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Kelly McCausey Talks About Podcasting and PLR (Private Label Rights) Content for Other Bloggers


The Video Quality Improves After The First Minute!

Committing To The Grind Leads To An Opportunity!

Kelly McCausey has been online since 2002. Spurred on by the need to care for her young son at home, Kelly immediately set about creating content that would allow her to build an audience and generate an income online.

Kelly’s break through came through creating audio content primarily targeted towards other stay at home Moms looking to create income online.

Back then the only way to create an online radio show was through 3rd party streaming sites. As this a brand new format there were many challenges at the outset. Most people did not know how to access this format. Many of Kelly’s early listeners needed to be taught how to listen to audio streams.

Kelly persisted when most people would have become frustrated and quit. As is true of most things, those who persist are usually rewarded. In Kelly’s case. she was well positioned in 2005 when Apple brought podcasting into the mainstream, by including it into itunes.

Apple Backs Podcasting, Kelly’s Audience Quadruples

The podcast explosion allowed her to quickly quadruple her audience and establish a lasting online tribe.

This exposure allowed Kelly to establish Love People And Make Money.

Kelly expanded her audience from “Stay At Home Moms” to digital marketing in general for online business.

These days she does interviews, continues to blog and podcast and also does live events. Podcasting is still her favourite format.

Demand For Content Soars – Private Label Rights (PLR) Content Meets The Demand

More recently Kelly has made a smart move into the PLR (Private Rights Management) space. Knowing the importance of content creation Kelly identified a niche for out sourcing this content for organizations seeking to provide content for their customers.

Her PLR business, White Label PerksΒ allows her clients to re-purpose her original content to:

Create Compelling Content that attracts an engaged community hungry to pay for solutions and resources that meet their needs.

If you would need quality content for your audience, I suggest you check out White Label Perks. I was quite surprised that you could get a fresh piece of content including graphics for under $30. Definitely seems to be a cost effective way to feed your content hungry audience. Never forget that, far as google is concerned fresh content is king!

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