midas Trend, you will get paid more if you invest in the higher amounts.

Compensation Plan

Direct Referral Commissions

Affiliates earn 10% of whatever referral invests

Binary Commissions

Each day 10% of weaker leg volume is paid.

Unilevel Bonus

As long ast you pay a monthly fee of R25, you will recieve bonus payments depending on how many people you have in your team. This money comes from the monthly fee.

Ranks and Rank Bonuses

You receive reward points based on referral activity. This points allow you to ascend ranks. Each time you unlock a rank, you receive a prize, ranging from ipads to cars and vacations.

What I Like About Midas Trend

Ligue 1 Sponsorship = Increased Longevity

Midas Trend are going to be Fud proof for quite a while. Millions of people watch Ligue 1 footbal every week so this sponsorship is going to attract a lot of new money into Midas Trend. It will also lend credibility to the brand. I mean they must be legit if they are sponsoring a Ligue 1 team right? Most investors will be happy to go all in on Midas Trend based on that news alone.

No Shit Coins

You get paid in real crypto so you dont stuck holding bags of worthless shitcoins like you do with Cloud Token. Bitcoin in – Bitcoin out.

What I dislike about Midas Trend

Website Sucks

Whoever coded the Midas Trend website needs to be fired. I found it quite difficult to navigate to the page that takes in the crypto. Ponzi investors are not too bright usually so you don’t want to make it to hard to take their BTC. The site also has lots of annoying error popups that serve no purpose.

Finally, they need to get a proper English website. There are a lot of people in English speaking countries that would invest in this if their website was easier to use. They only have a translated version which is very clumsy to read through.

The Real Deal With Midas Trend

Midas Trend have secured a big sponsorship which will greatly extend it’s life. They should have plenty of new investors and could last 2 years. When it collapses there will be significant consequences for LOSC and the French Football Association.


If you can navigate the site and accept the risk of investing in a ponzi then go for it. It should last longer than most…..I still give it a F.


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