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Mentoring Millenial Women With Anna Toth

I’m passionate about connecting young women from all over the world I had the privilege to live in different countries in Europe and in the United States and I was nominated a delegate for the Global Entrepreneurship last year for the summit and I went to India for that.

Connect With Anna


So that’s when I discovered that we mean from these different countries would love to connect with each other and work on projects together and maybe even collaborate and create businesses so I created a Facebook group which is called the Millennial Women Network. We try to really moderate the group so it’s all like really high quality conversations and yeah we’ve been doing it for a year now so we have 300 members in the group whichΒ is really great.


We also launched a benefit where we share inspiring stories about successful women leaders so that’s what we actually want to do we want to motivate and the help each other grow and we also usually do live interviews with experts and yeah we also share that in our Facebook group.


I think a few days ago there was a lady who was actually starting the coaching business

for millennial women and she was looking to interview a few women about you know 30 years old and she wanted to know what our challenges are and how she can help us. I think it was really useful for her to to actually interview like many people many young women from different countries and we had like I don’t know five six people who like immediately said that yeah I want to help you and we could schedule a call and it was really easy and I think really helpful.


My co-founder is in the US she’s based in in the US and she usually writes the blog post about like entrepreneurship lessons she’s a really experienced lady so she can share like mistakes of other companies or some really useful lessons about sales and marketing so she’s writing the blog and what I do is I interview successful young women and we also shared these like blogs and on the website so yeah we really try to find like very inspiring stories there you know someone builds something from scratch and they actually created a

successful business or they really made an impact on on their community so that’s what we have on the website and we also have a mentorship program.


If you’re looking for a mentor you can apply and we help you find a good mentor based on your experience and and your field and yeah what we are doing right now. We want to launch an online course for for young women so yeah that’s that’s a surprise but I think next week will be will be live with the first course so that’s that’s also really exciting.


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