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Laughter Mindset With Sofie Nubani


Julian Leahy: A few of you commented to me about an interview I did with Dr Bob Choat.  He’s got a program called, The Laughter Mindset and his partner with that is Sophie Nubani who is joining me today!


Sophie Nubani: I signed up with High Performance Program. I wanted to enhance and add tools to my business the company transcendence I am the founder of it and and as we were doing our you know Skype sessions at the program it’s a 12-week program we had encountered a cosmic laughter moment that had lasted over an hour of uncontrolled laughter on both sides and imagine imagine you’re on a Skype call and this is even more powerful because you’re not in person right you would think that would even enhance it more but the influence of laughter and how contagious it is and anticipation of the next giggle coming along and then the other person can spawn because you fight it and it goes on huh get it together get it together we just couldn’t stop and we call it a laughter virus.


I’m NLP practitioner, he is an MLP Master Practitioner trainer.He sent me a cartoon drawing of this funny big face and he said the laughter mindset, and from that moment there has been a focus channelled energy towards that. I I told him the laughter ,my consciousness had chosen us to present it and it came from such a genuine organic uncontrollable laughter virus.


Just to show you sometimes even the anticipation of laughter get you in you just feel it and and you wanna you want to go there you just want to you just want to lose control even the psychology as you’re getting there as you’re getting seated waiting for the comedian to start and the show to go on you could say anything yet you could start laughing even prior to the whole message being out!


You know our first workshop was at the University of Florida and we had one of the participants who had high anxiety that takes actually you know on medication to help her with that and we asked you know who who suffers from anxiety to pick the right candidate for it and when she said that she actually has to use medication. We felt that she would be the best to experiment on a live audience show and feedback. We asked her originally on a scale of one to ten, where she was in anxiety and she was up there higher than ten.


So we did a song sung in a silly way and you have to roll your eyes in a certain way all that really them between the mind and the body and that system really had resulted in her bursting out laughing so hard in the end that’s you know feedback like that’s really is very encouraging.

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