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Kingston Attorney Allyson Kacmarski Uses Instagram To Promote Her Practice

Allyson Kacmarski went from public defender to Assistant to the DA and then on to a successful private practice in Kingston, Pennsylvania.

Allyson: Out of Law School, I did some internships over the summer and one specifically was working for a public defender’s office actually here in Luzerne County in Pennsylvania.

I got a chance to go into the prison experience and learn what it would be like to be a defense attorney. I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

The exciting part about criminal law is that each case is different. The police officer is different and the individual who’s charged as a defendant is different. The facts are different so it’s never boring in my profession.

I worked for public defender for a year. I worked about two hours from my home and one day I got a phone call to go and work as assistant to the district attorney which was a big a big choice for me. It was a great opportunity for me because it helps you know the law even better. It allows me to help my clients even more.

I got the chance to try some cases and then be able to sort of change sides to switch my legal hat and offer that expertise to the District Attorney’s Office.

I have now been established in private practice for eight and a half years. Allyson Services the Kingston, Wilkes-Barre and Hazleton areas of Pennsylvania.

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Using Social Media To Connect With Potential Clients

Social Media is such a great opportunity for me to share my personality, my attorney style with my prospective clients. It gives a person an idea of Who I am before they even come into the office and it allows me to build the trust with them that when they stepped foot into my office I need to build that relationship for us to get to a successful resolution in their case. Allowing them to hear about knowledge that I have or how I work with clients is a great opportunity for not only me but for my clients.

Social media is really underutilized by attorneys and I know they get concerned about one being on camera. I’m a trial attorney so I like talk and be on camera and create these videos for individuals to see.

It’s so beneficial to their practice and allowing their clients to see who they are and we use social media to shop and do a lot of things and essentially when people are looking to hire an attorney they are shopping to see what attorney would be the best fit for them and their case.


Instagram Geo-tagging For Location Based Business

I personally love Instagram. Instagram is is amazing for my business. I’m a location-based business so using Instagram stories and using the Geo tag has allowed me to reach clients right where I’m practicing. They have a chance to see me and then go through and send me a direct message. They connect with me to let them know that they need my assistance. Instagram is my favorite and the Geo tag is key to helping grow your business.


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