Welcome to my L7 Trade Review. This one has been DEMANDED by one of my youtube viewers, so I thought I better get cracking!


Let’s Work Out Where L7 Trade Are Operating Their Scheme From.
Being a Crypto ponzi, we can expect to see this being based in Russia, Ukraine or Brazil….let’s see what we find out!

Ok Its A Ponzi…How Long Will It Last?

Experienced ponzi investors understand that they are in a race against time. Perfect conditions for investing in a ponzi is during the “explosive growth”. The ponzi is likely to honour withdrawals during this phase because more money is flowing into the scheme than is going out through withdrawals. What you do NOT want to see is STAGNATING traffic. This is represented by a flat line and means that new money coming in is insuficcinet to prevent the ponzi from collapsing. Let’s check out the traffic for L7 Trade.

L7 Trade Is Headed For Trouble!

If you look at the red circle in the picture you will see the “flat line of death”. This means that that L7 Trade is not experiencing any growth in traffic and new investors. Without any new investors the company will collapse very soon. Even if you love ponzis, I would not recommend you invest in L7 Trade.

I honestly wouldn’t bother getting involved with ponzi scams like L7 Trade. They always collapse and most of your signups will lose money in the end.

L7 Trade Review – Summary

Key Figures: Alfred Victor Brewster (Fake Name)

Product Type: Crypto MLM Ponzi.

Summary: To earn you must invest at least 0.02 BTC. You get paid paid an extremely high ROI of around 4% per day.

L7 trade are really struggling to attract new money into the scheme and look like they are going to collapse VERY SOON.

See The Comp Plan Here.

This ponzi is a dead horse. You are too late…DO NOT INVEST

Rating: F

Verdict: A ponzi in a death spiral.

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What Is L7 Trade?


L7 Trade is a crypto ponzi scheme which pays around 4% per day. They claim to be doing trading however unless this is your first day on the internet I doubt you are going to believe that!


L7 Trade Are Doing NO TRADING!


Investment Packages

L7 Trade do not have packages as such. You can invest from 0.02 BTC in a variety of coins and L7 will execute around 4 fake trades per day. Each trade grosses around 1%, meaning you can expect around 4% per day. 

Compensation Plan

Direct Referral ROI Matching

Affiliates earn 21% of whatever their level 1 referrals earn as daily ROI.

What I Like About L7 Trade

BIG Returns and BIG Referral Commissions

If you feel like gambling 4% per day is incredible. The only problem is that returns are going to stop very soon as this program is ready to collapse. On top of that you would have received 21% of whatever your affiliates earn.

What I dislike about L7 Trade

Has Barely Lasted 3 Months and Nearly DEAD


The smart people have already cashed out of this….L7 Trade have no stability features to limit withdrawals etc. Therefore it’s life expectancy is 3-4 months. As it launched in May it is already 3 months old and traffic has flatlined. L7 Trade is dead in the water. I expect it to disappear in a few weeks.


The Real Deal With L7 Trade

You have missed the boat if you are considering L7 Trade. If you insist on investing in ponzis, I would look for a newer one. That being said, the smart thing to do is just avoid ponzis altogether.


I give it a F.


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